Questions for Migs: Answers

Thanks to all who submitted questions for Migs! I am answering 5 questions in this post, and hopefully I can write back again to answer several more. Here goes the first 5 questions!

>> What is your zodiac sign? (from Eponine)
I’m a Virgo. “This sign represents the hidden fire of the earth. People born under it are very orderly and methodical. They are generous, and very solicitous about other people’s affairs. They are usually much interested in the love matters of their friends, and have little hesitation in making or breaking matches. They are fine scholars, and make inspirational musicians. They keep their own secrets, and guard the secrets of their friends with equal fidelity. They are capable and efficient in all they undertake, being excellent planners and designers.” Amen.

>> What is one thing (aside from blogging) that you are most passionate about? (from Empress Maruja)
I am passionate about learning, and that includes formal education (I have 2 master’s degrees) and informal training (learning a craft by doing, e.g. photography). In fact blogging is a way for me to learn more about myself and other people like myself.

>> Are you top, bottom, or versatile? (from Dennis)

>> What types of guys are you into? (from Dokd)
I normally get physically attracted to chinito guys with beautiful faces. While I feature models with hot bodies here in MGG, in reality I like guys who are not too buff and muscular. Having said that, I am also very much attracted to guys who are able to stimulate me intellectually. Hehehe.

>> Is there something going on between you and Janvier? (from Misterhubs)
We’re good friends. (Showbiz! But it’s true.)

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18 Responses to “Questions for Migs: Answers”

  1. josh Says:

    oh virgo, so da birthday is between middle august - middle september…

    will wait 4 d installment.. :)

  2. McVie Says:

    Lies! All lies!

  3. chriscapade Says:


  4. dokd Says:

    looking forward to further answers to the many questions asked of you. like you, i’m a virgo and you’re description is right on. i can’t wait to see you continue to uncover yourself . . .

  5. Q Says:

    “i can’t wait to see you continue to uncover yourself . .” –> In more ways then one, I hope. :D

    Two masters degrees.. Idol kita Migs!

  6. fernando III Says:

    there must be something more than being good friends between you and janvier

    the two masters degrees is impressive. would you mind telling what those are on?

  7. Ace Says:

    A knowledgeable person is most definitely very attractive and the notion that one has to be geeky to have an abundance of grey matter is so outdated.

  8. khentutz Says:

    looking forward to hear more answers from you

  9. cute chinito Says:

    hay nako ang dami ko sinend na questions wala ni isang sinagot…hmmmp!

  10. Migs Says:

    Patience is a virtue! Hehehe! More answers coming up — soon! World Peace, everyone!

  11. jholou Says:

    Patience is now a talent…

    anyways gokongwei heya miggs ang tagal na makapasok ang sikip sikip na lagi na lang quota quota quota nota nota cpu anu ba yan…paki ayos kasi ang mahal ng bayad ko!!!


  12. Leo Says:

    Are you a true blue Manileño? Or from what province do you trace your roots?

  13. geof Says:

    There are still a lot of things that I want to know about Migs. Including his stats,age,etc.. but for now, I’m already satisfied with the idea that he’s Top. Cool! lols

  14. sapphire Says:

    youve mentioned before that you are in a corporate world, what is your undergrad degree in UP…. thank you…

  15. summer Says:

    ey migs can you help me..paano ba maglagay ng pics sa blog ko?pls help..thanks

  16. Bi 2 Says:

    Go Idol Migs…Mabuhay ka! at yung tungkol kay Janvier akin lang sya hahaha :)

  17. chester Says:

    hi migs! i’m a bit sad na TOP ka pala but i respect your preference… sayang di tayo sexually compatible… hahaha…

    i wish you were straight na lang… you have a very manly voice… you could have talented and intelligent heirs if ever…

  18. eponine Says:

    Hahaha I like McVie’s answer. I imagine hearing him say his reply, based of the their threesome podcasts. MGG turns to be a very intersting person. Mmmm I noticed my last comment is still in the new comments’ queue. Baka bumaba talaga ang pageloads mo recently due to “quota quota nota nota” as jholou says. Pero masaya pa rin mga people dito! World Peace!

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