Gay In Aeternum

I was with some friends last night, and they were abuzz about my acquaintance Allan coming home albeit briefly from his OFW stint. Allan is the gay guy who got married early this year without the girl knowing her hubby’s true sexuality. (His story here.) Allan married the girl under extreme pressure from his domineering mother who seems to control every aspect of his life (save for his sexual orientation). When Allan left for his OFW stint, the wife stayed on and domiciled with the mother-in-law. Not unexpectedly, when Allan came back for a short vacation here in Manila, daughter-in-law and mother-in-law were not in good terms.

“Sana di mo na pinakasalan yan!” quips the mom, while Allan is bursting inside with “Eh sana di mo ako pinilit magpakasal.”

Scene cuts to…

Allan and friends in Government Bar in Makati. Swigging a beer, he tells his friends “Sige mauna na kayo umuwi. Hanap pa ako ng take home.” All these while, at home, his poor wife is waiting, and his demented mother growling.

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting… one f*cked up life of a gay guy. No one’s fault but his. In Aeternum  digg:Gay In Aeternum  spurl:Gay In Aeternum  newsvine:Gay In Aeternum  furl:Gay In Aeternum  reddit:Gay In Aeternum  fark:Gay In Aeternum  Y!:Gay In Aeternum


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17 Responses to “Gay In Aeternum”

  1. Raymond Says:

    Tsk, tsk… I agree, Migs, that this is no one’s fault but his. While I feel sympathy for those gay man who are pressured by their parents to get married, at the end of the day we are all adults who should take responsibility for our own lives. There can be no justification for using and deceiving a woman to maintain your own social respectability. Allan should run away from this crazy situation (and his crazy mother). I hope he won’t be crazy enough to bring a child into his crazy world.

  2. mark Says:

    I know of a gay guy who got married and eventually had 3 kids. I asked him if it was hard… and he admitted that it was soooo difficult! Good thing is his work eats up most of his time… funny thing is, i’m inlove with this guy and it seems “third party” pa ang drama ko… huhuhu we cant hardly find time 4 each other… tanga ko no? to invest love with a man with this kind of situation…

  3. daniel Says:

    fucked up bading, nandamamay pa ng iba! thanks in part to the fucked up mama.

  4. chenelynmarkado Says:

    ay gagesh. nandamay pa ng gerlalooo. di ka na lang gagesh, masama ka pang utaw tuloy. double whammy na itu. gagesh na masamang utaw na miserable pa at confused. ARAY. triple whammy na itu. you’re inner fairy is dying my sister. iligtas mo ang iyonng ADA! pag natsugi yan, wiz ka na happiness, wiz ka na purpose to wake up every morning and chirp to the tune of…makulaaaay ang buuuhaaaaayyy!!!

  5. jimg29 Says:

    hephep hurey pramnawon kol me Ms.Jaded!

  6. fattyacid Says:

    fear karma!

    yun lang.

  7. Kulot Says:

    ei migs, musta? last i heard from “allan,” i took it that he was enjoying his married life…and this was just some weeks ago!!!

  8. anton maton Says:

    judgemental kayong mga bading! … siyempre sali din ako! judgemental din ako … niyahahahaha!

    ang saya saya! calling kapuso or kapamilya. pedeng gawin teleserye. any suggestion kung sino ang gaganap na bading? for the domineering mother, gusto ko si celia rodriguez!

    ang tunay na kabit,

    anton maton

  9. dowell Says:

    a.s.a.l (ang sa aking lang)

    di naman masamang magkasala. dahil yung totoong kulay ng isang tao ay lumalabas sa mga sitwasyon kung saan nagkakasala sya. basta wag lang gawing bisyo ang pagkakasala, dahil kung bisyo na sya, ibig sabihin di pa din gumagawa ng desisyon yung tao upang lumabas at magpakatotoo sa mundo.

    anton maton, feeling ko mahal na kita. bwahahaha.

  10. pepron Says:

    …awa naman ako sa girl, awa rin sa bading…ano number nila? ..pwede bang gumitna minsan…?

  11. anton maton Says:

    ay siyet! mahal na din kita dowell ….

  12. ewan Says:

    tarush…flirting na itish…hehehehe…anyway, di natin mabiblame si allan, kasi baka nga naman parang buwaya yung bunganga ng mama nya at pag di nya sinunod, ilamon cya ng walang asin asin…ang tama nyang gawin ay tigilan na ang kalokohang yan …once and for all, maging totoo sa sarili nya kc you only get to be truly happy if tanggap mo ang sarili mo, kung ano ikaw o anong klase ng laman ang gusto…yun lang…

    miranda priestly ulit…”that’s all”..

  13. ace Says:

    For some reason upon reading this messy situation the characters from The Wizard of Oz came to mind. Even though I have yet to watch this film in its entirety, I know the main characters ((Scarecrow (brain), Tin Man (heart), Cowardly Lion (courage)) very well. I thought I should go along with this analogy as it applies to Allan’s situation. Allan should have used his brain to avoid being in this mess, and he will certainly need much more of it in order to rectify this mess. As for Allan’s heart, I think he has more than enough for his mother but not enough for his wife. He needs a heart to recognize the fact that while he made his mother happy by marrying this woman, he can never make his wife happy. In fact, he will most likely devastate this woman’s life because of his lies and deception. As for courage, this is the character that Allan needs the most. He needs the courage to accept who he is, the courage to be independent from his mother and the courage to tell his wife the truth. In the mean time, he needs to get some principles and respect the vows that he made to his wife, even though he married her under pretence. On second thought, forget the Wizard of Oz analogy. Allan needs to get some balls and sort out his mother, his wife and his life.

  14. Isaribi Says:

    its not yet too late to follow what you want.

  15. Isaribi Says:

    but then reading back his story just convinced me that he deserves it.

  16. jimg29 Says:

    somewhere over the rainbow…why then oh why can’t I! Judy Garland

  17. Simply_Steve Says:

    Wala bang plano si Allan na at least tapusin na ‘yong ginawa n’yang kahibangan? Isang bagay ‘yong ginawa n’yang pagpapakasal sa ano pa mang dahilan, pero ibang usapin pa ‘yang pinapatagal pa n’ya. Sabihin na n’ya ang totoo sa babae, kung ano talaga s’ya, kaya hindi sila pwedeng magpatuloy. Syempre mahirap yon, pero umasta na rin naman siyang “lalake” nong pakasalan nya yong babae, di pangatawan na nya “pagpapakalalake” nya. Ay, ang gulo. Kailangan nyang magpakalalake at aminin na hindi siya tunay na lalake?!

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