Migui Moreno Amidst The Storms

It’s raining outside and the whistling, blowing winds are eerie.  Cuddled up in my room with just my laptop and wireless internet, I had to calm myself with, what else!, hunky pics.  Babaw-babawan lang - gamot sa kalungkutan!  I found Migui Moreno’s set of pics quite interesting.  Nothing really boldie/sexy — but I thought the photographer was really good. The set was varied, and I find Migui photogenically good looking.  According to an old post of friend-diva McVie, he is one of the characters in that movie interm@tes.

More pics…

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5 Responses to “Migui Moreno Amidst The Storms”

  1. chuckiedoll Says:

    we had a close encounter before when i was doing production work on one of those fashion shows he appeared on..it’s just a peep to his manhood as he changed underwears..it’s larger than average, to think it’s not that erect yet..interesting! ;)

  2. Anthony Says:

    he is nice. ofismate ko na siya ngayon…. he he he

  3. cb3 Says:

    don sya naggi-gym sa may brickroad sa likod ng sta. lucia east mall.

  4. Anon Says:

    three words: I love you (not him, but you, migs).

    I have been DYING to find out his name for days already (I was sure he looked familiar, now I know why)

    do you have any idea what happened to him now?

  5. bJ Says:

    he is a good top, but he doesn’t suck

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