Danny Ramos, Sibak hunk


Some MGG readers requested me to feature Danny Ramos. After doing some research, I learned that he was part of that movie Sibak (Midnight Dancers), and was once the boyfriend of Elizabeth Oropesa. Now, he is 31 years old and is based in Olongapo City managing several entrepreneurial ventures. I heard he also worked in Japan for some time.






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29 Responses to “Danny Ramos, Sibak hunk”

  1. eponine Says:

    He looks young and yummy in the first pic.

  2. chad Says:

    I like the first pic din. Cute.

  3. le bone Says:

    handa na akong magpasibak kay danny!

  4. juan Says:

    he did a full frontal with an erection in one movie. i forget the title…

  5. monsour abraham Says:

    wow ! he’s cute & handsome. i like him… he’s hot…

  6. michael Says:

    yeah Danny is a hunk - cute - and yummie

  7. T_Rex Says:

    Methinks La Oropesa (the ultimate hottah momma) can’t be faulted for carrying on at one time an inarguably sizzling May-December affair with this guy. Aside from being seemingly quite loaded between the ears (aside from between the legs) despite their wide age disparity, it is indubitably obvious that his ambrosial juices very well served as her elixir of youth. Makes it quite debatable therefore as to who was the prized catch between the two of them.

  8. giodude Says:

    T-Rex is without any hint of a doubt, partially correct..! Hahaha! Such choice of words! Very eloquent..;P

  9. chismoso Says:


    which movie are you talking about? a quick net search revealed the following:
    1. bangkero
    2. mister mo, lover ko
    3. hatulan bilibid boys 2
    4. sibak

  10. juan Says:


    i have no recollection. sayang we don’t have a dudes.org for pinoy actors :-)

  11. dannylover Says:

    Dear Juan and chismoso: MISTER MO, LOVER KO is the movie where danny showed his raging erection.

  12. MigzToo Says:

    May itsura pa rin pala hanggang ngayon itong mokong na ito… Kailan kaya siya aamin ng pagbebenta ng laman ala Julio Diaz?

    Guys, what I’m about to say is not bullshitting (like what some MGG readers are in the habit of doing)…

    Danny Ramos is a seasoned callboy even before his short-lived foray into acting. I kid you not - I had a one-night stand with him for a mere thousand bucks sometime in the early nineties. Meron na siyang semblance of six-pack abs noon kaya appealing talaga - kaya lang five-incher lang siya (halata naman sa pics above). We even mutually gave head to each other, kaya alam kong sanay siyang rumomansa ng kapwa lalaki. But I opted not to have a repeat encounter - pagsasawaan mo rin siya sa unang tikim pa lang. But after seeing his more buffed bod in the movie Sibak, I got to think that if the opportunity presents itself again, why not? But I never got to do it anymore to date because I rarely if ever bother to pay for sex. I heard he became a quite “successful” hosto (and reportedly a kept lover) in Japan after his ill-fated romance with Elizabeth who is an acquiantance of mine (common friends of ours told me she got fed up with his gold-digging and two-timing ways). I never got to tell her though about my encounter with Danny - discreet is my middle name, go figure.

    Wala lang - just in case lang na interesado kayong malaman ang naging raket ni Danny. For all I know he is still at it - good thing he invested his “hard-on” earnings on a few small-scale business ventures in Olongapo which I heard include a modest internet café.

  13. Andrian Says:

    Ooooow! My lons and groins are killing me!!! He is sizzling hot!

  14. harajuku Says:

    he looks hot in the 2nd pic! wow! la oro was very lucky!

  15. teofs manantan Says:

    Dan Ramos is someone who can be treasured by anyone in the gay community not only because of his looks but more of his almost perfect body…I like him.

  16. rej Says:

    so nagsibak, nag la oro, nagjapan… the death of every boytoy’s movie career. kawawa naman tayo…

  17. ten Says:

    dami pa syang pics sa friendster at myspace account nya… FYI lang po sa mga hndi pa nakakakita…

  18. edward Says:

    he had a full frontal (with an erect penis) in Mister Mo, Lover Ko. I doubt if he’s only a 5-incher. looks longer and boy, really stiff in the movie. can anyone get a screencap of that? this guy is hot!

  19. andrebon Says:

    how can i date this guy now?

  20. chiqui de guzman Says:

    The movie you’re talking about, where he had a frontal nudity scene is the remake of Elizabeth Oropesa’s Mister Mo, Lover Boy Ko Part II.

  21. larpeecute Says:

    cute pa rin si danny! yum yum!

  22. josh Says:

    “lover” sha ng 1 japanese old lady na mayari ng santaro club sa timog! andun sha every weekend to supervise the business

  23. sapphire Says:

    guapo xa on the first pic

  24. michael Says:

    danny is cute. danny has a sweet smile

  25. John Says:

    wow…i have been fantazing him for so long…up to now

  26. marvin Says:

    ang laki pala eh wow,,,,,

  27. michael Says:

    he is yummy

  28. mel Says:


  29. pepron Says:


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