Migs Loves Manila

In my blog hopping today, I chanced upon Rye’s patriotic post, an excerpt of which reminded me of how I love Manila, how I love this country the Philippines — and so I quote below:

Manila is dirty and crowded and noisy and polluted. You can practically smell, taste, hear, see and feel poverty everywhere. But all that is part of Manila’s charm … Because that’s what makes you realize how poor a nation we really are. And yet, we are among the happiest peoples in the world. And then you ask yourself why and how we are able to do that. But there are no answers. We just are.

Let it then be written in the annals of history how Migs, the Manila Gay Guy, while loving cute chinito boys and hunks of all kinds also loves its country and its people. That, and World Peace.

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4 Responses to “Migs Loves Manila”

  1. nell Says:

    Oh! I’m missing Manila. Ang mga gimiks, boyz, hehehe! Hirap kumita ng pera. Kaya most of us chose to pursue our careers outside the Philippines. Mas malaking kita kasi. Migz, more power sa BLOG mo.

  2. rommel Says:

    MIGS! is “happiest peoples” a type-o?

  3. Ian Says:

    Oh give me a break! Ask the people living in flith and squalor struggling to feed their far too many kids how happy they are. What about the entrenched corruption that’s always there no matter who is in power. The rich, and the powerful and their cronies raping the rest of you and exploiting the country for their own benefit. Journalists who are murdered for exposing the truth. The tourists who use the country as their sexual paradise. Your country is not a poor nation and is one of the most beautiful in SE Asia. But could be much better, if its people stopped putting up with all the crap. Time for another People Power I think.

  4. margs Says:

    what a beautiful blog. anyhow, you should write one titled “Migs Loves Margs”.. that should be quite an entry..

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