Kevin Federline Pendulum

Want to see Britney Spear’s lovely lollipop? With that I mean Kevin Federline’s swinging pendulum? Look no further, I have it here in slow-mo! Now, sing with me: “One-two-three! Asawa ni Britney! Araw Gabi… walang panteeeeh!”

Once again, now with feelings!

“One-two-three! Asawa ni Britney! Araw Gabi… walang panteeeeh!”

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5 Responses to “Kevin Federline Pendulum”

  1. Lyka Bergen Says:

    Forget nyang mag-panty? Aaaay! Mukhang tabatsoy si Junior!… Masakit yan ‘Day!

  2. Sam with the Yellow Shirt Says:

    Jeez, and I thought looking at John Elliot Gardiner when he converses in that British accent of his wearing that pair of pants that shows he’s more than happy, he’s titillated prior to performing that Monteverdi peice in St. Mark’s.


  3. Recently Singled Ryan and K-Fed | manila gay guy is your manila gay guide Says:

    […] Have you seen K-Fed’s swinging pendulum? Go to this post and enjoy the swing-swing bob as K-Fed walks to his car. […]

  4. varga Says:

    hahahahaa lyka bergen….super hilarious ka

  5. Calvin Says:

    haha! was that for real!?

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