Quitting Manila Gay Guy

The old saying is wrong — winners do quit, and quitters do win.

Every new project (or job, or hobby, or blog) starts out exciting and fun. Then it gets harder and less fun, until it hits a low point –really hard, and not much fun at all.

And then I find myself asking if the goal is even worth the hassle. Maybe I’m in a Dip — a temporary setback that will get better if I keep pushing. But maybe it’s really a Cul-de-Sac, a dead end, which will never get better, no matter how hard I try.

According to bestselling author Seth Godin, what really sets superstars apart from everyone else is the ability to escape dead ends quickly, while staying focused and motivated when it really counts.

Winners quit fast, quit often, and quit without guilt — until they commit to beating the right Dip for the right reasons. In fact, winners seek out the Dip. They realize that the bigger the barrier, the bigger the reward for getting past it. If you can become number one in your niche, you’ll get more than your fair share of profits, glory, and long-term security.

(From The Dip, by Seth Godin)

* * *

Now that Manila Gay Guy, MGG the blog, is about to reach 1 year old on August 28, 2007, I ask myself — is it time to quit?

Through MGG, I’ve experienced a lot of highs, a lot of blessings, a lot of reasons to celebrate. Much more than I wished for when I started out.

Through MGG, I’ve also experienced some lows. I’ve been lambasted and called names I never imagined myself being called.

And so at this crossroad, I ask myself, MGG has accomplished much more than I dreamed it would — so is it time to quit?

* * *

I’ve happily invested much time and effort in bringing MGG to where it is right now. With up to 7,000+ unique visitors daily, more than 7 million hits within 11 months of its inception, and many accolades and references from traditional media… all these pale in comparison with the innumerable comments and personal emails I get from dear readers, thanking me for putting together such blog that, in varying levels, have helped gay folks in a quest for their own happy place in this world.

So, shall MGG quit after its 1st anniversary on August 28?

Set aside all the accolades and media mentions, and while all is muted to dead silence, I look straight into the 14,000+ eyeballs that continually stare and read my blog daily, repeat the question like a chant, “shall MGG quit?”

After much thought, I give myself two options: Quit Now and Pat Yourself in the Back, or Work Harder and Bring MGG a Notch Closer to Spectacular.

My answer: Quit? Nah. Be spectacular? Absolutely.

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42 Responses to “Quitting Manila Gay Guy”

  1. aries Says:

    …don’t quit. we want to be there when you reach that spectacular point…mwahh

  2. Rickey Says:


  3. zaldy Says:

    I thoroughly enjoy your blog and look forward to reading it everyday. I’m glad you’re here to stay. The problem with our culture is that we are all too quick to criticize those who are different or have a different perspective from our own. There are too many people like Justice Secretary Gonzalez in our country. Don’t pay attention to them.

  4. Distant Watcher Says:

    Hear Hear! (or here here. i don’t know the spoelling.)

    Thanks for sticking around Migs

  5. jerry Says:

    Buti nalang you want to be spectacular than to quit…hehe!

  6. Misterhubs Says:

    Migs, you almost made me cry with that title. Don’t do that again, OK?

    As a blogger myself, I know it can be quite hard to keep coming up with interesting posts. That you have done so for almost 1 year now shows how dedicated you are to this site and its many readers. So I hope you do keep MGG going on forever. Reinvent MGG if you must, be just keep going on.

  7. WhoCares Says:

    waaaaaaa ang daming drama ni migs… pero sa totoo lang nagulat ako sa nabasa ko… wag ka mag quit. kasi madaming mga taong talagang nawiwili sa mga topics na pinopost mo. and i’m sure malulungkot sila kapag nawala ka. kasama na ako dun.

  8. fattyacid Says:

    migs who are the people who call you names? ituro mo sa akin sa at kukurutin ko sa singit! hahaha

    seriously migs naman don’t quit MGG marami kami malulungkot.

    keep it up migs! kiss u sabay hug! ^_^

  9. McVie Says:

    Not yet time to quit, Migs. The Troikasters still have to all go together to Hong Kong and guest in The Dan & Rye Show in person. Now that would be…

    Spectacular! Spectacular!
    The words in the vernacular.
    Can’t describe this great event.
    You’ll be dumb with wonderment!
    (Returns are fixed at 10 percent.)

  10. Little Fish Says:

    suicide keeps trading in my mind…
    my lover and partner of 3 years decided to split-up for good, at first it was a relief for both because we can find solace in being alone….but lately, i realized he was not just my partner in bed but my very soul….my very life…..my other half…..the beat the keeps my heart pounding…in other words, mahal na mahal ko pa rin xa. I love him still.
    I will have him back and I will sacrifice everything just to have him back into my life.

    To you MGG, do an extra mile….
    I will banish from my memory the notion of killing myself and I will do extra mile to have my “Dodong”.

  11. Andrew Says:

    the teaser scared me. i thought i wouldn’t be hearing anything from you in the future. well, i think you made the right choice of trying to up the notch and be spectacular. more power to MGG.

  12. Clark Can't Says:

    If you’ll quit, bigay mo sakin ang MGG tapos ipagpatuloy ko ang mga kachorvahan nito. Hehe.

    Quit? Of course you wouldn’t! Smart decision! =)

  13. Will Says:


  14. george Says:

    kinabahan ako nun ah! :)

    don’t quit migs. this website is my refuge from chaos of life outside my office room.

  15. onicotto Says:

    quit ka na. this place has turned stale. move over na mga bakla to UPH or hotmeninthephilippines.

  16. sire_lee Says:

    don’t quit migs. mgg has started a revolution in gay blogs. well marami nmn jan but this one is unique. for me it is spectacular!

  17. Kai Says:

    Why do I read Manila Gay Guy everyday? Because it’s always filled with worthwhile contents. It’s not just about posting sexy or naked pictures of Filipino men. It’s a big celebration of People Like Us on the worldwide web. Congratulations to Migs for such a spectacular year. I wish you many more gayer than gay years online!

  18. Hansel Says:

    Nagulat naman ako sa title. Buti na lang hindi… Hay nakakatension…

    Migs, promise you’ll not say it again please….

  19. ewan Says:

    honestly, i am gay but not out…i have been in hiding for the longest time…i cannot face what my parent’s as well as my conservative society’s reactions would be should i leave my closet and be the proud and happy gay most readers of this blog are…in contemplation, i have only been truly myself in at most two circumstances… one, being in the various trysts with different men i have had in this lifetime… two, when i get to read gay blogs like manila gay guy…somehow it gives me the security that i am not alone and a lot of sisters there are willing to help should i go for outing…and most of all, i get to appreciate that being gay isn’t so bad at all, it’s fun, fun and absolutely fun…Go for It MIGS, you’ve been most wonderful and hoping for a fruitful year for gay bloggers like you…ciao!

    *P.S. Paki-erase naman yung first comment, nagtangtangahan kc di nabantayan yung mga clerical pati na grammatical errors..hehehehe.

  20. Jake Says:

    I go for the other site just to lust over the images. I go to this site for meaningul content

  21. Mark Says:

    Thanks ate Migs. Keep up the good work

  22. anton maton Says:

    ‘NYETA! and drama mo bakla! isa ka ngang reyna! o siya sige! blog mo naman to eh! kaya gawin mo ang dapat mong gawin at nang lumigaya naman ang mga juding! niyahahahaha!

    the one and only,
    anton maton

  23. vincedejesus Says:

    Nakakaloka! Huwag kang mag-quit migs!

    Anuba? :)

  24. wrestler Says:

    yehey di ka mag qui-quit. salamat migs. God bless you

  25. Tony Says:

    Haha, after the discussion we had the other day during dinner with the rest of the guys I realized you were really in deep thought and retrospective regarding some criticism that have been thrown your way. Admittedly, nagulat ako sa title ng article… I thought “Wow, didn’t realize migs took those criticism to heart”.

    Should have known better. :P

    There are still many hills and valleys that you, along with your readers, need to trace in this virtual world of ours.

    Happy 1st Blog-a-birthday Migs!

  26. webster Says:

    This has been a comfortzone to me. Don’t take that away yet please……….. I LOVE YOU PAPA MIGS!!!

  27. francis Says:

    ever since i’ve discovered your blog, i cannot stop reading it! it is so fabulous! continue doing what your doing..you are a DIVA!

  28. mildmannered Says:

    no! don’t even think about it! it is one of the few sites where we can be ourselves.
    utang na loob, huwag!

  29. KittyQT Says:

    Teaser talaga. Buti na lang, you want to be spectacular!!!

  30. nell Says:

    Happy Anniversary MGG. Maraming mga gay blogs dyan, pero itong sa’yo.. full of sensible articles, di lang puro sexy pics. More power!!

  31. Mark Says:

    Oh my god! Thank, god!

  32. shikamaru914 Says:

    dont quit…thanks

  33. Sokhom Cheng Says:

    Please don’t quit. You’ve done an awesome job and you’ve provided an opportunity for us gays and gay-friendly people to share something together. Please fight the feeling of giving up because I see that us gays are all fighting on our daily basis just to be recognized as who we are. We don’t have much and the homophobic people are always watching to shut every gay things down. Your website and works make me happy because it is something that I look up to. There isn’t that much strong gay website out there that is entertaining and appropiate for all audience.

  34. argo Says:

    don’t quit migs, or else… d whole gay community will kick ur ass! heheheheh!
    (just joking!) we love everything about u & MGG, so go,and bring this blog to spectacular stardome!

  35. Pravilno Says:

    every now and then, we need someone to give us the push… migs, hindi ka lang namin ipagtutulakan, magrerent pa kami ng isang dosesang bulldozer para lang maitulak ka… hehehe…

  36. Q Says:

    I agree with Argo. Mamaya magwiwitch-hunt kami for you migs. Hahaha. “We demand MGG To live!” Lol. :P

  37. dowel Says:

    di kita kilala. at di kita makikilala. marami sa inyo di ko kilala. marami sa inyo maaaring nakita ko na sa kalye. pero kahit hanggang duon lang ang pagsasama natin, kahit may prinsipyong naisulat dito ang di ko din pinaniniwalaan, masaya ako’t sa mga kwento nyo nagiging makulay ang mundo, kahit walang sinabawang gulay sa hapag kainan ko.

    migs, you have created your own repository of art forms. you are precocious to have precipitated from the computer’s binary code a nascent art that welters post modern philosophies through the stories posted here. you make me laugh. you make me angry. though i still stand by my own principles independent of some else’s opinion, i think you give other people clarity and you make their issues pellucid with wisdom, i think it’s best that you keep your blog. you let your blog become an outlet of your readers. spare them. in the midst of the battles they’re living with, provide them your outlet, their outlet.

  38. meow-yaw Says:

    Cge Migs QUIT ka na…..quit, quit, quit, quit, quit, QUIT…

  39. sharon bading Says:

    leche! wag kang magki-kwit!


  40. Fernando IX Says:

    I agree with Jake.

    Even if this site isnt as daring as others, I still visit here almost everyday for meaningful ideas shared by ’sangkabaklaan.’

    Honestly, this is one site which helped opened my mind to the reality of my being.

    Congrats Migs and MGG.

  41. aries f. Says:

    -just remember you can not please everybody! why don’t you hold on to the people who believe in you! you’ve made difference and i know there is something more you can share with us! you are wrong! quitters never win! they are fools, idiot, & stupid! afraid of losing! we learn from our mistakes and downfalls, aren’t we? kudos! God Bless! ;-)

  42. Thad Says:

    MGG was among the first blogs I read regularly.. way before I started blogging. You inspire a lot of people, so keep it up!! = ) Happy Anniv and pop the champagne ; )

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