Imeldific Fashion for the Masses

marcos.jpg “For me, beauty has always been a religion. Plato said beauty is God made real,” our very own Imelda Marcos said. She continued “…what God doesn’t give, you have to make yourself.” And with that, she, together with daughter Imee and hunky grandson Borgy, recently launched the Imelda Fashion Collection — a funky, streetwise line of jewelry, clothing and, most definitely, shoes.

The vintage line features pink sneakers with diamond-tipped shoelaces, huge brooches and dog-collar chokers. Imee describes the accessories, which will sell for Php1,500 and more, as “a bit retro, a bit over the top, sort of Madonna meets Elizabeth Taylor.”

“Minimalism is so over,” she said. “My mother is the ultimate maximalist.”

There. Imeldific fashion for the masses. This piece of news, which made the rounds even in intenational media, somehow makes me happy. Why? I’d rather have Imelda focus on fashion designing, rather than elsewhere, and I’m sure you know what I mean.

Now, who wants pink sneakers with diamond-tipped shoelaces? Raise your hands! Fashion for the Masses  digg:Imeldific Fashion for the Masses  spurl:Imeldific Fashion for the Masses  newsvine:Imeldific Fashion for the Masses  furl:Imeldific Fashion for the Masses  reddit:Imeldific Fashion for the Masses  fark:Imeldific Fashion for the Masses  Y!:Imeldific Fashion for the Masses


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6 Responses to “Imeldific Fashion for the Masses”

  1. Ian Says:

    Shouldnt that quote be .. what God doesn’t give you, you have to take for yourself?

  2. James Says:

    I saw the news last night. She’s going to live up her long lost “icon” status.

    I find it cool and by the way, I missed her name in the spotlight since her autobio-movie.

  3. mandayamoore Says:

    saan naman sya kumuha ng puhunan?
    sa ill-gotten wealth?
    yun lang.

  4. leeroi Says:

    dang that “woeman”. they’ve never had enough!

  5. Juni Says:

    i sooooooooooo love Imelda.

  6. mariah Says:

    yuck, wala siyang kafashion fashion. magnanakaw pa pweeeh

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