Gays Are Great Conversationalists

Gays are known to be witty, and great conversationalists. So why be a dry one, especially in a date with so much potential? Try These Conversation Starters.

5 Ways to Ensure That Your Conversation Doesn’t Run Dry on a date.
by Robin Forbes

1. Check the news for current events. Bonus points to you if you choose topics that you know your date is interested in.

2. Compliments… Everyone loves sincere compliments. Compliment your date on how his clothes match the colour of his eyes, match his personality, remark on a piece of jewelry, etc…

3. Ask about his family and upbringing. This can lead to further insight into his values, his personality, hopes and dreams and more.

4. Ask open ended questions. By asking open ended questions you’re not stuck by asking a series of “yes” and “no” questions. You can use topics as ordinary as: books, music, movies, even showbiz.

5. Ask “What if?” or “What would you do?” type questions. The questions can be actual situations or dilemmas, they could be plausible choices one might have to make or they could be pure fantasy questions. This can be both fun and insightful.

And there you have it five ways to stimulate and start your conversations on a date. Are Great Conversationalists  digg:Gays Are Great Conversationalists  spurl:Gays Are Great Conversationalists  newsvine:Gays Are Great Conversationalists  furl:Gays Are Great Conversationalists  reddit:Gays Are Great Conversationalists  fark:Gays Are Great Conversationalists  Y!:Gays Are Great Conversationalists


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