Podcast: Coming Out, part 3

This is the 3rd and last part of our Coming Out podcast, recorded by the Troikasters Gibbs, McVie, and yours truly. Here we feature a guest podcaster, RG Boy, who shares his issues on coming out to his family. RG Boy is also a blogger at GayNGame, and was previously featured in a previous MGG post.

To listen…

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For the “confused guys” out there…

And… a bonus podcast for those whose issue is not “Coming Out” but “Coming In” or coming to terms with one’s sexuality…

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8 Responses to “Podcast: Coming Out, part 3”

  1. neon Says:

    grabe, ibang level na tlg MGG. napaiyak nyo si RG Boy.

    You are touching lives na talaga.

  2. eric Says:

    please feature a story about the latest violence that befall our sisters in russia!!! for complete update read this!!!


  3. Ace Says:

    It was a really good series of podcasts, guys. Thanks, especially to you Migs for being thoughtful and caring hosts. Thanks also to Mcvie (for the smart and funny one-liners), Gibbs (for the intelligent and pondered answers) and GayNGame (for being brave in sharing his fears and apprehensions). I learned a lot from your discussions. I think the series was a great success – CONGRATULATIONS. Migs, your bonus podcast is really useful advice. Also, when speaking alone, you have a very good voice – very soothing.

  4. Migs Says:

    THANK YOU neon and Ace for your kind comments on our podcast! We really enjoy the podcast sessions kaya… More to come!

  5. jholou Says:

    Migs is right about knowing urself more…i think we are the ones who makes all our fears that eventually it is eating us up… as you said(gayngame) that you are a very close knit family,,,i find it strange that declaring this that you end up with all the fears of being urself…that if you came out to ur family you fear of rejection…

    Rejection is a part n parcel of being urself…and if as you said ur really close to ur family,,,i dont think this would hinders of becoming u…

    This fear came from one fact you like to please everyone???have your parents taught you that you dont have to…and if they did then they should not expect more from you…if they think you fell short from what your parents think of you,,,then bullshit…it is not your freaking fault…it is their stupid narrow mind that they cannot accept who you are…and you have no time of that…as i said we are highly intelligent to know what is best for us…then use that intelligence at ur advantage…

    In knowing urself u need no one to help you since nobody knows more about you than you…

    Here is a very nice statement about homosexuality and religion…frm blog lastresestrellas:

    “The God i believe in is not prejudiced, never was… Homosexual is but one of the labels and categories we humans are so fond of using and assigning to one another, and i don’t think those terms suit His grander perspective, His perception… I believe that He sees us (and each one of us, at that) way pass our sexual orientations, our economic statuses, our religious beliefs, our political inclinations, and all those other boxes we or other people have put ourselves/us in. I believe He sees us the way no brilliant human mind can ever conceive, and/or precisely describe… I believe i need not worry about my sexual orientation, simply because He Himself doesn’t”.—words from http://fictionboy.blogspot.com/

    but then again it is all up to you…

  6. Phoenix Says:

    Hi guys, just sharing a coming out article = ) http://thadhinunangan.blogspot.com/2007/05/fijarme-libre.html

    A look into reasons why PLUs have the need to come out..

  7. Jv08 Says:

    Awww…im touched,,,coming out for some if not most is really difficult. but then this is just something we have to take to set ourselves free.

    We can only be happy if we set ourselves free from the things that hold us back to be happy. hehehe la lng…

    …as for religion as what Rgboy was saying. im out and i am serving the catholic church (as Youth Ministry Head) i don’t think its about your sexuality but rather you wanting to serve the lord or jst have a strong faith. I think God only wants us to be happy. I guess you should not be afraid about people judging you, as long as you don’t hurt anyone. and that you jsut be yourself…

  8. Jv08 Says:

    pahabol lng…i agree with gibbs (i think) specially the part where he said that we gay people should do nothing but goodness, dignity and be the best person we can be…

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