Are you still confused?

I assume that most of my readers are pretty much comfortable with who they are — you know, being gay and all — BUT I also know that a good number may still be going through some kind of confusion. Something to the tune of:

Am I REALLY gay?
Maybe this is just a phase?
I am feeling something different, but I don’t want to be gay.

If you are one of these folks, I tell you: it’s normal. Here’s the bomb I want to drop: going through such confusion does not automatically mean you are gay. I believe that being gay is still a combination of a tendency and a decision. This is a controversial topic and I put that stake in the ground as to my stand.

Now, to my question — are you one of these confused or “curious” folks? (There are other terms actually being used: tripper, straight-curious, straight tripper, discreet, bi, g0y, etc…) If you are any one of these, I invite you, send me an email at migs[ at]manilagayguy[ dot]com, or better yet drop me a note using the contact form here. Tell me what bothers you, tell me what questions are floating around in your head, how you feel, and what you have in mind… maybe I, or someone reading this blog, could share a piece of their mind. You have full control to the level of anonymity you want to take. And if you don’t want any of your messages published you may say so, and your wish is my command. I echo Joe D’ Mango… sometimes, letting it out can make a big difference.

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5 Responses to “Are you still confused?”

  1. Ahed Says:

    In my country it’s easy to find a boy to make sex with him, and it’s too difficult to make sex with a girl.
    So, in my entire live I make sex with a boy and I Concentrating on any cute gay and dreaming to make love with them and fuck them.
    Until now I have not make love with a girl but I like to watch a sexual movies.
    I have a friend who loves me and I love him too much, I never been make love with him. Just a hot kisses and touching our manhood’s until Cumming.
    Am I will not happy when I get married?
    Really I’m too afraid.

  2. Confused Francis | manila gay guy is your manila gay guide Says:

    […] In a previous post, I invited readers who are *still* confused about their sexuality to share their thoughts with us. Here’s one reader, with screen name Francis, who opens up to all readers of this site. Read his story, then… I’d like to invite you to give him a piece of your mind by commenting here. […]

  3. aquarius Says:

    Hi! im 18 years old still confuse if a gay, bi or a straight.. i need someone to help me.. i have a girlfriend but im having a crush on some guy.. I NEED HELP!!

  4. LEO Says:

    i am bi, at least i think i am or maybe i am gay… does it matter???

    i still get aroused by girls but i am very much attracted to guys… i think i have myself figured out, but in the society i am living in… i still have to keep it to myself… good thing i found your site, at least somehow i can share my thoughts, express my feelings…

  5. dude Says:

    haha, same here.. in our society, it’s best to keep it to yourself.. anyway, i pretty much come into terms of who i am but somehow I’m still troubled. I am kind of attracted to guys peru at the same time i hate them for making me feel that way to the point that I bacame a manhater? ewan gulo kc ng utak ko…

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