How to be a Culture Vulture

Gays are somehow known to have a little bit more culture in their system than the average Joe/Juan. Well if you think this is true in your case, raise your hand! If not, well, it’s not the end of the world. The Filipinas Heritage Library is running a series of Filipino Art Appreciation lectures and discussions… if you’re interested, read on.

* * *

Paano Ba Makinig ng Musika?
Facilitated by Isha Abubakar
April 27, 2007 - Friday, 6-9 PM

* * *

Paano Ba Gumawa ng Malikhaing Sulat?
Fiction: April 26 and May 4, 6-9 PM
Facilitated by Sarge Lacuesta
Non-Fiction: May 8 and 15, 6-9 PM
Facilitated by Kristine Fonacier

* * *

Paano Ba Magbasa ng Tula?
May 19, Saturday, 6-9 PM

* * *

Paano Ba Manood ng Pelikula?
May 5, Saturday, 6-9 PM
Facilitated by Ricky Lee

* * *


I plan to catch a couple of these lectures — so if you’re going, I might just see you there!

(For those interested, please call 892-1801 or email [email protected] for the lecture schedules and fees. You may also visit Pre-registration is required.) to be a Culture Vulture  digg:How to be a Culture Vulture  spurl:How to be a Culture Vulture  newsvine:How to be a Culture Vulture  furl:How to be a Culture Vulture  reddit:How to be a Culture Vulture  fark:How to be a Culture Vulture  Y!:How to be a Culture Vulture


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11 Responses to “How to be a Culture Vulture”

  1. leo Says:

    ay viewed 7 times pero walang comment? Pero pag may hubad na larawan ang dami-daming comment! hahaha…

    sounds nice, wala akong budget and it is geographically improbable na maka-attend ako…

    anyway, I’ve linked you to my blog, and my first few post are based on topics you’ve posted here, I hope you don’t mind.

  2. daemoneyes Says:

    me wants to go to… hope my schedule permits me too… =(

    * sigh *

    nway, if i can, ill try to drop by… see you guys there… =)

  3. josh Says:

    gusto ko painting, wala about painting & sculpture?? U r really right on this, we are more on the artsy side, that s why we dress better. baka ill try the music appreciation, pero gus2 ko church music (as in pang simbahan - misa :)

  4. effie Says:

    interested ako dun sa creative writing. may bayad ba ito?

  5. oblakalbo Says:

    wala bang photography?? ;-) thanks

  6. anton maton Says:

    juice ko! ang dami namang ek-ek na wala this wala that! haller? mag-organize kaya kayo ng sarili niyong event hindi puro kayo ek-ek. o kaya i-suggest niyo sa organizer next time! maliwanag naman na yan ay invitation for an event hindi suggestion box.

    lech! maka-alis na nga. maghahanap pa ako ng taong gagawin akong kabit! hehehehe!

  7. Matteo Says:

    ^ Haha! Ang init ng ulo ah!

    Okay yang creative writing workshop na ‘yan. May bayad yan so tawagan ninyo na lang yung Filipinas Heritge Library kung magkano. Naiintidihan ko si Anton Maton, sana wala na masyadong “gagong tanong” sa susunod na mga comments. Hehe.

    Bonus: cute yang si Sarge Lacuesta. Medyo tumaba na siya pero okay yan. Magaling na writer, matalino, maganda ang set ng ngipin, articulate… Haha. Weird ng description ko. Anyway, enroll na kayo sa course niya.

  8. chriscapade Says:

    ay gusto ko sa sumali sa creative writing.. ililibre ko na rin ang isang tao dito para naman umayos ang pagsulat sa comment next time…

  9. Nadriamez Says:


    relax guys

    i do appreciate this post since isa akong frustrated writer nitong mga nakaraang taon. i also love movies (especially local and international indie flicks).

    im sad though because my schedule is fixed until next month. *sigh

    hoping for more posts like this, for the benefit of artistic and open-minded bi’s and gays.

  10. KittyQT Says:

    Migs, I beg to disagree that ‘Gays are somehow known to have a little bit more culture in their system than the average Joe/Juan’. If this were true, then the gays would be less discriminated. Unfortunately, majority of the gay population walang interest sa culture. They are more on the flesh, visuals of the flesh, and stories of the flesh. We can see in the above comments, visuals ang gusto- painting, photography, sculpture, and movies. I just don’t want to ask what will be the subject because it will only lead to one thing- male flesh. Now how can the gay community earn the civil society’s respect. purr…purr…

  11. josh Says:

    hellar again, 1 had a gud nyt sleep, actually the visuals are like silent poetry, there are things which cannot be express by words but you can experience and feel by the mere visuals, like look at classic pieta of michael angel, the serenity of a young mother over the death of here most beloved son, or the works of malang, the interaction between colors and forms to relay a message, the various dances, and not to forget the fashion designers and their creations, now that is culture (not necessarily the writen words… and WORLD PEACE!)

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