Letter from a Silent Reader

hi migs,

i’ve been following your blog for sometime now, but this is my first time to write you. i just wanna say thank you, because your blog provides a much-needed outlet for a late-30-something guy like me who’s not out to his family or friends. and i guess i just wanted to say that i think you’re a good person, and a very intelligent one as well. your most recent entry about deciding to be happy is proof of these. and i totally agree with your perspective on the subject.

keep up the good work, and know that even if we don’t always make ourselves heard, we your silent readers continue to check out your blog and definitely never cease to be grateful. stay cool!


- o -

hi pete,
greetings! i always thought this blog has a secret following among gay guys who are not out. you’re one of the few who’ve mustered the courage to express. very encouraging indeed. thanks! mabuhay ka!

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8 Responses to “Letter from a Silent Reader”

  1. josh Says:

    Oh hi pete, em also in my late 30’s and and really am confused till now, though i have an ex gf and have been singled for so long now… Definitely this blog is so refreshing to visit.. thnx again migs

  2. neil Says:

    i agree!

  3. anton maton Says:

    spin-a-win!!! wheeeee!!! ang saya saya!

  4. chriscapade Says:

    Yun Na!

  5. cast Says:

    another laurel for you Migs…

  6. chuck Says:

    well, first time to read this blog sure have lots of nice things to read about..

  7. wrestler Says:

    likewise. thanks migs.

  8. pio Says:

    do you really have to follow the American norm of going “OUT”? I am 40, and I really feel no need to “out” myself.

    For one, i realized friends and immediate family kinda knew all along and there’s exactly no need for me to do it since they knew about it and they couldn’t care less.

    I think “Outing” yourself will make the world a much smaller place since you will only make yourself already branded or marginalized.

    For people who don’t matter to me ( lalo na sa mga chismoso at chismoso ) bahala kayo mag-isip. I better give you all a hard time!

    Real and sincere people, friends or just plain Janes and Johns you meet, will take you for what you really are.

    Lastly, even when i know i have a stronger preference for the same sex, i still look forward to sana meeting the right person na female ang gender who will love me for who i am and siyempre dapat mahal ko din.

    Eh if i shout to the whole world na “Haller, I am GAY!”, pano na yun?

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