Chester Nolledo: bodyshot anyone?


Tequila bodyshot with Chester Nolledo, anyone? Chester is one of the “Men of Provoq” - famous for his College Dude video. Would you do it with him? *wink*





chester-3.jpg Nolledo: bodyshot anyone?  digg:Chester Nolledo: bodyshot anyone?  spurl:Chester Nolledo: bodyshot anyone?  newsvine:Chester Nolledo: bodyshot anyone?  furl:Chester Nolledo: bodyshot anyone?  reddit:Chester Nolledo: bodyshot anyone?  fark:Chester Nolledo: bodyshot anyone?  Y!:Chester Nolledo: bodyshot anyone?


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31 Responses to “Chester Nolledo: bodyshot anyone?”

  1. chad Says:

    err… 1st pic looks weird

  2. alejandro24yrsold Says:

    he looks malibog! ahehe

  3. confused_curious Says:

    hell yeah.. id do it with him =)

  4. neon Says:

    ayyy.. true. malibog nga

  5. Angelo Says:

    Of course I would do it with him. hehe. I think he is sooo adorable. I wish him all the best!

  6. effie Says:

    never. gezz, so metlogs.

  7. Kaleena Says:

    He’s so fugly. Is he Robby Mananquil’s brother? Horsey!

  8. Angelo Says:

    Kaleena: Musta na? I find it rather odd that you don’t find Chester adorable. Taas naman ata standards mo? Baka di ako pumasa niyan! hehe.

  9. kurara_chibana Says:

    what the heck is going on with that last pic?!

  10. Angelo Says:

    Kurara_chibana: The person who just purchased a vcd applied some lemon and had the luxury of licking his nipple. Yum! hihi.

  11. yori Says:

    Kurara_chibana : angelo was there, that was his hand. ahi

  12. kurara_chibana Says:

    @yori: si angelo ba talaga yan? ;)

    @kaleena: angelo does make a good point. it is quite hard to believe that you’re willing to equate chester with robby “mukhang-hipon” mananquil. i do appreciate the use of “mean girls” lingo in your post.

    so fetch! :)

  13. yori Says:

    @ kurara_chibana : oo mahilig sya sa mga ganyang bagay eh. ahi. peace angelo.ahi.

  14. Angelo Says:

    Kaw talaga Yori! Allow me to first clear up some confusion here, in that Yori stated that I “was there and that it was my hand.” While it was true that I was there (as a mere spectator), it is inaccurate to mention that it was my hand. Sana ako yon pero hindi kasi di ako interested sa DVD nila. Mas marami pang mas magandang nipple akong kilala. haha.

  15. chad Says:

    his body looks too underdeveloped for someone in the body-showing profession

  16. kurara_chibana Says:

    @angelo: thanks for clearing that up! :)

  17. yori Says:

    but I assure you all guys, angelo has more to offer than Chester Nolledo.

  18. Angelo Says:

    Kurara_chibana: No problem.

    Yori: Thank you!

  19. N Says:

    he’s cute but he looks like he just reached And what’s up with all the flirting? Geez, you guys need to get a room and put all the testosterone into use.

  20. yori Says:

    @N : thanks, this isnt the day to release it. thats a good suggestion thou.ahi.

  21. Angelo Says:

    N: I know. Haha. All for fun dude. May I ask, does this bother you?

  22. yori Says:

    @N : thanks, this isnt the day to release it. thats a good suggestion thou.ahi.

    hahahaha @ angelo.
    @ N : bothered by all these?

  23. Angelo Says:

    Yori: Kelangan ulitin tanong ko kay N. haha. Anyway, Yori, how do you find Chester? Oh!

  24. yori Says:

    pwede naman mag sorry @ Angelo di ba? ahi.
    Chester…yoko sa kanya di pa well developed yung katawan niya. Parang high school lang na nahada ng mga bading sa kanto at ang bayad ay…lemon in a nipple.

  25. Angelo Says:

    Yori: Harhar. What if maglakad papalapit sayo na nakahaubad yan tapos super erected? Deadma ka lang o will squeeze a dozen lemon all over his body?

  26. yori Says:

    kalamansi lang katapat niyan angelo. ahi. and your words…so sharp.ahi.

  27. Kaleena Says:

    kurara_chibana: as a lot of people here say, he has an adolescent’s body, and i am no child molester. plus, really his face is so fug. not so fetch!

  28. kurara_chibana Says:

    @kaleena: well, since you put it that way.

    i must admit, though, that robby mananquil is pretty ok naman eh…for as long as you don’t look at his face! ;)

  29. Kaleena Says:

    kurara_chibana: Agree with you regarding Horsey’s face. Put a paper bag over his head and he’d be 100 times hotter. And this Chester dude has overstayed his welcome. Please take him out of my sight! His fug face and body make me want to hurl.

    Angelo, I assure you that you’ll pass my world-renowned high standards. Just send me an MMS of your hot face and bod and I will make you hard like a rock in return.

    As for the rest of you, bitches, wake up! Chester is sooo fugly! SO NOT FETCH!

  30. mossss Says:

    he kinda looks like the younger georege estregan

    ps kaleena, grabe ka naman manlait.

  31. crisjohn Says:

    ang cute cute nya heheheh

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