Shirtless Carlo Aquino

carlo.jpg Bingo! Now, Carlo Aquino, that “bad boy”-looking young dude, shirtless, topless,… I never thought I’d see the day Carlo poses shirtless. This is a screen capture so he did not really pose shirtless… whatever. What’s important is that you can see him — front and back! — in his half-naked glory! Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Carlo Aquino!



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14 Responses to “Shirtless Carlo Aquino”

  1. Ian Says:

    Big deal!

  2. datruth Says:

    not really impressed.

  3. datruth Says:

    not just the body pero his acting. di nag change not very versatile. always playing the frustrated underdog/son/friend. wala lang.

  4. tobby Says:

    akala mo lang walang ipapakita si Carlo…..pero meron….meron….meronnnn

  5. what_boys_want Says:

    whoa…but sorry, I can’t really see Carlo Aquino as a sex symbol.

  6. Jason Says:

    I always see him in the gym.. His body is lean.. He is really kinda short but very cute, nonetheles..

  7. perfeeduh limping Says:

    CUTE? ok, that’s a stretch. he looks pleasant and that’s about it.

  8. br0wn_c0w Says:

    Good actor gone bad. Sayang si Carlo.

  9. thats the way ahaaha Says:

    I love him …… i mean his body… he makes my temperature rise… delicious boy toy!!!

  10. neon Says:

    tuli na ba yan?

  11. kulit Says:

    in fairness may potential naman kaya lang di pa siguro ngayon (sa pagpapasexy) konti pang work-out, i’m sure he will achieve naman the hunkable body nah…

  12. krista Says:

    ang pogi mo carlo aquino.crush kita dati pero ngayon di

  13. cristal Says:

    I am 23 and i have followed this guy’s career. Lalo na nung GMIK days nya sa ABS-CBN. I loved him before and upto now kahit hindi pa dumarating yung magandang break as a Mature actor (coz as a kid very succesful sya..won best child actor) at least he is visible. You can see him sa Afternoon soap sa GMA with Sheryl Cruz and I can say he is consistent. He’s got a good body, very lean and thank God he’s not into steroids coz he’s been working out for a long time now pero you can see slow yung progress which is good. I see him as a sex symbol pero please dont end up like Angelica Panganiban who got her break and yes is famous for now because of her trashy image. To CARLO: You are sexy oh my gosh. Blame it on his cute features and mysterious aura.

    He is a good actor and obviously on his way up. Carlo’s getting there, slowly but he will be there.

  14. lyn Says:

    carlo is a very good actor, he should be given more projects. he is a versatile actor. we like him very much

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