Funny, funny Drew Arellano!

In GMA 7’s travel feature Pitong Paglalakbay, Drew Arellano was shown with this super funny blooper — ang cute pa rin niya whatever happens! Haaaay! Video after the jump!

Favorite ko expression niya towards the end of the video. Mega-explain pa talaga! Pero cutiieeee!, funny Drew Arellano!  digg:Funny, funny Drew Arellano!  spurl:Funny, funny Drew Arellano!  newsvine:Funny, funny Drew Arellano!  furl:Funny, funny Drew Arellano!  reddit:Funny, funny Drew Arellano!  fark:Funny, funny Drew Arellano!  Y!:Funny, funny Drew Arellano!


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17 Responses to “Funny, funny Drew Arellano!”

  1. dokd Says:

    cute pa rin siya in a cute, boyish sort of way.

  2. Tita Glo Says:

    Ayyyy! Napatili ang lola mo! Hahahaha

  3. GAYNGAME Says:


  4. josh Says:

    luto ka dyan drew. I really admire this person ever since his shampoo pare commercial. Seen him once when we guested in Unang hirit for a stint and he really is one gay/happy person and smiles even to strangers like us!

  5. L.A Says:

    Hi Migs! Alam mo na ba yung movie na Formula 17? Sweet Gay Movie Sya Highly Recommended satin haha! I Blog about it hope you can watch the movie on my blog and blog about it. The URL is on my name above.


  6. onin Says:

    balita sa showbiz “dakila” daw talaga tong si Drew. Swerte ni Iya!

  7. jay Says:

    i love drew arellano!

    i had an ex who looks like him

    and my bf’s name is drew…hehehe… talk about being a drew-boyfriend-wannabe! hahaha!

  8. neonego Says:

    may pagka-daig pa tili ko ah.

  9. neonego Says:

    may pagka ang lolah…. daig pa tili ko ah…
    @ LA: i found a music video of formula17…
    follow the link

  10. vinvin Says:


  11. vince Says:

    I love him. Kahit maging bading siya o halaman o hipon… CARE KO.

    There can only be one Drew. Hay…

  12. peterpic Says:

    hindi sya hipon!
    kahit ulo nya sisipsipin mo!

  13. Lola Says:

    super cute niya talaga and funny pa. I admire him. more of him puh-lease.

  14. mekare Says:

    he’s just plain adorable… and you usually don’t have adorable and smart, in one person.

  15. L.A Says:

    Neonego - Thank You for showing it to me! I’ll post it soon of my blog! Ganda talaga nung Formula 17 super sweet gay movie…

  16. empress maruja Says:

    Ooookey, tinalo ako ni Drew sa tilian…hahaha…

  17. Daizuke Says:

    Bwahahahaha!!… I like him kasi ganun lng talaga siya.. He dont usually boast himself out, instead he makes fun of himself! :-)

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