Saved by the Credit Card!

Hi guys! Just arrived back in Manila — blogging fresh from the airport. I wanted to give you a short post just before I hit the sack and rest from that gruelling 14-hour flight from San Francisco.

Thank you to those who emailed and offered to tour me around Sanfo. Aside from the short tour included in my conference, I didn’t have time to go around. For a while there, I was tempted to visit the Nob Hill Adult theater just a stone’s throw away from my hotel near Union Square. But just as I was deciding, while paying for some knick-knacks at Walgreen’s, my credit card just gave up on me! Thanks to my Mastercard that suddenly just did not work anymore, I had no choice but to go miser — and immaculately pure. My credit card saved my purity! (Ang linis-linis ko talaga! Hahahaha!) (My credit card malfunction also prevented me from buying this USB Microphone Snowball Bundle which I intended sana for my MGG podcasts…)

Hang in there guys for the continuation of my Boracay Eyeball story — some have emailed me, impatiently waiting for the conclusion of that series. No worries, guys, tatapusin ko na para di na kayo mabitin. And for those asking what my ex said after that 3-word SMS I sent himabangan! Hahaha! Just kidding. I hope we can continue to be really good friends.

Will post again ASAP, as soon as I recover from my trip. World Peace, you all! by the Credit Card!  digg:Saved by the Credit Card!  spurl:Saved by the Credit Card!  newsvine:Saved by the Credit Card!  furl:Saved by the Credit Card!  reddit:Saved by the Credit Card!  fark:Saved by the Credit Card!  Y!:Saved by the Credit Card!


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11 Responses to “Saved by the Credit Card!”

  1. dokd Says:

    hi migs. you left sfo right on time . . . it’s currently raining and it’s pretty cold! i wish i were in the philippines right now enjoying the warm weather although just the other day it was sunny and warm here. enjoy the rest of your weekend and i hope you get a good rest!

  2. prock Says:

    welcome back!
    missed ya! :)

  3. eric Says:

    hay salamat bumalik ka na sa pilipinas!!!
    i noticed kasi ang konti ng update mo sa blog mo nung out of the country ka…nakaka disappoint…excited pa naman ako palagi pumunta sa site mo
    hey migs i heard andrew wolf is back in our sunny country…feature him naman…

  4. chad Says:

    Welcome back! Ako i just got back din from Palawan.

  5. vince Says:

    You’re back! Pasalubong. Har har har!

    See you tomorrow sa PETA!

  6. oblakalbo Says:

    welcome back! really looking forward checking this site everyday.. nakaka alis ng stress ;-)

  7. sharon bading Says:

    ako! kadarating ko din lang from bayombong! hihihi

  8. randy Says:

    welcome back migs! hope u have a good rest. miss u! (close?) he he!

  9. jholou Says:

    o sya andito na man lang c migs ede get together tayo???

    watcha tink???

  10. josh Says:

    were glad ur back in pinas. =)

  11. erik Says:

    hi, migs! my idol! hehehe

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