Migs in Sanfo!


Migs the Manila Gay Guy is currently in San Francisco, California!

Hmmm… what can I do here? Hehehe. Suggestions are welcome!

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25 Responses to “Migs in Sanfo!”

  1. avid Says:

    go to the rice bar and of course mission st. castro is over rated but what the hell, it has good restaurants. oh! treasure island! nice place…

  2. sharon bading Says:

    jump off the bridge! hehehe.

    enjoy your stay!


  3. L.A Says:

    Wow! Have a Nice Trip! Bring us some blonde boy or something :)

  4. londoner Says:

    Yeah Mission Street is nice. Try their saunas and bars they are fabulous. Just be careful. Take care and enjoy!

  5. harajuku Says:

    go to fisherman’s wharf, lots of cute guys there… and oh yeah, since youre there go to Castro..

  6. harajuku Says:

    and take some pics of cute waiters there.. i think i saw one in Cheesecake Factory, I forgot which branch but I think its near a university..

  7. Ray Says:

    Dear Migs,
    Greetings! Whenever I am in SF I don’t miss to eat in Japantown.Good sushi if you like them. For nature trip don’t miss MUIR woods. I will be in Manila Sep 5,2007 can we meet there? Be my friend and consultant on where I should go in Manila where all gays guys like me meet?

  8. rabbit Says:

    Castro? Boring! Go to Steamworks Bathhouse in Berkeley, near the UC. Call Tel # (510) 845-8992 for directions. Lotsa college dudes & asians. Bring clean undies & use a condom …

  9. charles Says:

    Just have fun, Migs. Go to Castro, explore the Bay Area…if I were you skip sa mga sex clubs…or if you are really into it, just be very careful…mahirap nang makakuha ng sakit! There’s NTouch on Polk St also…you should try going to not so gay places…I mean, it’s SF, anyways, you dont need to go to Castro to see gay people…they are everywhere. Ang mga bading sa Castro…they are all annoying! Lahat pa-girl!!! Hahaha Check out Bliss Bar on 24th St in Noe Valley area. Lime bar is cool, too. Go to Club 8 on Folsom St on Fridays, they call it “Dragon” if you are into Asian guys….$5 is the cover charge. have fun!!! Email me if you want to hang out, I live in SF–

  10. neon Says:

    migz, tour sa sa sanfo…

  11. ian Says:

    migs, take your boyfriend with you and get married. that is, if san francisco still allows same sex marriage. but of course, that union would still not be recognized here in the philippines because we filipinos carry with us our citizenship and are bound by the philippine law on persons and family relations even if we are abroad. sensya na, ngarag lang… hehe…

    anyway, i know you’ll know how to have fun and maximize your stay. take care and enjoy!
    great blog! (problem is i can’t take a look at the pics of the hot guys, baka mahuli ako sa office. hehe)

  12. sharon bading Says:

    ang yayaman ng mga lola ko! ang daming advsays! migs, pagpunta ka ng bayombong sa nueva ecija, ako naman ang mega advice!


  13. happy biatch Says:

    try nob hill theatre…cruisin theatre and lots of action. also the Pier 39 at the fisherman’s wharf is a great place.

  14. Lyka Bergen Says:

    Gosh! Lolah! Magkita tayo! Azan ka ba? Vilis!

  15. jhongjhong Says:

    Steamworks Thumbnails or Slideshow
    2107 4th Street
    Berkeley, CA 94710
    Phone: 510-845-8992
    Web: www.steamworksonline.com/berkeley/berkeley.html
    Type: Saunas & Sex Clubs

    yup..thats the complete information that you need when you go to Steamhouse…play safe migs…

  16. Nicolo Says:

    Rabbit and Jhongjhong is right Migs. Na miss ko 2loy bigla ang Steamworks. Enjoy Migs.

  17. timmy Says:

    Go to pier 39 in the morning and ride the tram. Walk along embarcadero, market street, and take the BART from SF to San Jose and back to SF again. dami Pilipino along market street. you’ll hear people speaking Pilipno inside Nordstrom. Don’t forget to go shopping in probably the biggest Old navy outlet in the whole of the US. That’s located along market street. Well just basically walk around (and people watch!!!) since SF is a very small city so you can go around it in just a day. If you have time, try to go to Alcatraz. Never did that kasi!

  18. oblation Says:

    steamworks is quite okay. the nearer one is eros along market near the intersection of church st. it ain’t that fancy but still serves the same purpose.
    “budlands” is like the “bed club” in castro though our own club in malate is much better in terms of facilities. the “boy bar” (used to tbe “the cafe”) is now capturing a better market because cuties dance almost nude above the billiard tables/pool.
    if you don’t mind driving 30 miles, another great place is the “water garden” in san jose.
    i do agree that the nob hill theater at the corner of bush and powell is indeed a great stop as well.
    email me at should you need a discreet tour guide.
    have fun migs.

  19. Jo Says:

    Sayang Migs, just left Sanfo last weekend and currently in Seattle, we could have met sana.

    Yes, no need to go to gay bars. Gays are everywhere!!!

  20. champkia sung Says:

    go to nob hill theatre. ask if jordan is still performing. great body..he’s HUNG

  21. ap Says:

    go to the power exchange.
    i used to work there.

  22. Comboratintodo Says:

    Bathhouse ang lola….Choz!

  23. joey Says:

    Power Exchange is fun. Imagine several floors of cruising with different scenes. May mga straight din sa ibaba and sometimes women, but mostly mga pa-girl na nanghahada ng mga na-e-elya nang straight na wah makajugjugang tunay na mujeraja so pumapatol na rin sa bading. Pero sa taas kanya-kanyang drama ang mga bading may camp site, may bondage kunochi, may glory holes, etc. May mga goma naman around. Just have fun. Ang tawag ng mga Pinoy na bading sa sanfo doon ay “eskuwelahang munti”. I live in NYC and whenever i visit friends in sanfo i always hear them ask each other kung pumasok daw ba sila sa “eskuwelahang munti”. Minsan ang etching nila ay “Nagpachek lang ako ng attendance no?” So, go na at magpacheck ka na rin ng attendance ha? Wah na bring ng ballpen kasi marami doon sa loob…puti nga lang ang tinta!

  24. Jayson USA Says:

    Hey Migs, have fun in San Francisco, the Gay Mecca city, thats what we call it out here in America. Go to tourist spots, like Pier 39, Union square for shopping. Yeah stop by castro st., go to Cafe its a bar/club, nice and packed fridays and stardays, sundays usually latino nite. lots of cute and good looking men. yeah go to Polk st. area and go to N-touch bar, its asian bar, mostly asian men and their admirers. oh yeah San Francisco is very liberal, so dont feel wierd out if u see two guys holding hands in public or kissing, even though they are not in the gay area. You will see a huge Gay rainbow flag in Castro district raised so high. oh yeah go to club Dragon asian nite is fridays, its south of Market st. well lots today ,food go to Bagdad Cafe opens 24hours. oh yeah go to cafe flora they have good food there too , mostly gays there, of course. well enojoy ur stay in California. take care and be safe.

  25. McKee Says:

    omg. I have got to try out all of those places everyone mentioned. And since we are talking about eating(*wink-wink, nudge-nudge) you should try Johnny Rockets sa Chestnut, sa Marina Area! Don’t miss the chocolate shake. It’s to die for!

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