Dante Balboa


Dante, Dante, Dante! Wooohooo!

Some readers didn’t really like Dante Balboa when I featured him here at MGG; but for some reasons, his chinito look, and that killer smile makes me want to melt. Yes guys, I actually like Dante “Daddy-D” Balboa. Hehehe!


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24 Responses to “Dante Balboa”

  1. nell Says:

    I like him, too! San na kaya sya?

  2. Adrammelech Says:

    why does he look an awful lot like Anton Bernardo>?

  3. empress maruja Says:

    Kasabayan ba niya si Anton Bernardo?

  4. mandayamoore Says:


  5. rommel Says:

    the first picture is awesome

  6. rej Says:

    whats NOT to like? pag nasa harap na, aayaw pa ba?
    sabi nga ni miranda priestley/”devil wears prada” : “thats all.”

  7. kantoTEEN Says:

    at sino naman ang may ayaw kay dante balboa? ang arte nila ha? in fairness masarap xa… mukha xang mambobrocha… yummy…

  8. blueharajuku Says:

    he is lovable! i dont see why some readers hate him?!

  9. ramon Says:

    Water ! Water ako,pwede magsacrifice ng 1 year salary he he !

  10. ramon Says:

    This one hunk is one of the best featured here.so yummy,cockadodledo !!

  11. Matteo Says:

    Hehe…what’s mambobrocha?

    I actually like his physique. I believe he’s teaching now in FEU or UE? Sana pwede magsit-in sa class niya. Swerte naman ng mga students niya.

  12. tisay Says:

    you can watch dante in a Passion Play with Romnick Sarmienta, sa U.P. Diliman, starting today up to next week. I think dantes playing John the Baptist. its true! so holy!

  13. Prince Monsour Abraham Says:

    He’s a good looking man.I love him the way he loves me…char!Basta gwapo sya para sa akin…

  14. Sam Says:

    I think he is gorgeous :-)

  15. juan Says:

    there’s something scary about a guy who maintains 23 - yes, count ‘em, 23 - friendster accounts. just search for “dante balboa”

  16. my yellow shirt rumpled Says:

    whoa, re: black wet jocks. Whoa whoa whoa, getting hot i this window.


  17. argo Says:

    lov’him..he’s hot!

  18. francis Says:

    i kinda like him too..he’s sexy..

  19. Brix Says:

    Nothing is scary with people who have 23 friendster accounts. Some people can easily pretend and assume personalities…

  20. Fran Says:

    ako, i like him.
    ‘pag nag-ka-bf ako ng ganyan, i’ll be contended na and be faithful ala misterhubs!

  21. leeroy Says:

    I like him. I really do. I’d rob a bank for him and Id die for him. Dante, if you can read this, I’ll do anything you want just to be with you. Promise, I won’t bite.

  22. pepron Says:

    definitely a stunner (tama ba spelling ko?)

  23. pulang lobo Says:

    in these pictures he is suuuupppeeer hot. altho in the other pictures sa mga links dito, pang seiko films lang…

    pero sa pic#1 wow… laglag lahat…

  24. joey Says:

    yup, dante balboa is a good guy to take home; after the sex, there’s the witty conversation. can anyone help me meet him?

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