Drew Arellano, the sexy pare


Since I saw Drew Arellano in his “pare” commercial, I’ve always fantasized about this rather conservative cute guy. After finding this set of photos, I’m totally convinced — he’s the sexiest pare I will ever have. Hay, Drew, I drool…






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24 Responses to “Drew Arellano, the sexy pare”

  1. jo Says:

    Yeah, DREWlable talaga sha! Too conservative nga lang. More skin pls…

  2. Jason Says:

    he frequents gold’s gym.. he is so cute.. his skin is perfect and a nice body too.. he has love handles though..

  3. thats the way ahaaha Says:

    delicious….. iya’s very lucky to have him…

  4. chuayjai Says:

    i hate iya! waaaaaaaah! :D

  5. dats07 Says:

    OMG!!! where did you got these pictures!??!?! they are so HOT!!!

  6. astroboi Says:

    cute ng toes nya hehe

  7. peterpic Says:

    parang maliit ang paa…

  8. gage Says:

    i soooo adore this guy! tsarap!

  9. boy Says:

    wala bang mas daring dyan? bitin eh…dapat may paparazzi na dito e..stalk the local celebs,ehehe

  10. antonella Says:

    i loved him since i first saw him in “WAZUP-WAZUP” till he moved to GMA. Pinagpapantasyahan ko sha! nag dodroll ako tuwing makikita ko sha even n pics only. namamasamasa ako!!

  11. what_boys_want Says:

    he’s not to tall, like he’s just like 5′6. but he’s a very ncie guy.

  12. br0wn_c0w Says:

    Crush ko ‘to ehhehehe! Funny pa siya kase!

  13. abathiar Says:

    i think this guy is hot….but i was able to meet another real Arellano in Geneva having same features as him. His more conservative and intellectaully sexy…taking his degree on interntional trade and economics. Please tell me more about Drew…thanks

  14. sheila Says:

    he looks so gorgeous and sweet. good luck to him

  15. babyLhen Says:

    ei,i like drew so much..d 1st time i saw his commercial on tv tlgang n Starstruck aQ s knya!! i watch ol his show..frm wazzup,ol 2gether agen,click,unang hirit nd Balikbayan.I start liking iya n dn..hapi aq 4 dem.Luv u drew!!

  16. tammy Says:

    yummmmm….gwapo moh pare!

  17. kurt arellano Says:

    its my cousin! pls contact me

  18. manay_bakekangMD Says:

    pantasya ng bayan!!!

  19. noel Says:

    chaka ng ilong

  20. Funny, funny Drew Arellano! | manila gay guy Says:

    […] GMA 7’s travel feature Pitong Paglalakbay, Drew Arellano was shown with this super funny blooper — ang cute pa rin niya whatever happens! Haaaay! […]

  21. benjosh Says:

    He’s really handsome!! He has a lot of sex appeal!!! I love this guy from hosting.. he’s one of the best host in GMA..

  22. bolante Says:

    gwapo siya. saw him in school, very handsome talaga

  23. pepron Says:

    ..very friendly and accommodating sa mga gays! Yup, he’s a good guy.

  24. kris Says:

    yeah, i already met this guy in person, he’s really a nice guy,imagine gwapo n me breeding pa, i love this guy you know what kc parang pambihira cya talaga cya almost perfect

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