Chris Friel is Mr. Asia USA 2007


Just as Chris Friel, previously featured here as the Fil-Am Hunk, passed the crown at the end of 2006 to the new Ginoong Filipinas-USA, he won another title this April.

A celebrity panel of judges selected Filipino-American contestant Christopher Friel as Mr. Asia USA 2007 on Saturday April 7, at a jam-packed fundraiser for AIDS Healthcare. Friel bested a field of 31 other handsome Asian candidates for the coveted award. In an interview with The World Monitor, he indicated that this was his second pageant win, and he projected a star-like quality which will probably take him far in his future pursuits.




Chris Friel posted the following in his blog, regarding his victory:

Pretty unreal! i have won the Mr. Asia-USA 2007 pageant! It was an unreal feeling to win! I mean really there were 30 other contestants and like 5 or 6 were very good looking. It was stiff competition from the casual wear to the underwear then Tuxedo portion; i did my best and it paid off! The prizes were a nice little iciing on the cake also! haha. I was really shaking in my boots though i mean behind the scenes i didn’t know what to think! but when i walked out on stage it was no games and all action. I can remember though when they said ‘This years Mr. Asia-USA 2007 is Number 6 Chris Friel,’ unfreakin’ real!! lol yeah it was great.


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12 Responses to “Chris Friel is Mr. Asia USA 2007”

  1. josh Says:

    Congrats to u Chris from readers of MGG!

  2. mees flohwless Says:

    whoa. he’s too hot! check out the pecs and nipples. now they’re unreal….

  3. empress maruja Says:

    Kerri lang…Jerome Ortiz pa rin…chos!

  4. taylor Says:

    holy hotness!! this guy will go places coz he’s got an international appeal.

  5. aries Says:

    saw his pics on myspace. touching ung pic nila nung sis nyang may down syndrome ata. in fairness, mas napansin ko ung sister nyang maganda nawawala pagkabakla ko (yikes!!!)

  6. peak fantasy Says:

    he bears resemblance to yao ming, don’t ya think so?

  7. steve Says:

    Chris is really not that hot… Totally over-rated. Plus he doesn’t even look Asian. Poor choice for Mr. Asia. Not impressed

  8. juan Says:

    check out the open letter of Oliver Carnay on about Chris Friel

  9. harajuku Says:

    they say he is big headed na…

  10. jomar Says:

    so hindi siya talaga pinsan ni lance raymundo? naggagamitan lang pala sila

  11. fattyacid Says:

    wala syang dating…

    unlike raymond lim…haaay i want him na!

  12. Eric_In Says:

    nice pic,,..n so smart
    may i know u’r websites??
    or friendster/blogs of
    MR asia 2007
    thnx b4

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