My comeback and Carl Rosadino

Hello, hello, dear MGG readers! Hay, it’s been one roller coaster ride the past days, hence the atypical 2-day absence from me. But anyway, rejoice as today is my comeback and this post, the first for 2007! During my very brief respite I’ve done some pretty exciting things which I suspect will find its way as posts in the next few days — so stay tuned! Hehehe!

I will not allow this comeback to be just mere words so I bring you the 1st runner up in the recently concluded Kouros 2006 Search for Gorgeous Filipino Men — Carl Rosadino! I’ve seen him in person and up close — all I can say is that he is really a hottie. For those who want their men boyish and “twink-ish” then I’m sure this guy is for you!


Bulky, beefy men are out of fashion na raw — and lean guys like Carl are so in. So there — enjoy Carl, this lean and mean cute guy!




kouros-finals-062.jpg comeback and Carl Rosadino  digg:My comeback and Carl Rosadino  spurl:My comeback and Carl Rosadino  newsvine:My comeback and Carl Rosadino  furl:My comeback and Carl Rosadino  reddit:My comeback and Carl Rosadino  fark:My comeback and Carl Rosadino  Y!:My comeback and Carl Rosadino


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32 Responses to “My comeback and Carl Rosadino”

  1. dats07 Says:

    migs can you post the website of the event?…

  2. Migs Says:


  3. tim Says:

    I wonder if its not too much to ask migs, do you have his number?? he he he he!

  4. argo Says:

    migs…at last…ur back!

    I hope this year, MGG will be more succesful
    and I believe that it is not impossible to achieve that!

    Cheers to all MGG bloggers..!

  5. tj_brewed Says:


  6. jo Says:

    Well, the LIVE pics were great. The second photo was, ew! as in EWAN ko lang!?! Just the same, KOUROS must come up with really gorgeous guys. Again, ito lang ba ang kaya i-offer ng Kouros!!!

  7. booh Says:

    cheers to MGG! Hapy New Year! putukan na!

  8. kimee Says:

    He is so hot. I wish I knew someone like that. lols.

  9. Joey Says:

    judging from the pictures, i like him better than the winner.

  10. argo Says:

    migs,hope u can hav more pics from d kouros pageant nyt in d nxt days ha… tnx!

  11. lance Says:

    hi migs! saan mo nakuha itong pics especially yong pageant night?

  12. Migs Says:

    will post more pictures of kouros from a friend who took shots during the actual event — stay tuned!

  13. argo Says:

    yup we will stay Tuned!
    Thank You so Much migs…

  14. randy Says:

    saw him in person when he joined “bikini open” type of contest held last november at 22nd st las pinas. he was really hottie, no wonder he won. i was drooling over him last night and up to now. he he! the grand finals i think is set this month and am sure he’s gonna bring home the bacon.

  15. kimee Says:

    he is so stunning

  16. hot_in_bed Says:

    newbie here… I really like this guy…. but may pic po ba kayo nung bagong commercial model ng enervon? the guy who said “kala ko text you” that one is also hot

  17. UP Student Says:

    Carl is gay. His real name is Carlito Rosadino. We almost had sex in college sa UP diliman.

  18. formerhausmate Says:

    I agree UPStudent, he’s from UP, we’re housemates before.. gwapo ng ex bf nya.. si RON.. hehe

  19. johanpaul Says:

    gay or not gay…he is Yummy!

  20. watduh Says:

    wow!! that’s cool, he’s gay, meaning, he’s attainable.hahahaha

  21. Jun jun Says:

    Carl….I am proud of YOU! Im kinda surprised to see YOU once again! Ang layo na ng narating mo…

    You have been and will always be part of my life!

    Go on and keep on shining!….

    Thanks to all the people who have been supporting him all the way…

    See you around.

  22. ap Says:

    why are pinoys obsessed with outing guys who arent ready to come out yet..

  23. je Says:

    hot xa i want something na mas daring pah!!!!!!!!migggggs,may any pix kapa na mas gugulantang samin?????????paki post!

  24. je Says:

    well nywaysssss di na me magpapakaipokrita…….gusto ko chinito!!!!!!!

  25. ordinaryextraordinaire. Says:

    he has that look thats really stunning i must say. ung smile nia sa last 3 photos are all captivating and i can say may x factor appeal sya. ;)but not really the typa guy id swoon over when he’s nekkid hahaha.

  26. sxmchn Says:

    sinong ron ung ex nya??

  27. Ginoong_Taratitat Says:

    Masarap batuhin ng pandesal yung second picture ng tumaba taba naman. Parang galing sa smokey mountain - patpatin!

  28. Daizuke Says:

    Shh… Ginoong_Taratitat .. Bkit ba kya mo bang ganyan? Dont criticize someone kung hindi ka nman ksali sa ganyang patimpalak.. :-P

  29. Dan Says:

    mabait yang si carl. nakilala ko sa tambayan namin sa UP. muntik ko na sya mahalin hehe, pero di nya alam. sayang, wrong timing kasi. malaki na pinagbago mo, mas mature ka na ngayon. good for you. more power to you carl. sana tuloy-tuloy na yan.

  30. agustin Says:

    carl is indeed gay…pero mabait…he used to live in mandaluyong.he worked with amazing philippines as a dancer…he took folk dancing as a major in UP diliman…but was not able to finish it..

  31. Dan Gabriel Says:

    teka, folk dancing ba ang major nya sa UP? parang hindi yun ang naaalala ko. magaling nga sya sumayaw, kasali sya sa isa sa mga major dance orgs sa UP. nung huli ko sya nakausap sabi nya naka-graduate na sya. di ko na naitanong kung anong course. pero yun nga, graduate na sya.

  32. barty Says:

    i like the fourth pic. ang gwapo nyah!… cguro he’s more handsome in personal and how i wish i could stare at him closely. smile pa lang, ulam na! heheh…

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