Laffline Comedy Bar


Laffline Comedy Bar at Timog Avenue in Quezon City is a little different from Malate’s Bassilica Bar, the usual comedy bar I go to.

First, Laffline uses more hosts on an evening’s show. The night I was there, there were 6 or 7 hosts that handled the show; Bassilica typically has at most 4. Second, Laffline is a much bigger venue. It can probably hold 800 or so people, while Bassilica perhaps 400, maybe even less. In addition Laffline’s audience is more spread out, while Bassilica maintains some intimacy in the layout of the tables and chairs. Third, and probably most relevant to this site’s audience: Laffline’s audience is mostly women, while Bassilica’s a tad more gay.

How are they similar? Well, they have cute waiters — not all, but you would see the attempt of their management to recruit the better looking ones. Their food and drinks are a bit pricey. And lastly, they will definitely give you a good laugh. Enjoy guys! Comedy Bar  digg:Laffline Comedy Bar  spurl:Laffline Comedy Bar  newsvine:Laffline Comedy Bar  furl:Laffline Comedy Bar  reddit:Laffline Comedy Bar  fark:Laffline Comedy Bar  Y!:Laffline Comedy Bar


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