What Would You Do…

Hey MGG readers… this happened to me recently, and I want your opinion.

What would you do if the guy you met for an EB turned out to be a TV/movie actor? Goodlooking, yes. Smart? Hard to tell.

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49 Responses to “What Would You Do…”

  1. neon Says:

    pwed pa autograph?

  2. blue_harajuku Says:

    keri mo na lang… minsan ka lang nakaka EB nang actor ano? hehehehe

  3. whocares Says:

    uyy sinu yung actor? hehehe sige na migs sabihin mo na we just want to know who’s the actor. hehe. nwei kung ako yun, wala lng i will act normal as in kakausapin ko sya na parang hindi sya artista. What i mean is just act normally. diba?

  4. dowell Says:

    Not that I am biased against them. But with their time constraints and other limitations, I’d rather just have him as a friend. Besides, only if he’s a philosophical kind of guy that we can maintain a good relationship as lovers, to think that there are so many other goodlooking people around him, that he can be enticed to stray away from my seriousness and depth (when things between elevate to higher level).
    I don’t know with EB’s, are there presumptions that pairs who go EB must be romantically inclined to each other? If not, then there’s no thing to worry about.

  5. philip Says:

    i guess just be yourself. he is a human being anyway.

  6. vince Says:

    i’d laugh my head off if he were someone like piolo (or sam) who has to lie about his true sexuality, ’til hell freezes over, to preserve his career.

  7. vince Says:

    after laughing my head off, i would apologize and commiserate with the guy, and ask him how he manages to cope with the pressure of putting up a front! then perhaps chat about anything and everything else!

  8. chitskie Says:

    wat does EB stand for? pls forgive my ignorance….

  9. marco jordan Says:

    if just getting laid is okay with you, then go for it. because you don’t want to be in a relationship with a closeted celebrity. too much baggage. you don’t deserve that, migs.

  10. whocares Says:

    mean si vince tawanan ba yung tao? nwei chiskie EB= eye ball yeka tama ba? hahaha

  11. whocares Says:

    migs is it true that Janvier Daily is Ethel Booba’s Boyfriend? Napanood ko lang sa talkshow sa GMA. tnx

  12. sharon bading Says:

    ay, an ba yang question, parang exam sa Physics 17 ng crush kong si Francis Norman Paraan! So difficult, huh?! Eniwey, inom kayo ng kape, kamustahin mo karir nya, tas mag-make love kayo (uy, di sa coffee shop ha!) sa house nung actor para makita mo house nya tas say goodbye. Pangkama lang ang mga aktor. Hindi sila puedeng mahalin ng habambuhay! Makinig ka Migs sa ditse mo! I’ve been there! Sucked him! Done that! (lumalabas ang litid sa leeg habang sumisigaw)

    Sigh. (umiiyak ng impit)

  13. Mikey_Liling Says:

    Kesehodang artista yan, pareho din natin sila, gumagamit ng toilet for number 2 (well unless kung taga-gubat)… Kung may chemistry, go! Kung wala, ebs, este, kebs!

  14. liner2 Says:

    it’s okay. after all there is no social rule that actors are not allowed to have EB

  15. sapphire Says:

    wow xusyal ka MGG
    well di mo naman alam na actor pala xa nung plan for EB pa lang di ba. and basta hindi si ENCHONG DEE ok lang

  16. Marko Says:

    Why do you get all the goodlooking guys, Migs? Before you were dating a basketball player, now an actor? Hmph!

  17. chismoso Says:

    i’d deal with him the way i deal with my other EBs. If we agreed to have sex, then his looks are a bonus. If we end up as good friends, even better :)

    The world ends with biases, yet a whole new world always begins with friendship :)

  18. sardonicnell Says:

    with that comes a bargain. is he out? if not, then you’d have to deal with his public lies. yon eh kong masisikmura mo! if he’s out? all the better. showbiz ka naman yata migs eh, carry mo yan!

    migs, wala ako masabi. ang haba ng hair mo!

  19. raymund gerard Says:

    i agree with marko!

    although migs…
    if i were in your shoes—id keep quiet about his secret identity and take it to the grave.

    its not your secret to share…and he can always deny and youll look stupid.

    id probably just enjoy the momernt…enjoy the company and everything else that go with being EB’s.

    and see where it goes…treat it as you would anyone else.

    something tells me that guy just wanted to be treated like everyone else–whether that means being friends, boyfriend or an FB—for so long as it entails no special treatment on account of his celebrity status—that should be fine.

    he also has needs. and i guess thats why he reached out to you.

  20. raymund gerard Says:

    i would tell some of my good friends…and some really interested but VERY TRUSTWORTHY readers via email—who this person is. hehehe.
    you know…because we need it for the memoirs we plan to write in your honor some years from now. hehehehe

  21. dyan Says:

    uhuh, another would be “relationship” heading nowhere. i don’t get it migs. you seem to be attracted to people with problems, who you know will never sit with you and watch the golden sunset together. married bisexual gays, closeted gays, twinks, gays who are scared and conflicted, gays with issues, etc, etc, etc,. with all the gay relationship issues that you have posted and the hundreds of smart advice they’ve generated, you seem to have learned nothing. i guess you are focused only on the physical attributes of people. i’m only in my early twenties and you are least ten years older than me but I think i have more sense than you when it comes to picking people and relationships. but i guess they make for a good write-up on your blog. you have allowed them to happen in your life. You were active participant in everything that happened with you and these people, yet you be-moan about them afterwards. i’m sure it gets pretty tiresome to be repeating the same scenario by now. hindi ba?

  22. raymund gerard Says:

    dyan with all due respect,

    i dont think that was even a fair thing to say. whether as a real life friend or just a blog reader to migs ( i cant presume which you are to migs.)

    we all are going through the things we go through because we need to learn something. whether or not migs does go through things that seem bound for noweher is debateable. maybe he needs to learn stuff yet. or maybe he just wants to to.

    or maybe–just maybe—that blogpost was just something he threw in for a blog discussion—and not necessarily seeking advice?

    and lastly—who migs chooses to hang with–is his business. he mustnt be judged.

  23. fabfag Says:

    well, if he’s really substance-less, what are you gonna do with him? stare at him? that just sucks. u deserve better.

  24. dyan Says:

    @raymund gerard – i’m not presumptuous enough to make migs life choices my business, but if you read the caption above, migs is asking for opinion from his readers. and since when did having an opinion equate to assuming someone else’s business. every reader here has an opinion about everything. your opinion is different from mine and i’m fine with that. respect mine and i will respect yours, but please don’t lecture me. my opinion is directed to migs, not you. if migs wants to lecture me, admonish me or whatever else, i’m okay with that. but, i’m only commenting on what i see, what i observed on the tidbits of migs life – a least the part that he chose to share with us. i am very honest and direct and i don’t like to play with words. i don’t know migs, it is true, but i know enough of his experiences though his posts. i think you have to put things in perspective here. it is only my opinion and observations. people can take it or leave it; that is why i have never commented on someone else’ opinion here. we are a very diverse group with diverse ideas; i think it is best to learn to live with that.

  25. KittyQT Says:

    Oh Hi, you’re Marvin right? The cosmo guy? Join me in my suite?

  26. Isaribi Says:

    Can we make out tonight?


  27. chinito Says:

    expose mo para masaya aheheheh!

  28. Migs Says:

    @dyan - you said what you said because you were concerned with my well-being, and i appreciate that. i try to learn from mistakes, mine and others’, although i do not consider dating basketball player, TV actor, closeted gay guy, etal as such. they are good people with some issues, and who doesn’t, right? with the same spirit with which i write in this blog and interact with MGG readers, I treat them as dignified and beautiful people.

    @raymund gerard - i appreciate your coming to my defense, kindred spirit.

    Have a great week, everyone!

  29. Q Says:

    Hmm… If its Piolo, Victor Basa, Enchong Dee, Chris Tiu, Simon Atkins, Janver Daily, I’d go with them, no questions asked.

    But then, conversation is always important. It doesn’t really matter that much that one has to be as intelligent as you, what matters more is conversation and the capacity to learn more and be more. If your actor-guy has that, then I say GO FOR IT!

    Yes, Time constraints may be a problem, but that should never stand in the way of something that MAY go further. :)

    Grabe ka migs ha, okay lahat ng mga namemeet mO! Basketball player, actor… Makes me wonder even more what you look like!

  30. Misterhubs Says:

    Migs, won’t you give us a clue? Is there a letter A in his first name?

  31. whocares Says:

    baka naman pwede initials or better name na mismo?

  32. Quentin X Says:

    If he is not so smart, go get a duct tape real quick.

  33. anton maton Says:

    there’s a BIG difference between an actor, movie star, TV star, starlet, celebrity, bit player, etc …

    sigurado bang actor yon?….

    anyway … tao lang sila at malibog din! kaya yun patusin mo na lang and keep your mouth shut. otherwise baka sabihan kang isang BIG MOUTH or KISS and TELL …

    yun lang!

    forever discreet about my sex life,
    anton maton

  34. ian Says:

    swerte mo naman migs! :)

    well, if ever i find myself in that situation, first thing i’d do is look around for possible paparazzi or media people… haha. baka makuhanan kami ng photo, lagot!

    i’d try to give him a chance to prove himself. if things go well, i’d love to have him for a partner, or if not, kahit friends lang.

  35. eponine Says:

    well, i’ll still date him and treat him like any good man. que celebrity, que closted, que cosa, basta walang discrimination (even if he were cerebrally challenged). enjoy the company, huwag lang sana maintriga.

  36. leo Says:

    Oh well … Let us just leave Migs with his choices. If these people he is dating with have problems, it is not Mig’s fault. And whether these people are smart or not, well, no one is perfect. Who does not have any shortcoming, anyway? Hehehehe

  37. Isaribi Says:

    well, we all have our vices, its just a matter of accepting the totality of the person.

  38. Marko Says:

    Migs!!! You must be a very goodlooking guy!!! When will we get the chance to see a picture of you here?

  39. wackiest Says:

    hmmm..that happened to me..didnt know that he is an actor not until we meet..wala lang,mas malandi pa xa sakin..hehehe..and after meeting he still texting me…kasi hindi ko siya napagbigyan..bhwahahaha

  40. Glenn Says:

    well.. even if he is a star, but if he is an airhead, why bother… would rather spend my days with someone who i can talk with and have fun with rather than with someone where i do all the thinking… after a relationship is not just about having your libido satisfied…

  41. chuchucaracas Says:

    ako siguro i’ll take a pic wih him tapos lagay ko sa friendster with caption “me and my stalker” charuz!

  42. yuriki-kun Says:

    what to do?

    oblige and bite into the cake!
    Pero be ready for the possible scandalo when this reaches the grapevine.

  43. ace Says:

    It sounds like Migs is busy, busy as always with his love-life.

    @dyan: Kid, please be gentle next time. Remember that Migs is a friend. It is not so much what you said, it is more on how you said it. You are obviously very smart but you are still very young and impatient. Actually, you remind me of myself when I was your age. I would like to recommend a couple of books for you to read – The Power of Persuasion and Writing with Finesse. I’m not sure if they are still available but I’m sure there are similar books out there. Cheer up, kid, you are very lucky because you are gifted with both academic intelligence and (I personally think the more important) emotional/social intelligence. You can write, analyze and form an opinion. All that is missing is some refinement, some finesse. I have no doubt you will achieve many things in life. Migs is a good guy and I’m sure he can remember that he was your age once.

  44. nemz Says:

    if the guy you met for an EB turned out to be a celebrity then i guess i’d rather keep him as a friend. they have complicated lifestyle, mahirap na masangkot sa scandal hehehe.

  45. daniel Says:

    first, oo nga, big time celebrity ba yan or bit player? Well either way if he’s good-looking go for it…wherever the night takes you. But don’t fall in love! Notting Hill, hello!

  46. jobetski Says:

    eeeee! wag lang si aiza seguerra!!!

  47. jimg29 Says:

    the aura of closeted queen remains to be seen! would we ever solve the riddle to this mystery? sundan ang susunod na kabanata…chan chan chan!

  48. Beautiful Week! | manila gay guy Says:

    […] On a more personal note, I’m going out with a special friend again this week - and I’m so excited *wink* […]

  49. akoito Says:

    GO MIGS!

    As long as you have fun and like the company, who cares!

    Enjoy life while you can. We don’t know if tomorrow will still come.

    Have a nice week ahead!

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