Ten Million! Yes! Ten Million!

Ten Million MGG Pageviews

Hooray, clap-clap, yahoo, yehey, etcetera!

Manila Gay Guy, this blog, passes the 10 millionth page view today. In just 13 months, 10 million MGG pages have flown around the world. May my humble on-line abode continue to serve its purpose: to spread thankfulness and world peace in this crazy but beautiful universe.

Cheers to another 10 million, and more! You dear loyal readers deserve a warm wet kiss from me. Muuuwaaaah!

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16 Responses to “Ten Million! Yes! Ten Million!”

  1. ian Says:

    migs congrats! ayan ha, ako una… yay!! ΓΌ

  2. jimg29 Says:

    sayang hindi pa tunay na pera

  3. Isaribi Says:

    Congrats po!

  4. rico Says:

    congratulations! looking forward to the next “ten million page views” milestone!

  5. marvz Says:

    congrats migs…hope to see this site for another more ten million folds…

  6. rOckY Says:

    Congrats, Migs! All the love and support to you from the geeks here at the Geeky Guide, hehe.

    Should I say, “World Peace” now? =D

  7. slut Says:

    sna mdme pang exclusive topics or articles lalo n about sa mga celebrity hunks.

  8. pepron Says:


  9. yoruosu12 Says:

    More power to you and your wonderful blog.

    Ako I needed a warm wet kiss sa-bayhug……hahahhhahaha. Joke lang Migs!!!

  10. nell Says:

    Ang galing! Ang daming bading sa mundo, hehehe. Congrats to MGG.

  11. sushi77 Says:

    you go girl! whatever the future holds for you and this wonderful blog, always remember to

    make it work…

    stay fierce…

    and be truly outrageous!

    congrats sweetie and world peace to all. :)

  12. cast Says:

    congratulations Migs….. pambansang gay blog na to….

  13. Will Says:

    congrats! love ur site! very informative!

  14. josh Says:

    three cheers, to the “mother of all local blogs” that tackles life with the rainbow banner! Congrats and many many more millions to come! :) How does the name “mother migs” sound? hehehe…

  15. earthsea Says:

    10 million already. wow!
    ang ganda talaga ng blog mo migs.
    more success.

  16. aeriol Says:

    pakita ka nmana po migs!!!!!

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