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I received an email from an MGG reader requesting, in a very demanding tone, to reveal the real identity behind Migs the Manila Gay Guy. Yes I admit that I have been a bit tight-lipped about myself. Why? First, I think my life is not as colorful as the average gay guy — so there’s really not much to talk about in the first place. Second, Migs is really much more effective as the Manila Gay Guy persona if his real identity is hidden from public scrutiny. And lastly, I have a secret fear: that people will not even care. Hehehe!

But for those who are extra curious, especially those who have been readers of MGG for some time now, I offer you something. Ask Migs a question, and I will pick 5 questions to answer in one of my future posts. At least you can say I tried revealing myself a little bit more. Game? for Migs  digg:Questions for Migs  spurl:Questions for Migs  newsvine:Questions for Migs  furl:Questions for Migs  reddit:Questions for Migs  fark:Questions for Migs  Y!:Questions for Migs


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42 Responses to “Questions for Migs”

  1. eponine Says:

    Well, I still stand by the side of not revealing yourself. It’s more like, professional courtesy. But the Top 5 Questions will do.

    Since I am an active tarot reader, let me ask you your zodiac sign. :) Too easy?

  2. empress maruja Says:

    At bakit naman nag-”demand” ang reader na ‘yan? Balak ka bang i-add sa Friendster? chos…

    Anyway, here’s my question:
    What is one thing (aside from blogging) that you are most passionate about?

  3. Dennis Says:

    1. What’s the biggest lie you ever told in your lifetime?
    2. If you were a fruit, what would you be and why?
    3. Are you top, bottom or versatile?

    and for something really special…

    4. What makes you blush? (Miss Universe ang dating!)

    Eto lang naisip ko eh..

  4. ten Says:

    heres my question… if you were miss USA in the recent ms universe pageant, what will you do when that(fall) happened to you? charing… its ok not to reveal you identity… im fine not knowing who you are as long as you keep posting cute guys like kean cipriano… hehehe!!! im an avid reader of your blog… keep it up!!!


  5. krissss Says:

    hi migs ay ako deadma sa japan mig’s sino man sila divahhh……

    ok 5 question
    1 kamusta naman ang pag akyat mo sa pinakamataas na bundok……

    2 what is the essence of being a gay guy????

    3 san magandang may gmy gold gym of slimmers world????

    4 maulan na sa pinas ngayon at pa uwi ako ng july mig’s dyn sa pinas san ang magandang rampahan dyn sa pinas ayoko na sa malate sawa na ako sa kanila tell ok…..

    5 mag kano na ba ang presyo ng lalake sa pinas ngayon????? siryoso yan ha sagutin mo lahat yan ok……


  6. dokd Says:

    i don’t think that someone should demand that you reveal yourself. i think that you’re right . . . it adds a nice air of mystery to yourself. but since you’re opening yourself up to questions, here are a few:

    1. what are your stats (age, height, weight, etc)?
    2. what type of work do you do?
    3. what types of guys are you into?
    4. what type of sex really turns you on?
    5. if you could have one 24hr period w/ some guy and totally have your way w/ him, who would it be and why?

    i hope that’s not being too personal but you said we could ask and it doesn’t hurt to ask, right?

  7. rommel Says:

    1. Are you “out” to your straight friends

    2. Rate your attractiveness from 1-10 , 10 being the highest..

    Honestly I rate myself 6 .. not ugly not handsome…

  8. Misterhubs Says:

    Guys, isn’t it obvious? Migs is Migs Zubiri. Duh. Anyway, Mr. Zubiri, my 5 questions are: 1. Are you a Mac or PC guy? 2. Left handed or right? 3. Whats the most played song on your iPod? 4. What’s your webhost? 5. Is there something going on between you and Janvier? Inquiring minds want to know.

  9. Ace Says:

    Actually, I like a bit of mystery, Migs. But since you are game, my question is: Who is the one person (dead or alive) that you admire the most, the one person that you’ll want to emulate and why?

  10. margs Says:

    some of these questions really crack me up. especially since you told me about the word ‘versatile’ last night. ha. but i feel special because i know the answer to some of them. especially the last one… you admire ME the most, duh. ;D i have to say though.. the is there something goin on between you and janvier question literally had me laughing out loud. :X i was thinkin about what questions to ask but it’s pointless lol..

  11. jholou Says:

    1.Recently what is the most expensive something you let yourself indulge into and why?

    2. How much do you worry about your future?

    3. How simple are you?

    4. Would you like to adopt, impregnate or artificial insemenation?

    5.In one hundred fifty words please describe yourself.

    ;p :p :) :) :) :) ;) :)

  12. dan Says:

    gwapo ng boses, inlove na ata ako :p

  13. MsNinja Says:

    Sino kamukha mong artista? sa local, hollywood or bollywood man lang. Para may ma-imagine akong figure … hehehe.

  14. Ace Says:

    Migs, one more question, if I may. Since I love food, I have to ask you what kind of foods you like or love. Examples for me: dark chocolate, fettucini alfredo (with 5 kinds of cheeses and lobster) and mushroom risotto with truffles.

  15. supladongP0GI Says:

    Migs, Since you had left me a voice mail while you where here in san francisco, and i find it really sexy when you utters “hi this is migs….”

    My entry for the five questions that you will pick to answer:

    Is it true that the way you picture someone over the phone is the other way around in personal?


  16. Migs Says:

    WOW! Great questions guys, keep ‘em coming! Mahihirapan yata ako sa questions ninyo but that’s fine! Enjoy!

  17. Talong Says:


    Bakla ka ba? lol……….corny……..

  18. awie Says:

    are you attracted to super cute effeminate?

  19. raving Says:

    Well… I really cannot judge you, although I was thinking that you were the gay guy who puts positive things to gayhood, by saying these and those, like coming out and being proud of ones sexuality, but it seems you are contradicting what you are trying imply here by not showing up or not really exposing your own life, well other than the boracay eyeball things which can happen to other people as well. So it will be a good start to answer this question: “what’s keeping you from revealing yourself?”

  20. bubu Says:

    my questions are…
    1. Would you rather be female, in your next lifetime?
    2. Were you once straight guy?
    3. Would you consider your being gay, being a defective male (something you could have remedied)?
    4. If you consider soul as genderless, is it possible that you can also fall in love with a straight female (if spiritually somehow once basis for being gay)?
    5. Lastly, what is freedom, in the premise a gay guy employs, is it in being in or out, or it’s more/less than that?

    I know you are more than intelligent, I just wanna hear the language your character exhibits.

  21. butch Says:

    if you were a cactus… why?… haha corny…

    ang gwapo ng boses mo… ang lakas ng dating. wala akong matanong… hehe

  22. Q Says:

    Hmmm… 5 questions:
    1. ASL? Stats? Fair/Moreno? (Considered 1 question to!)

    2. If you were stranded in an island and you could bring one thing with you that is not in anyway related to boats, boat-building or getting out of the island, what would it be?

    3. Out of all the guys you featured here at MGG, pick one guy you’d love to have a one night stand with.

    At itong mga Ms. Universe questions:

    4. Would you like your dream guy to be Wild and adventurous or easy-going and laidback?

    5. If you had a superpower, what would it be? (at bawal ang magspread ng world peace. hahahaha.)

  23. Raymond Says:

    Like your other readers, I like the mystery. It pulls me in. And that voice is indeed sexy! Here are my questions:
    1. What is the last book you have read?
    2. What is your favorite book of all time? (Please, ha, huwag “The Bible”!)
    3. Who is your favorite superhero or heroine? Why?
    4. Define “love.”
    5. What will make you really happy? (Please, again, bawal ang sagot na “world peace”!)
    I love you, Migs!

  24. josh Says:

    1st, i was honored 4 u to hav visited my blog :) tnx sooo much!

    Now 4 d questions, hope u’ll pick any of these:

    1. How did you, Mcvie & gibbs meet nga? (or u already answered this in one of ur podcasts?)
    2. is d color of ur skin in the fair side or dark one?
    3. i also like one of d questions here na “which star (local/foreign) resemble u most?”
    4. Where do u go to church for sunday service?


  25. KittyQT Says:

    1. Does your family know you’re GAY?
    2. Ano really turn-on mo sa guy?
    3. Vanidoso ka ba, do you trim/shave down under and do you want your partner to do the same?
    4. Top or bottom?
    5. Who’s your favorite gay-pornstar?

  26. chuchu caracas Says:

    isa lang ang tanong ko…

    why does it hurt so bad?

  27. chriscapade Says:

    Pwede mo ba akong mahalin sa kabila nang agwat ng status natin sa buhay?

  28. MigzToo Says:

    Hello there, tukayo! I believe you have every right to stay incognito for privacy’s sake. Your being discreet in that sense gets my vote and respect anytime.

    At any rate, I sure hope you get to respond to some, if not all, of the following questions:

    1. Are you out and open to everybody who cares to know?

    2. If you are given the chance to live your life again, will you still choose to be gay?

    3. In entering into a relationship, which is a weightier factor for you: heart or mind? Why?

    4. Which is a top of mind ENDURING attraction of other men for you: style or substance?

    5. What would you advise married gays in the closet with kids: be true to themselves, come out and face the music at the risk of losing their family’s respect, or keep it under the rug to maintain their comfort zone and continue living up to others’ expectations?

  29. StochasticDisturbanceVariable.... Says:

    i love your site migs, i’ve been reading it for sometime and i think you have pretty good insights… keep the mystery migs, it makes me want you more :)

    1. how is the fullness of life to be presented considering that you are gay? does it entail living life without limits? if so, when can you say that you already had too much of it?

    2. what are the true qualifiers for a meaningful gay life for you? have you personally met these qualifiers in your entire lifetime?

    3. what matters to you the most?

    4. if you were to be born again, who would or better yet what would you be? why so? do you think this persona is in way related on how you see yourself as a person?

    5. why do you have to keep two persona, your real identity and migs? how can you show your real persona, when you are answering these questions as migs? who is answering these questions, MGG or the real you?

    i really dont know if you will pick my questions nevertheless, thanks for taking time to read them…. CHEER migs…

  30. eto Says:

    Hi migs! my question for you is this:
    1. How not to feel lonely?


  31. eponine Says:

    My second question is…

    What is there between you and semi-cal fave Janvier?

  32. d Says:

    bakla kaba?

  33. Boyd Says:

    1. If you were a woman, what is the essence of being a woman?

    2. If you were the Philippines, how many islands would you have and why? High tide or low tide?

    3. Eto na lang, what is the essence of being a (manila) gay guy? and why?

    hahahaha. joke lang yung “and why?” pasensya na, i’m not that smart. hahahaha.

    (lovin’ your blog! - boyd)

  34. t_rex_rules Says:

    Hi Migs. Just one top of mind question for you…

    Other than the acceptance of others, what viable probability in life will give you lasting satisfaction and peace of mind as an overtly gay person?

  35. d Says:

    why do you prefer to pay for a website? why not choose a free one like piczo, bloggers or blogspot?

  36. antoine_01 Says:

    -name five guys that you fantasize the most.
    -are you top or bottom?
    -san ka nag-graduate ng college?
    -ano’ng height mo?
    -do you have any tattoos or body piercing?

  37. zidro Says:

    Since you had been travelling as well, which country is your fave and why? (I’ll be able to see one side of you from your answer.) I enjoyed Italy for many reasons.

  38. geof Says:

    does looks matters? i mean, is there any possibility na mafo-fall ka sa isang guy that is not really goodlooking?

  39. ralph Says:

    Migs this is my question. Would you be willing to meet one of your fans if you have a chance to visit NY?

  40. More About Migs | manila gay guy Says:

    […] committed, here are more answers to submitted questions for Migs. Warning: this podcast is a little bit more serious — listen at your own risk! […]

  41. my yellow shirt ironed Says:

    I just have two questions. Why do you have a friendster account and why can’t I get you as a friend in friendster?

  42. maan Says:

    Hi Migs, I want to make it direct to the point May crush ka ba kay KeAn CiPriAno, umamin ka!(nakita kita sa MYX kiniss mo sya, inggit ako!)

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