Wet Christian Bautista + Tidbits

Tidbits first…

1. The 3rd MGG podcast has been recorded — with the topic on Coming Out. I’m currently editing it, and will be done within the week. This is the 2nd podcast where we have the Troikabloggers / Troikapodcasters: Mcvie, Gibbs, and me. (Plus: we have a guest podcaster — RG Boy, the author of the online gaming blog for gay folks GayNGame — who shared his fear of coming out to his family.) Watch out for it!

2. Now that I have mentioned Gibbs, and also for the love of theater, let me invite you to checkout his feature on the most fantabulous musical ever staged by a Filipino group of artists, the “Rama at Sita.” I myself watched the musical in UP Diliman, and Gibbs’s post (with exclusive video excerpts of an actual live performance of the musical!) again brings to life this great work of art!

And for Christian Bautista…

3. And let me present to you, Christian Bautista’s wet look :)




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40 Responses to “Wet Christian Bautista + Tidbits”

  1. Bloodymeer Says:

    Well his cute, but he looks too innocent.

  2. chuchu caracas Says:

    hindi ko siya bet.

  3. chriscapade Says:

    i love his voice, i love his looks, i love his body… inggit ako kay china, este, kay rachel ann. thanks for this post Migs!

  4. jamiropa0 Says:

    hay.. that’s so true.. even before this guy is really something for me… love his appeal.. so exotic, he maybe looks innocent, but I think the opposite in bed.. ang naughty ko…


  5. L.A Says:

    Waaah! Ampayatoot! LOL! :)

  6. noel Says:

    what a Queen!

  7. eric Says:

    ok lang naman ang katawan ni christian, kahit payat me market din yan…
    ang magandang katawan ay hindi equivalent sa malaking katawan.
    even skinny guys has a place in this world…look at some ads of calvin klein, versace, topshop etc…they feature skinny guys…

  8. ian Says:

    i love his voice…. and sometimes he’s cute, sometimes he’s not. pero gusto ko pa rin. hehe.

  9. chismoso Says:

    i met him personally, and all the crush drained out of me… he’s a real nice guy, it’s just that he’s too much of a dork/geek in person. hahahaha

  10. tin Says:

    wow ha infairness nagkalaman din sya, hahaha :-D buti naman, laman tiyan din yan ha?! sarap…..

  11. prince_mav Says:

    dO yOu tHinK he’S gaY?!

  12. tin Says:

    duh, ano namang say ni cheena jan? ay ni ms. GO pala! hahahaha….. san si cheena?

  13. my waht Says:

    MORE… MORE… MORE… pls!!!



  14. HoTTiElicIoUS Says:

    I think he’s hot…

  15. josh Says:

    Dats one of the ABS-CBN artists who is always welcome to sing and guest sa kapuso network, saw him sa Unang hirit & walang 2lugan lots of times na.

    RAma at sita, i was also able to watchd dat sa P Ups. the one id seen was c lani miselucha(?) and raymond lauchengco or is it d other girl??? Now wer did dat giant elephant go? Hope dis musical will hav a comeback soon!

  16. mike harris monteverde Says:

    ganda ng lola xtian…..putanesa…..

  17. chismoso Says:

    christian isn’t gay :)

  18. insider Says:

    Sorry dahlin’, he’s gay.

  19. vinvin Says:

    in all fairness, sarap ng armpit nya. LOL

  20. isobel Says:

    haha. hindi bagay.

  21. what_boys_want Says:

    the elephant used in “Rama at Sita” is now on display at Ayen Munji and Franco Laurel’s Alabang house, err, mansion.

  22. rommel Says:

    Si Mark Bautista lang ang straight sa male champions. Erik Santos, Christian Bautista and Jed Madela are all closet queens lets not be stupid

  23. michael Says:

    he is good looking I saw him in a pinoy movie recently He sings good

  24. chester Says:

    why should gay people insist on labeling famous guys as gays? don’t you think it’s rude that you want to drag them into your own identity crisis?

    Christian, Erik, Jed, Sam, Piolo, etc… are talented individuals… they deserve to be recognized based on their talents and personality rather than on their sexuality…

    Before you judge someone else, learn to manage your own attitude and lifestyle… Pinoy gays who have nothing but criticisms toward other men are often suffering psychological disorder caused by their own bitterness…

  25. Catnip Says:

    Ngek. Naghihingalo na ba ang career niya kaya kailangan nang i-defib?

  26. popo zaragoza Says:

    sana meron din mark bautista nakakbitin nmn

  27. popo zaragoza Says:

    hindi bakla si christian baurista…

    cnungaling ang mga nagsasabi noon…

    he is a perfect reson for me

  28. Nevermind Says:

    Christian is a down to earth guy. I’ve seen him and talked to him for several times already. He is not so attractive in person.But he is so kind and friendly.

    As to the issue about his gender…his being “guy” is more prevalent, unlike Erik Santos and Jed Maddela. But I was able to “smell” his being “gay” when he somewhat showed interest to one of my co-employees.

    Sam is not a gay…I have seen him already.

  29. isitla Says:

    christian is definitely gay! a closet queen!

  30. kristin Says:

    omg!!! di bagay sa kanya…

    btw…he’s not gay. pero meron sa champs na alam kong gay kaso nga lang ayaw talaga umamin. we’ll see in the future, baka i-admit rin niya, hehe…

  31. chupapa Says:

    guys hndi poh gay si papa christian

  32. tin Says:

    wow, ang sarap tlaga! di ba sabi pag payat ang lalake eh malaki ang ****?? wow.. more pictures sana! and si sam concepcion din. heheheh

  33. forbid Says:

    ching! akla nman nnyo eh tlgang nag pose si christian jan pra mag pa sexy.. ahaha ehh sa bench pictures kya yan nanggaling.
    actually that photo is a private property of bench..i re2lease sna yan for his bench spray endorsemnt..pro npag kasunduan ng family ni christian tska ng girlfriend nya pati ang ang bench na wag na i release yan kasi di bgay sa personality nya..hmmm actually di lang yan yung photo eh..mei iba pa..heheh pro sympre hndi na yun dpat ipakita sa inyo..ahaha pinag pa2pantsyahan nyo kasi xa. at ito nmang si christian abay patay na patay sa nobya nya..c’mon! sabagay ako ba nman mging si rachelle ann go.! ahah! sexy na mganda pa! at sympre super bait..hahah.. tlagang itong si christian ang patay na patay sa knya grabe.. kumusta ka nman bro. hinay2 lang. araw2 ba nman punthan sa bhay. ngeeks bat ko alam hehe syempre close kya kmi nuh?..

  34. deborah Says:


  35. Badesa Says:

    Lola Christian!!!! …hay grabe … wetlook ang GIRLALU!!!!!

  36. jofer an Says:

    he’s absolutely hot!!! yeah!!!!!!! go xtian go go g0!!!!!!!!!

  37. rodier Says:

    hindi bagay sa kanya ang magpaseksi. promise!

  38. Baklusha Says:

    hay LOLO CHristiana!!!!! day … girl kpa rin!!!!!!!

  39. Baklusha Says:

    go go go Ateng .. ganyan nga pka girl ka!!!

  40. JAyZEEE Says:

    waaah! classmate ko siya sa UP

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