Value in Every Twist and Turn

Anything that annoys you gives you the opportunity to build patience. Anything that interrupts or delays your plans gives you the opportunity to strengthen your level of acceptance. Challenges provide you with the chance to learn new skills. Disappointments can help you open yourself to new, more valuable options. Many of life’s best treasures do not seem to be treasures at all when they first arrive. They gain their value as you accept them and find ways to make positive use of them. Do you ever feel yourself getting annoyed or frustrated? Remember that there’s an opportunity in there somewhere. Do things sometimes not work out as planned? The more quickly you accept what has happened, the more real and positive value you’ll gain from the experience. Whatever may come your way, it is an opportunity to live more fully. Know that there’s value in every twist and turn, and you’ll surely tap into that value. [Ralph Marston]

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3 Responses to “Value in Every Twist and Turn”

  1. Isaribi Says:

    Thanks Migs, am a bit down yesterday due to my inconsiderate boss.

    God is good, all the time.

  2. Little Fish Says:

    Patience is a virtue.
    Humility too.

  3. margaux Says:

    ooo i like this quote :D

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