Good Morning!


A refreshing morning greeting, with Einar Ingebrigsten as your first cup of steaming black coffee! Have a great week ahead everyone! World Peace! (By the way, Miss Universe today! Hehehe!) Morning!  digg:Good Morning!  spurl:Good Morning!  newsvine:Good Morning!  furl:Good Morning!  reddit:Good Morning!  fark:Good Morning!  Y!:Good Morning!


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7 Responses to “Good Morning!”

  1. Joel Pierre Says:

    Sorry Migs, Miss Universe will not be shown until tomorrow here. We are 1 day ahead of Mexico City, remember? :D

  2. leo Says:

    hay, einar!!!

  3. eric Says:

    u know guys tomorrow will be the official holiday for gays!!!
    because its miss universe!!!
    i know some gay peeps who take a vacation/sick leave from office just to watch miss universe live!!! hahahaha
    enjoy watching miss universe tom!!!

  4. Catnip Says:

    Bakit ganun parang sa dating commercial lang ng Mc Do siya cute.

  5. Tita Glo Says:

    I love Einar!

  6. ronan fidel Says:

    i love u,,,,gusto kita kainin ng buong buo

  7. jonas Says:

    u are heaven. sarap

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