Featuring Filipino Masculinity

Magagandang Lalaki

Flickr denizen, codenamed “Magagandang Lalaki” gathered pictures of hunky Filipino men and built his “Filipino Masculinity” Flickr Set. Sweet!

“Magandang Lalaki” says the following about himself in his Flickr profile:

im young, hot, intelligent, beautiful, sexy guy

About Me:
1. im 5.9 ft
2. 155lbs
3. i have a big apetite
4. im a strong drinker
5. i value friendship
6. i love my folks but i cant help but piss them off..
7. i rarely smile except when i fart or someone trips >:)
8. i love my ref and microwave and dvd player
9. i spent 1/4 of mah life playin’ video games
10. spent d other quarter playin wid my self ;p
11. i love tragic endings
12. im a scorpio
13. i love the weather cold
14. and my partner hot ~)
15. i hate numbers
16. im 1/4 mexican
17. i spend every cent if its worth it
18. i love my boy, MIKAEL CO
19. i miss kissing his lips,. and waLking in the rain with him
20. im misunderstood but i dont give a rat`s ass
21. i prefer boxers but i have tighty whitees
22. i live life to the fullest
23. i listen to those who i care for
24. i`ve been thru hell & back
25. i hate being alone
26. i sing…only to myself
27. i respect those who deserve respect
28. im naughty.. but nice?
29. i easilly faLL inLove but hardly fall out
30. i love violence but dont practice it heheh but in some ocassions
31. i love porn
32. i cook good food
33. i hate insects&rodents
34. i sleep at 3am
35. im flexible/versatile
36. im take no bull from anyone cus i give none
37. i sleep in the nude
38. im daring ehehehe gaLit asawa ko..
39. faithful loyal,,,yep.its true..
40. i like things simpLe &cLean
41. i keep my toilet floor dry
42. i admire&respect both my older and younger brother
43. im a middLe chiLd
44. i dont have allergies
45. my penmanship Looks Like scattered crap
46. im open minded
47. i try anything once
48. my true friends are Lazy ass bitches who dont go onLine
49. im passionate
50. im still thinking of what eLse to say… =D

I’m Male, 22 and Open. Makati, Philippines.

Hmmm… wanna see him? He’s here.

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2 Responses to “Featuring Filipino Masculinity”

  1. carl Says:

    how can i access this site?

  2. earl Says:

    51. i am so not interested

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