Ricky Rivero from Flab to Fab!

All you gay chubbies out there — if you have been dreaming of a slimmer, healthier figure, here’s an “idol” for you! That’s Ricky Rivero, former That’s Entertainment teeny-bopper. From 334 lbs. early this year, here he is, half the weight yet not half the man(!), at 169 lbs! His formula? South Beach Diet by The Sexy Chef Cafe, regular gym visits, and badminton. And I would suppose, you’ll have to add to that - balls of steel.

On a tangent, is Ricky gay? A tacky radio tagline answers the question with another: Kailangan pa bang i-memorize yan?

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17 Responses to “Ricky Rivero from Flab to Fab!”

  1. mcvie Says:

    Parang may extra-extra-loose skin under his arms. Parang elephant skin. Yikes!

  2. Migs Says:

    kasi rapid weight loss eh… early this year lang yata siya nag-start.

  3. 007 Says:

    His arms are not flabby at all. I see him working out at Gold’s Gym regularly.
    What a major accomplishment! It’s not easy to lose that amount of weight. Grabe siguro ang discipline at motivation niya! Congrats Ricky!

  4. reuben Says:

    ei. ricky. nice work. kmsta mo ko kay ate tess at ms. alona, friend ko sila eh. txs

  5. astroboi Says:

    *clap clap*

  6. kamotaze Says:

    kudos, ricky. now if i could only lose a fraction of what he did…

  7. Leah Says:

    wow! what a feat! Congrats. And keep fit always

  8. rachelAhater Says:

    he was cuter when he was still chubby, hehehe, ilang months cya nagpapayat?i dnt believe its just the food and gym…sbi sa news this jan lang cya nagpapayat?is that possible?convince me puhlease…

  9. rachelleAhater Says:

    error, i read an article dated nov 2006, sorry, i thought he only started this jan…so late balitang k magreport?infairness di ganong kaflabby ung skin nya noh?but hes gay dva?

  10. andrew Says:

    Pansinin n’yo, pumayat nga s’ya kaya lang nagmuka naman s’yang matanda. (Ano kayang meron don sa kinain n’ya? Hehe!)

    Pero good work pa rin, Ricky. :)

  11. tikitik Says:

    Good job! am so proud of you Ricky! Help mo naman ako mag papayat! puhleazzzzzzzzzze..

  12. jerome Says:

    hi …im juz only interested kung pano mo nagawa yun…watz d secret and d plan of diet?im juz really interested will ü please help me too coz i weighed also for almost 200 lbs.thnks

  13. ginnie Says:

    I am amazed with his transformation. But after losing all those weight, problem with loose skin arises. what do you do next? specially yung extra skin sa tyan? ang mahal naman for ordinary person to undergo tummy tuck. can exercise get rid of it?

  14. ax Says:

    siya yung dating partner ni marilyn villamayor sa that’s db? congrats!

  15. dojojam Says:

    wow. Idol ko na sha! I have to remove at least 30 lbs! Help ricky! Help!

  16. Kai Says:

    Yeah I think he’s Gay but that’s good news to some of us right? hehe


  17. Yellow shirt under the covers Says:

    Ay naku

    paano na yan? I like chubby guys.

    sigh lost another one to south beach diet

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