Thank You, Theaterati


Thank you to all who came to the first-ever ManilaGayGuy-sponsored event at the PETA Theater Center! Hope it was as enriching as it was fun! Special thanks to Floy Quintos for generously sharing his time and expertise, to Gibbs for masterminding the event, to Karla/JM of for the co-sponsorship, and to McVie for hosting the program. You, Theaterati  digg:Thank You, Theaterati  spurl:Thank You, Theaterati  newsvine:Thank You, Theaterati  furl:Thank You, Theaterati  reddit:Thank You, Theaterati  fark:Thank You, Theaterati  Y!:Thank You, Theaterati


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13 Responses to “Thank You, Theaterati”

  1. James Says:

    Thanks to you guys..and Migs, for your first ever comment in my pink blog. Though we keep on murmuring during dinner time who Manila Gay Guy is among the group of people, wala kaming nakuhang clue.. waaah! :-)

    Sana maulit ulit!

  2. mrs.j Says:

    korek! i agree with james… grr… wer u rili der?

    hay…sayang… :) panay ang paguusap namin dun e hehe tc and tnx again for the chance!

  3. jimg29 Says:

    james your blooming pink in here

  4. Baklang AJ Says:

    Congratulations to you, Gibbs and Karla! :)

  5. mcvie Says:

    Si Migs yung nagse-serve ng pancit!

  6. jimg29 Says:

    naku james si mrs.j pala ang naka-pink at ikaw naman yong nasa gitna, my apologies!

  7. mrs.j Says:

    jimg29 yup its me…


    mcvie! talaga… mhmm… wait pancit… eh diba mujer at bagets un??

  8. Migs Says:

    Hahaha! At ako pa pala ang mujer na nagsasandok ng pancit. Teka, wala namang pancit ah! LOL!

  9. Melissa Rosello Says:

    I the missed fun guys! I hope there will be another session.

  10. L.A Says:

    It was a fun night…Oo nga buti pa sila Poyt, Coy and Joe alam ata kung sino si Migs. Hahaha but meron na akong na-iisip kung sino haha!

    Until next time!

  11. arpeelazaro Says:

    thanks for being a catalyst in this wonderful reintroduction to theater. kudos to you and your efforts to awaken my forgotten love affair with the stage!

  12. goddess Says:

    korek! wit ang pancit! dba it’s a leafy and cheesy white spaghetti? chos. oo nga migs, sino ka dun?

  13. caint Says:

    Thanks Migs! For such a great event!

    So who is the famous Migs? Naintriga naman ako! Hindi ka nagpakilala sa talk.

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