Naked and Sacred

To my future:

when I’m with you
i feel naked and sacred
and this world can be so cold
i wanna hold u naked and sacred
till i grow old

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11 Responses to “Naked and Sacred”

  1. french Says:

    first comment, eh? Cute song.

  2. eponine Says:

    sino ba ang umawit nito? china eyes or wilson philips? btw, i like this song. cute. reminds me of my days in high school when this became a hit. *sigh*

  3. jimg29 Says:

    nu et sacre quand jusqua vieux bonhomme

  4. mrs.j Says:

    medio not related…
    pero just want to say thank u for the opprtunity@ sa uulitin… sayang lang kasi… o well hehe i posted the event na…

  5. ewan Says:

    di kopo lam yung song pero nice beat…hihi

  6. kidney72 Says:

    i loooove this song. i first heard it during cosmic cycling class in fitness first a few years ago.

  7. James Says:

    This is Maria Nyler’s “Naked and Sacred”

    I like this song, perfect for muni muni moments before going to work or after work..

  8. Tim Says:

    migs migs migs. you’re so much of a hopeless romantic. nice song choice. maybe i can check your ‘records’ some day. haha.

  9. LuisBatchoy Says:

    mas maganda ang kay chyna phillips na version…love this song…I remember highschool…its in my friendster media boc too migs…hehehehehe

  10. [D.W.A] Says:

    ito bang song na yun?? ala lang :)


    When I’m with you,
    I feel naked and sacred
    And this world can be so cold
    I wanna hold you naked and sacred
    Till I grow old

    What does love mean?
    can love last?
    I ask myself these questions,
    haunted by the past
    I’ve walked these city streets
    I’ve known victoRies and defeats
    Searchin’, hopin’, just barley copin’
    Baby I want to be good for you
    I want to be true
    Don’t know how I’d live with myself
    If I ever hurt you


    Since I met you my life’s changed
    I feel like a bird that’s been let out of it’s cage
    Baby I want to be good for you
    I want to be true
    Don’t know how I’d live with myself
    If I ever hurt you


    Your hand’s healing me,
    your love’s filling me
    When you go away,
    your hearts still in me

    (chorus x2)

  11. [D.W.A] Says:

    I totally like this song, ahihihi - hope na tama ang LYRIcS na nakuha ko sa internet :) Peace my fellow bloggerz :) - more power MANILA GAY GUY :)

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