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TRICKTRICK: This movie has been out for some time now, in fact 1999. I chanced upon the DVD of this film in a regular DVD rental store… of course I got interested. I rented it, and glad I was I did. It doesn’t have any “deep” message or insight, but who cares? It’s entertaining and hopeful. Watch it when you get a chance. Below are more feedback from others who have seen this movie.

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Reviewer: Luis Hernandez (New York, New York, USA) - from Amazon.com

What do you get when you mix an aspiring musician working as an office temp with a hot go-go boy? The answer is “Trick” a charming movie that proves that looks aren’t everything. Christian Campbell (brother of Neve) stars as Gabriel, a composer of showtunes who meets the man of his fantasies dancing atop a counter at a gay club in New York. J.P. Pitoc, who plays Mark, is the go-go boy with a body to die for who finds himself and Gabriel trying to locate a place where they can fool around. Due to several mishaps, both men get to know each other’s interests and friends, and eventually they discover each other’s inner beauty. Pitoc is probably the best looking actor I have seen on film in recent years and his torso inspired me to work out even more. He provided enough eye candy for everyone. Campbell is great as Gabriel, however the two scene stealers in this are Clinton Leupp who plays the bitchy drag queen that confronts Gabriel about Mark’s past and Tori Spelling, who plays Gabriel’s best friend. Personally, seeing that her father had no role in producing this film gave Ms. Spelling more credibility that she was casted in this film for her talent and not because of neptotism (e.g. “House of Yes”). An excellent soundtrack of dance music will keep you in the mood, and the interesting characters in this film will give those who have never stepped into a gay/lesbian club circuit an idea of what goes on after the sun sets. Except for a kiss between the two main characters and a brief encounter beneath a piano, there are hartdly any references to gay sex. I encourage anyone to watch this film in what I consider a gay version of the “Pick Up Artist”.

Another review, from Amazon.com too.

Reviewer: J.A.H. “Poetlinus” (Virginia)

In the splendidly delightful film “Trick”, two young gentlemen succumb to the forces of nature and try to find a place to engage in their lusty mating rituals, only to discover that gold lies underneath the nice wrapping paper. I purchased “Trick” on DVD without viewing it in a theater first, a rare thing indeed, and pleasantly surprised I was. The two leads, Christian Campbell and JP Pitoc, pull off tremendous acting performances by underplaying their parts perfectly. This film could have easily been the usual gay campy fodder, but it manages to walk the line in remaining true to gay life in the 90’s and avoiding the stereotypes that plague gay-themed films. Oh sure there is your standard drag queen and older flaming lounge-singer, but they break out of their two-dimensional molds and shine as complex characters. At times, the film is uneven, but you can overlook that when you begin to fall in love with the tale. Even Tori Spelling’s performance, as an over-the-top, talentless Broadway actress fits in the groove of the film. Overall, the film’s endearing message encourages us to look past the glitz and the glamour of the gay subculture to find the true person inside. I highly recommend “Trick” for your viewing pleasure.

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