“Am I gay?” - the conclusion

In this last installment of my email exchange with Seth, he puts his foot down and answers his own question, “Am I gay?” — read on and feel free to share your thoughts on how he brings his issues to a close. (For those who have not yet read the previous installments, read it here then here.)

(Copied exactly from his email:)

i’ve been out of town for a couple of days…actually weeks.. kaya di na po ako nakapagreply….

i went to different places with my barkada.. trip trip lng… cebu for sinulog..
boracay for a tan… bacolod just because it was on the way…

now that i’m back…. i would really love to thank you….

the trip we had…. and the talk we had.. was all i needed to tell myself who am i… to answer my question…

sa lahat ng napuntahan nmin… i have proven myself that i’m finally over with the feeling of getting attracted to other guys… and not just because.. i don’t want to.. o pinipilit ko sarili ko na “huwag”… but because.. it suddenly became not my thing.. ayaw ko… it just evaporated from my system… we hanged out in different places met a lot of people… pero it never came in my mind kahit na my gay friend actually set me up to be with this guy..

i guess it was just my fear… kung bakit ako uncertain… and you were right… in the end…. ako parin magdedecide what i am.. who i am… i will be forever grateful for giving me this confidence…. you didn’t give me the answers… you made me look for the answer…….. you say your not a therapist.. pero if you would change into that profession.. i’m sure you’ll be a good one and you’ll be able to help a lot of people… :)

let me say it one more time… THANK YOU……

and oh.. what do you mean you’ll publish it?
i’ve heard from my friend you have a blog..
is that what your talking about??
o sa magazine o dyaryo mo publish.. hehe.. :D
anyway.. kahit saan pa man… its no problem… :)


- Seth

- o -

Now that Seth has given his last word on the issue, how about you, what are your last words for Seth?

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54 Responses to ““Am I gay?” - the conclusion”

  1. john Says:

    pardon me for being cynical but i think seth is being hypocritical. i can still smell his gayness from a hundred miles away. sorry migs but that’s how my “pennies” worth.

  2. pb.ph Says:

    since we only have his word for it, then so be it.

    i agree with your 2nd message for him, labels arent important, if he’s happy and he’s not hurting anyone, then let it be.

  3. seth's gay Says:

    i think he is gay as well. or bisexual. but not straight!

  4. Little Fish Says:

    Save us from the fakes and pretenders.
    Bless are those who speak the truth and Bless mo na lang din si Seth???
    Masaya ang mundo kung lahat ay bakla….it would be a wonderful world to live, free from the fakes and the pretenders.
    If and only if, lahat ng tao sa mundo ay katulad ni Seth……….Migs, doon na lang ako sa “rainbow” mabuti pa doon colorful.

  5. william Says:

    all i can say is migs is right. no one can tell you who you are except yourself. nobody can dictate who or what you are.

    Hi migs kind of new here. i like your blog

  6. william Says:

    is it possible if i can ask for seth’s email. kung ok lang naman :> thanks

  7. DC Says:

    he’s probably gay who doesn’t enjoy anal sex. but still gay.

  8. chriscapade Says:

    kung ano’t ano pa man ang piliin mo Seth, Naniniwala akong magiging masaya ka. Pakita mo sa lahat na kaya mong panindigan ang pinili mong landas. Siguro pagtuunan mo na lang ng pansin ang pamilya mo at ang kanilang kinabukasan. Dun mo makikita ang tunay na kaligayahan higit saan pa man..
    [sensya na ha.. di ko kayo masasabayan sa englisan.. :)]

  9. TheFlash22 Says:

    well, i don’t wanna say i don’t believe him but i read his emails (which the blogger posted on this site) and i seem to understand he is still in his own denial stage. in his own limbo, perhaps.

    The fact that he was confused for such a long time and that he suddenly changed his mind meant a lot - meaning he is basically afraid to come out - whether he’s gay or bi.

    i know a lot who are like seth, who suddenly changes their mind like changing their clothes, then suddenly decides to wear them again - for some reasons unknown.

    Oh well, i respect his decision - i just don’t want to fall for this kinda guy wahaha.. It’s like - “dude make up your mind…”

    come out come out where ever you are… *evil grin*

  10. BR Says:

    I still cannot agree that one can identify his sexuality in a sloppy Boracay vacation…

  11. rabbit Says:

    could we have pics of Seth’s Boracay vacation? Then I can decide if I want him to be gay or “please lang, sige na, straight ka na” …?

  12. jo Says:

    Well Seth, as I said, you and you alone can answer the question. Almost all, if not all, says you’re GAY, one can even smell your gayness. Again, if you’re sincere with that thought, why not, only time can tell. Just remember, for as long as you are sincere with what you feel about your ‘gender’, you will always be at peace with yourself regardless of what others would think of you.
    The three installments brought out the therapist out of us. I hope you could read each reply to test if you could really stand on your decision. Life’s good, be happy and GOOD LUCK!

    Hey Migs, nice series!

  13. Ace Says:

    I wish Seth the best if he is really being honest with himself. However,it is very difficult for me to believe that such a complicated feeling just evaporate so suddenly, and just like that, everything is clear. It usually takes a lot of time or a lot of therapy to figure this out.It makes me wonder if Seth’s first two e-mails were for real. For me, Seth’s sudden realization is just way too easy to be true.

    A note to chriscapade, there is no need to apologize for writing in Pilipino.

  14. andrew Says:


    [Si Andrew, hindi kinaya, hinimatay. LOL!]

    Sana ako rin ganyan. Yung tipong papasok ako ng Glorietta na bading na bading. Makalipas ang ilang oras, paglabas ko nung mall, maghahanap na’ko ng kakaining pekp*k, haha!

    Don’t get me wrong. I respect Seth’s views and feelings; that is, if he thinks he’s not gay, then he’s not. But, please, Seth, spare us. (Better yet, “spear” us, haha!) Most of us here have been traveling this “road” for quite some time now, and we know that being gay is not something you can just put on and then remove at will like some freaking makeup.

    ‘Wag ka muna magsalita nang patapos, Seth. Mahaba pa ang ibabyahe mo. Boracay lang ‘yan; hindi pa ‘yan ang pintuan ng kalangitan kung saan matatagpuan ang katotohanan. Ilang balik mo pa sa Boracay, baka pag-uwi mo uli ng Maynila may boyfriend ka na. You never can tell.

    I’m not saying this to confuse you all the more. I’m just saying — and I’m pretty sure most of the peeps here would agree — that this conclusion is plain bullcrap.

    (P.S. For sure may magmamaganda na naman dito na parang guardian of morality and cleanliness na sasabihing hayaan na lang si Seth, respetuhin ang opinyon n’ya, yada-yada-yada. Ay naku, good luck sa kung sino man sila. Guluhin n’yo lalo ang isip ni Seth.)

    (Ikalawang P.S. Hindi masama mag-Tagalog, Chriscapade. Mas maiintindihan nating lahat ang Tagalog kung tutuusin.) :-)

    (Huling P.S. Mahal na ‘ata kita, Migs. Pakasal na tayo. LOL!)

  15. Migs Says:

    Andrew, ligawan mo muna ako. Hahaha! Just kidding! Thanks guys for your comments. Keep `em coming!

  16. mcvie Says:

    My last word on Seth? I hope no one eats his “last words.” ;-)

    Wait! Parang mas gusto ko na lang na ang last word ko on Seth is this: Yun na. Bow.

    Meanwhile, let me repeat here a line that a friend of mine came up years ago: All men are gay unless proven otherwise. Ahahaha! Or how about this one from another friend: He’s not straight; he just hasn’t met the right gay yet. Ahahahaha!

    The road is long and hard. (Sana hindi lang road ang long and hard.) So who knows, right?

  17. Jayson Says:

    gosh, u finally decied that ur not gay over vacation to boracay. yeah continued to have sex with guys and then stop, okay i smell bading a mile a way, people are not that stupid in here. You dont stop checking out guys or have sex with them because u think that ur not atttarcted to guys, but ur email clear states u are . so yeah either ur fooling ur self and everybody that u have contact with. regardless, u trying to the closet or come Out, which that be freaking amazing or a mircle, that fact is u still in Denial of your own self. People see it in the emails, please read between the lines. well wish him the best, and next time u have issues, well dont bother MIGs, coz im sure he would say to u “I told u so”

  18. vincedejesus Says:

    Makapunta nga sa Boracay… baka sakalaing maging straight din ako.


  19. homie Says:

    Last word to Seth?? “Do your thing - fear nothing - live life the way you want to - you are your own person..”

    To others who have expressed dismay over Seth’s conclusions about himself - “Let him be - kung kayo ayaw niyong minamandohan kayo ng ibang tao be courteous enough to extend the same courtesy to others.”

    Thanks Migs..

  20. pat Says:

    seth, if he ever reads this site will surely have a blast. pag nakita niya mga pics nila brent javier, victor basa, et al baka magreply ulet siya sayo migs. and his email will read… ‘wait lang po migs. on second thought, maybe I AM gay. but then i have girlfriends and i didn’t really like the anal sex thing so if you think about it, maybe i’m not… blah blah blah’ Still being defensive as hell . Seth’s email reads like a fictional letter about a confused guy who realizes in the end that he’s straight after all, giving the impression of a happy (or synonymously, gay) ending. And andrew’s right, if a couple of places have that effect on gay dudes, then these places are definitely worth the experiment. Peace. Ãœ

  21. Ghel Says:

    I love you Seth.

    (Wala lang, paa maiba lang!)

  22. andrew Says:

    [Ayan na, Migs, kakasabi ko lang. May guardian na agad. LOL!

    …Peace tayo, brother.] :P

    Mcvie, sino yung friend mo? Gusto ko lang s’yang pasalamatan kasi may bago na’kong motto sa buhay, hahaha! Mahal ko na rin ‘ata s’ya. (So, Migs, hati na lang kayo sa pag-ibig ko, ha? LOL!)

    Vincedejesus, I sOoOo love the comment. Parang hindi sarcastic. Para lang may hint of sarcasm, hahaha! Keep it up, ma good man.

    Migs, hindi na uso ang ligaw-ligaw. Sex na agad tapos saka tayo magpakasal. LOL! Sana mag-post ka ng pix mo rito para naman makita ko ang “soulmate” ko. (Nakanang! May soulmate factor na talaga? Haha! But kidding aside, I do hope I get to see a glimpse of you. Tnx.)

    Lastly, Seth — uhm — teka, ayoko na mag-comment. Straight ka na kasi eh. *Blag*

  23. andrew Says:

    Thanks, Pat. Mahal na rin ‘ata kita. (So, Migs, tatlo na kayong maghahati-hati sa puso ko. Walang lamangan ha? Tig-one-third ang bawa’t isa. LOL!)

  24. astroboi Says:

    set me up migs with him… m sure he’ll turn gay hehehe

  25. anton maton Says:

    hmmmm … mga bakla kayo! ang eepal niyo kasi! ayan… natakot ang ’sister’ niyo nag-decide na maging str8 na lang! kuning kuning! i’m sure… hahanap hanapin pa rin niya ang nota in the near future! itaga mo sa bato!

    ever the mataray at walang kakupaskupas,
    anton maton

  26. lex Says:

    hi migs, i log on to your site whenever i can, but each time i merely look at comments to your blogs without being critical. this time, however, i decided to let my thoughts be heard here.

    much has been said about what now appears to be seth’s final choice: seth prefers women to men. and we all think: he’s a liar! we say he’s being a hypocrite, that he’s obviously confused about what he really is, that he’s in denial about his sexuality, or that he’s denying that he’s in denial. nobody believes his claim and we all rant about it. the litany of our opinions on what he is and what he’s not could go on and on.

    one thing we mustn’t forget, though, is the consideration that seth is yet a long way with what he’s up against. we don’t know what things are important to him, we’re “too outside” of his lifespace and we’re too uninformed about his values system to be able to judge the choices he makes, so that if seth say’s he’s decided to “no longer get attracted to men,” then we ought to respect that even though to us it sounds impossible to happen, filled with so much hypocrisy, or simply weird for someone to have thought of. but to respect someone’s choice doesn’t necessarily mean we agree with them or that we agree to their choice. but that way, it allows for quiet and self-reflection. the best decisions in life are made in moments of quiet. for seth to make a true decision i guess we better have to just shut the hell up. we easily accuse others of hypocrisy, but we never look back at our own selves and ask why we do.

    we’re a lucky bunch to have already come to terms with our own sexuality, be it long ago or yesterday or this morning. the point is, why don’t we just allow seth to discover his true self by himself (that is, without us lambasting the guy with our own opinions and whatever theories we have about him), let’s give him time to accept his true identity (it could take long, but what’s the rush anyway?). we’re all too familiar with his situation to not know how hard he must be battling against so many things left and right.

    i can see why we’re all so eagar to make him admit he’s gay. unconsciously or otherwise we so want him to be one of us. we don’t want him to spend too long figuring out whether he’s gay or not. we think, how difficult is that to figure out??! perhaps because of our inherent compassion we wish for seth to skip the denial stage and spare himself from the hurt that that stage could bring - the kind of hurt we all have known, remember? maybe that’s why we want him to declare he’s gay A.S.A.P.

    but I don’t think that’s fair. if we truly want seth to find the answers to his questions himself, then we should do just that. just that.

    peace out!

  27. drklght Says:

    i hope he’ll be cool and happy … that’s all … =) cute kaya si Seth? (May ganun?! hahaha!)

  28. drklght Says:

    ayoko na magpunta ng boracay!! haha!!

  29. mcvie Says:


    [1] If you’re happy that you’re gay, stay away from Boracay! (pronounce it “bora-kaye” para rhyming)

    [2] Patience is a virgin… este, virtue. So let’s be patient and generous with Seth. Malay natin his attraction to males is–kapit mga kapatid!–just a phase at natapos na. O malay natin he’s really a V.I.P. (Vhakler In Progress) and the process takes time. O malay mo si Migs lang pala si Seth, nagsusulat under a pseudonym. Gasp!

    Smile. :-)

  30. koshiro Says:

    Hi BR, ang taray! (and I agree ateng). Dudes! este mga “ateng” I agree with “TheFlash22” and Andrew have to say, Seth must still be in denial, I am too has been confused for quite some time but I didn’t decide on my sexual preference that quick, pucha, pareng SEth you’ve been confused for quite awhile now tapos all of a sudden after a short vacation “str8″ ka na? well if that’s how you prefer to live your life, that is in “denial” then live with it, be sure pareng SEth that you’d be able to stand on your grounds. wala naman masama sa decision mo. or if time comes you decide na bakla ka pala, come and join us, everyone here can attest how loving and welcoming this community of gay people is.
    And Vince ateng, ako din gusto ko magboracay para pag balik ko magfe fiesta ako sa “tahong”, im sure magpapamisa ang “mother” ko! Pero sa mga ibang “Ada” dito, wag na pumunta sa boracay habang may “sumpa” hahaha. cheers to all!

  31. koshiro Says:

    hi lex, i agree with the last words you said on why a lot of guys here are eager to make the “dude” realize his real identity, but with the rest of the entry, we all know that! and as i speak for others, i don’t think we’re judging the “dude” here, and you are correct with what you said that we don’t have any firm grounds to criticize the “dude”. actually everybody’s wishing the “dude” happiness and contentment. nagbibigay lang ng konting opinion ang mga “ateng”, i guess pwede naman yun, cuz we live in a democracy. so ateng lex, wag ka ng “EPAL” ha. peace tayo lex!

  32. fukesah Says:

    Hay naku! seth why dont u check ur shadow… im sure naka rollers ang hair mo ateh i can smell fr a distance ur gayness.. kailangan pa bang i memorize yan!

  33. Howard Says:

    just to let you all know,,
    ako po yung tinutukoy ni seth na kaibigan nyang gay,,,

    i’ve been reading everyones comments since the first email and sobra nakakadis.appoint ang last na ito,,,

    pero first,, i would like to thank lex,,,
    tama cya,, hindi nyo kilala c seth,, kung ano values nya.. kung ano ugali nya,, kung how strong of a person he is,,,

    and who says he’s a closet gay? at tinatago nya kung ano cya,,,?
    kung nabasa nyo,, his friends know wat he is,, and you know,, pati parents nya alam,, even the mothers of his chidren alam,,, wala syang ikinahihiya sa ginawa nya,,, o kung ano cya,, all he wants to find out kung bakit nya nararamdaman yon,,,,

    he’s a very intelligent person,, kahit na basagulero itong kaibigan kong ito,,, sobra bilib ako sa utak nya,,, he doesnt need a year to decide on things,,

    how i wish na i was as intelligent as him para man lang maexplain ko ng clear sarili ko,,,

    there was a comment above,, papakita daw kay seth pics ni brent javier and etc,,,
    lemme tell you this,, his way more attractive than the guys mentioned above,, and i’ve tested him myself a couple of times too,, pero walang epekto,,

    eto lng masasabi ko,,,
    i’ve known seth for so long,,,

    bading ako,,, pero i never look at him as katulad ko,, how i wish katulad natin cya,,

    anyway,,, sabi nga ni koshiro,, we live in democracy,, :) so wala tayong magagawa if other see this as a lie,,, :)

    To Migs,,,

    thank you very much,,,
    i’ve always been reading you blog,,
    didn’t really expect na seth would dare email you,,, napakatapang talaga ng taong yun,,, you really helped him,,,
    thank you,, :)

  34. Jivan Says:

    Hi Migs. As i’m reading this portion of your mgg, i really liked your advise to seth. I could say that Seth, like me, is on denial. I also like women and make love to them. And like him, i make love with men. Bisexual, as others say. But for me, i could say that i’m gay. It’s just that if i will be given a choice, i still prefer to be a man than gay. This is perhaps why there are queer or closet gays. Others prefer to hide because they are afraid of what their family of friends will say and perhaps some are like me. My family accepts gay and lesbians in the family and i don’t have problem with that. But i still prefer to be a man though i have preference for men also.

    I hope this revelation of Seth and mine broadens the mind of readers as to classification of GAY.

  35. Little Fish Says:


  36. Jivan Says:

    Just respect what Seth thinks of him. If he prefers to be straight, let him. Not all gays are screaming ones.

  37. peterpic Says:

    mga vakla… i think we’ve all been fighting the never-ending battle against the misguided bi-yots that we might be a bit too blinkered. malay mo nga…

    one, men experimenting is not a new thing. 70’s p lasng nangyayari na yan no. di porket a man tried cock means bakla na sya. there are real “CURIOUS” and “EXPERIMENTING” people out there naman.

    two, kaya nga rainbow and symbol ng pride, it recognizes individuality and the various permutations of sexual preferences. this is actually one of them. so let’s live up to the respect that pride demand by giving pride that’s due.

    to seth, hey, if you think you’ve found the truth about yourself regardless of wether other people agree with you, i can only be happy for you. good luck good man.

  38. chismoso Says:

    i agree with peterpic.

    the gay flag symbolizes the spectrum of human preferences and it’s all united under one banner.

    there are people who are born straighter than others and there are straight people born to be curious. it’s no different from SOME gay guys who develop feelings for women, even if they’re gay.

    In a way, he probably had to confirm with himself that he enjoys sex wherever it comes from. He enjoys the feeling of sex but he enjoys sexual reciprocation with women.

    Should he be bisexual, I believe that bisexuals should come to a crossroads at one point in time to grow up and choose between men or women. In his case, he has chosen women.

    If ever Seth reads this, I wish him luck. He has gone through a big challenge in his life and came through with the way he wanted and envisioned his life to be…

    Just a question… how did Seth find Migs?

  39. Migs Says:

    Seth upon recommendation of his friend (who is a reader of this blog) sent me an email via

  40. Erick Says:

    Hey Migs! I just want to say Thank You for having this blog. I am actually having the same issues as Seth and after reading everyones comments, I’ve actually learned a lot. I feel like I was having conversations with my own friends. There are things that I’ve been wanting to hear and even the ones that I didn’t want to hear. But for most parts, they are true opinions. I really appreciate it.

  41. Migs Says:

    Hi Erick, glad you are enjoying MGG! I’m enjoying the virtual company of many folks here too! And you are right - whether or not our opinions agree, there is always an opportunity to learn from each other. Cheers!

  42. TheFlash22 - Jaece Says:

    wooh. I love it. I love everything I’ve been reading. It’s like the congress nyahahaha…

    Honestly, it’s really a good thing that Seth decided on one thing - and he could at least, dwell on that or so I may say, live his life on what he chose. Kesa naman mabuhay sa katatanong ano ba talaga siya. My point is, he chose his road - let’s respect that.

    Pero hindi talaga ako pupunta muna ng Boracay not unless may nagconfirm na wala na ang sumpa. Lolz. Puerto Galera muna tayo mga chong! Hahaha..

    Migs - you opened a window for confused guys to express their feelings, and the LGBT group to emerge so as to share our neverending, colorful and frank opinions.
    I hope we could here more like Seth’s life.

    To Howard - you’ve been a very good friend who didn’t just say “Bakla ka, Seth.”, lest you seek out the opinion of others, and made Seth feel that - at least - has a control of his life, and made me (as in me) understand that: It really doesn’t matter what they say about me. I am who I am.

    This Seth thing really should be an eye-opener for all of us. That the world, that this world we live on - would be reaaaaaally quiet without us. And would be so dull, that life wouldn’t be worth living for.

    Our opinions really work wonders. I’m proud I’m not alone =) God bless us all :D

  43. neil Says:

    hwag nyo ipakilala si seth sakin. baka mag laway nanaman yan. hahaha! kidding aside. i respect your feelings dude!

  44. Jayson Says:

    hey regardless what seth does, thats his choice, bisexual or gay, just a label, the short vacation from borcay all of sudden realized he is str8 yeah okay watever! i wish him the best ,but when he needs to come OUT of the closet were here with open arms.

  45. astroboi Says:

    m still in the closet but somehow ive accepted and am in terms with who i am and what i really want. seth put in words what i was feeling before. i started quite early and saw myself in seth when i was around 16. specially the sex part but during those times i wouldnt even wanna f*ck a guy. then after i’d shoo the guy out. doesnt matter what seth is as i am against labeling but what is most important is that he is happy with who he is. carnal desires aren’t easy to repress tho. hehe

  46. euges Says:

    Ayyyy Manay!!!!!!
    Ano yan Majika ba??? Sa isang iglap change men ka na Seth….. Aminin na kasi…
    Sigue na nga Maligawan nalang si Migs!!!

  47. andrew Says:

    Nahilo ako. Ang daming comments. Haha! Mag-inuman na lang tayo. LOL!

  48. shikamaru914 Says:

    Just to share my thoughts regarding this, it does help to have a name or at least a label to identify you but i guess the more important thing is that you do whatever it is that makes you happy. we do things accordingly with what we desire but even with that reason we just cant do things our way so we are ofted to do the things that we think will make other people happy and what other people think is correct….mahirap din talaga ang mamuhay sa mundo natin, cguro part ng naging desisyon nya ang takot about that, but no one can really blame him as long na happy ka live with what you believe in basta dapat no regrets……(cncya kung mdyo magulo hehehe)

  49. leo Says:

    hey, don’t judge seth!!! labels aren’t important!!! so stop labelling him… it’s his decision kung magpapakatotoo siya o hindi, if his decision makes him happy then let him be…

  50. hustlingmind Says:

    super late comment… i am married but i dnt consider myself gay. i just love to have sex with another man. hehehe. sabi nga ng kaibigan ko dati, tama na ang pagsasabing babae tayo na nasa loob ng katawan ng isang lalaki, baguhin na natin. dapat lalaking nasasarapan din sa kapwa lalaki. Nang sa ganun, di na masyadong masakit sa mga hanggang ngayon in denial pa rin. sinunod ko. it worked out.

  51. dude Says:

    i agree with jivan, maybe you could say a person is on denial or not but the point is, it is still the person himself who’s gonna decide on what he wants in life. Like me, even though i get attracted to guys, I still like being a guy… mas dami kasing benefits para sakin:), you get to have girls and not just guys as well.. just my humble opinion.. we should just respect everyone’s opinion.. peace..

    P.S. good thing i stumbled on this site, at least I could share my thoughts here.. Guten tag Migs..

  52. Kaleena Says:

    Hi Seth, pag nakita mo ang aking buong kahubdan, magiging bakla ka ulit. True yan.

  53. boytoi Says:

    Hey guys let us give Seth a break, we all have our opinions and that is just fine, I’m sure he is just as confuse and uncertain about life as we all are (not particularly about our sexuality) but simply how to go about our daily existence.
    If someone claims that he has done all the right choices in life, well congratulations coz you are the most happy person on the planet. Keep it real Seth!

  54. eugene Says:

    There’s a big difference between a confused man and a hypocritical gay/bisexual. I believe all people have the tendency to become gay/lesbian or bisexual. It’s all just a matter of choice. Like all hypocritical gays, straight men may also enjoy having sex with another man - it’s all part of being human. The difference is that they would still prefer women as sexual partners and rather renounce their “bisexuality” in favor of their “manhood”. They do not consiously choose to be one (or the other). They just naturally feel being gay or bisexual is contradictory to being a real man - and that being a real man is a better feeling for themselves (or vice versa).

    Some men don’t understand these things, that’s why they are in confusion… but I tell you, it’s natural. Gays also don’t know that because they are not in the same shoes as with real men. They tend to judge a man with homosexual experiences according to their own feelings and understanding. Now that’s stereotyping.

    Kudos to Migs for a wonderful website, and to Seth for being strong, and for overcoming your fears. Now, you may enjoy your sex life without any inhibitions. Don’t let what others think affect you. Just be yourself.

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