Still Alive!

Just got back from a 1-week respite (no laptop, no internet). Will be updating soon. Alive!  digg:Still Alive!  spurl:Still Alive!  newsvine:Still Alive!  furl:Still Alive!  reddit:Still Alive!  fark:Still Alive!  Y!:Still Alive!


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6 Responses to “Still Alive!”

  1. maverick Says:

    we missed you migs :)

  2. iloveboom Says:

    Sus! kaya pala migs…musta nmn..hope u r ok now?

  3. neon Says:

    ei migs, si may macbook na rin ah. nagbakasyon din ang macbook mo. :)

  4. wrestler Says:

    welcome back

  5. webster Says:

    welcome back migs!!

  6. Pravilno Says:


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