Pa-mhin-ta Exposed

Have you ever experienced embarrassment, or seen someone get embarrassed, for a sudden burst of gayness? Like for instance, while walking along the aisles of your office with your super manly (pa-mhin-ta) gait when suddenly you accidentally slip on something and yell well within everyone’s earshot, “Ay pukengkang!” Or while in a queue for movie tickets in a mall, you spot a mega-delicious man, and while lusting over him and gazing dazed you hear him suddenly shriek mega-decibels as another hunk passes by. Soooo momentous!

This one’s pretty old, but it has not lost its charm! I laugh everytime! I’m sure a lot of you have seen this - but see it again! Exposed  digg:Pa-mhin-ta Exposed  spurl:Pa-mhin-ta Exposed  newsvine:Pa-mhin-ta Exposed  furl:Pa-mhin-ta Exposed  reddit:Pa-mhin-ta Exposed  fark:Pa-mhin-ta Exposed  Y!:Pa-mhin-ta Exposed


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4 Responses to “Pa-mhin-ta Exposed”

  1. Jerome aka Bridget Jones Says:

    (rolls in laughter) i do have to agree with you. sometimes its a bit disappointing (a teenie-tiny bit lang ha?) that the one you drool over can give Queen Elizabeth a run for her money for being such a friggin’ queen.

  2. Migs Says:

    hello ate bridget/kuya jerome! teenie-tiny bit lang talaga? hehehe. thanks for dropping by! mwahs to the asawa! hehehe.

  3. coco-loco Says:

    ha ha ha that was really good! mabuhay ka migz! love your posts.

  4. jam Says:

    parang ganun yong classmate ko in high school, every girls in the classroom have crush on him kac his cute hunky but tahimik na tao, hanggang sa christmas party namin, we discover member pla sya ng power rangers, as in pink discover namin on the time na mayron pla ipot ng bird ung chair nya, which is nahawakan nya acidentaly, lahat napatingin sa knya dahil ito ang ginawa nya,” eww yuckk kadiri, sabay swing ng kamay prang contestant ng miss gay sa may kanto, at lahat biglang natahimik, we did not expect ganun reaction nya,, ewww vakluch pla, may crush pa naman ako sa kanya.

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