Meryl Streep, gay icon

Meryl Streep

I repeat, Meryl Streep is now officially a gay icon. One great addition to the likes of Madonna, Cher, Mariah Carey… and not to forget our local gay icons, Celia Rodriguez, Regine Velasquez, and who else… help me out here guys! But that’s not the point of this post…

I just watched The Devil Wears Prada, DWP for short, and it was such an entertaining movie! I watched it with 2 girl friends, and another gay guy friend… it was hilarious, we couldn’t help but giggle together, not once but multiple times, while watching the movie. And take note, I’m normally super silent when I watch movies, ha!

Three questions to answer:

1. What do you like best in the movie? I loooove Mery Streep! She’s perfect as the corporate lioness, Miranda Priestley, editor-in-chief of uber-pop fashion magazine, Runway. Her acting was decidedly tempered, so well done that I can’t imagine any other actress to give such powerful yet funny performance. If only I can have her finesse!

2. What do you like least in the movie? Well, question is difficult because I love this movie… maybe if I really have to choose one it would be Anne Hathaway’s makeover. It is a little too familiar. Was that Princess Diary inside DWP? Nevertheless, it was okay. Makeovers naman always make gay hearts thump a wee bit faster, right, Queer Eyes?

3. What was most gay in the movie? It must be the clothes, the accessories, the bags! Oh Miranda, I want be you (younger you, okay!).

Go watch! Go watch! Two manicured thumbs up! It has grossed more than $120 million worldwide… why not add 150 pesos ($3) more? Go! Now na!

Anne Hathaway

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6 Responses to “Meryl Streep, gay icon”

  1. ericsson Says:

    yeah, i love the movie. and, may i add barbra streisand and bette midler ( so very 80’s!) as gay icons. fabulous meryl streep!

  2. manila gay guy Says:

    glad you liked the movie too, as much as i did! super sulit the movie! (and by the way, i super love ate barbra and bette too! hahaha! magka-henerasyon yata tayo hehehe.) thanks ericsson for dropping by this blog!

  3. Joey Says:

    and dont forget Miss Rita Gomez.

  4. margs Says:

    i have the book if you wanna borrow it!! lol. i’m reading like all your posts.. not really but i know i have a lot to catch up on.. :P

  5. eponine Says:

    Local gay icon - add Ms. Cherry Gil to the list. Her acting and looks are soo gay. Hehehe.

  6. ochee Says:

    she should win the Oscar best actress award!

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