Chester Nolledo, College Dude

Chester Nolledo in real life is a 19-year old cutie from German Moreno’s post-”That’s Entertainment” stable of talents. In Viva’s Provoq Voyeur Video though, he is a very different person. Chester plays this horny, hottie, college dude that shows the pleasures of living in that testosteronic age, alone in a boarding house. It doesn’t take too much imagination to guess what kind of scenes you can expect from Chester’s video vignette. And well, thanks to Miong, here are screencaps to further seed your already fertile imagination.












(Note: I already selected the less revealing screencaps here just so you still have something to look forward to in watching Chester Nolledo’s piece in the Provoq video. Have fun people!) Nolledo, College Dude  digg:Chester Nolledo, College Dude  spurl:Chester Nolledo, College Dude  newsvine:Chester Nolledo, College Dude  furl:Chester Nolledo, College Dude  reddit:Chester Nolledo, College Dude  fark:Chester Nolledo, College Dude  Y!:Chester Nolledo, College Dude


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33 Responses to “Chester Nolledo, College Dude”

  1. Kris Aquino Says:

    punyeta..this is hot!

  2. mtguy Says:

    simply provocative..whew!

  3. br0wn_c0w Says:

    Sa totoo lang, I was bored with the Provoq videe, but I was really turned on by this and the Kanto Boy episodes. Pero panalo talaga ‘to.

  4. Dave Montero Says:

    Definetely worth it! I’m planning to buy a DVD copy as well para mas malinaw! LOLz

  5. Migs Says:

    Dave Montero, thanks for the screen caps ha!

  6. kurara_chibana Says:

    chester’s episode really made the whole video worth buying!

  7. leo Says:

    yung pinakaunang video would have been quite fine, if it wasn’t for the breast exposure, hahaha… the second made me think na maybe i wasted money in buying the vcd… but when i saw kanto boy, i thought it was worth it after all… the meron pa yung rockstar… i just love justin… but what the best video of them all, yung last… CHESTER is the best, no contest!!! do you have more pix of him? hindi yung galing sa video…

  8. neon Says:

    saan po b nakakabili ng DVD niyan? thanks!

  9. kurara_chibana Says:

    ^neon, try looking for it sa tower records sa sm mega or sa podium. good luck!

  10. justin mercado Says:

    migs saan ba mapapaanood ang provoq? dvd or vcd ba yan na for sale?

  11. Migs Says:

    justin, ayan may reply sa iyo si kurara sa itaas ng comment mo - go to tower records - either. DVD or VCD meron sila. yes for sale of course. enjoy!

  12. Chester Nolledo Photo Collection | manila gay guy is your manila gay guide Says:

    […] It seems that the most popular vignette in Viva’s Provoq Voyeur Video is Chester Nolledo’s College Boy. Due to insistent public demand, I bring you more sizzling photos of Chester. He may not be as buff as the others in Provoq, but he definitely has the most outstanding charisma. Ladies and gents, the Manila Gay Guy presents… Chester Nolledo! […]

  13. mtguy Says:

    Chester je ta’ime you really made it! he is one of the male sex symbols…go boy!

  14. erick Says:

    kaloka!! kung nasa pinas lang ako naku nakabili nyan thanks migs

  15. giodude Says:

    this episode of all the provoq videos is the most deliciously (couldn’t find a better word) done! but, is is just me or do most of you also finds it funny when he does this unusual thing with his nostrils.. hehehe..

  16. brian Says:

    hi.. am a closet type. i just want to know where can i purchase this provoq video? am from tacloban city. id reli appreciate watever help u can extend to me. plssss.. thanks! nwy,this site ROCKS! more power..

  17. erick Says:

    nakakaloka!! natanggal na yung video paulit naman please migs pls pls pls

  18. ryan Says:

    he’s the hottest among them grabe sana may video nmn kayo dito para mapanood ko baka kasi di me pag blihan kasi 16 pa lang ako

  19. jr Says:

    Yung mga video sa youtube wala na! Gusto ko sana mapanood. Will someone post any link for downloads o meron kaung copy na pedeng ishare over the net. Hehehe. Please naman baka meron ahhh hehehe. ^^;;

  20. Secret Says:

    Wala na yung video sa yuotube, sana meron kayong ibang website dyan na meron nung vdeo.

    Please meron meron paki lagay na lang dito….

  21. mirmo Says:

    oo nga wala na yung sa youtube. sa xtube niyo na lang post para hindi tanggalin. :D

  22. wow Says:

    post nyo po ung vid dun sa d buburahin sa xtube po or send po sa email ko thanks!!!1

  23. carl Says:

    I agree, Chester’s episode is the best, the hottest. His looks exude innocence, but he’s sexy and handsome talaga, boy next door ang arrive.

  24. sweet11 Says:

    nakapost na ba ung vid sa xtube?
    pasend din po sa mail ko…


  25. spld97 Says:

    can I get the vid of him? send through my add :


  26. boytoi Says:

    Naku guyz…buy the video PROVOQ! it’s worth every barya…sulit talaga! huwag ka muna mag-text para maka-save…MUST HAVE! Yung episode ni Chester, WOW TALAGA! Minus yung mga extra na girls, san ba nanggaling yun?

  27. KittyQT Says:

    Chester is cute, pero di siya hunk. Yung video niya, teaser lang talaga AND kung i-observe mo closely, the vid does not show na may erection sha! Napaka-fake kaya thinking ka ano ginagawa niya na wala naman siyang erection. Kaya think ka na- sadya bang napakaliit ng kanyang ‘may-i-find-it’ or trying to massage it para ‘may-i-bayang-magiliw-ako’!!! Buti pa si Terence Baylon sa post ni Migs, at least, may-K!!!

  28. norbz Says:

    after watching the video…i was amaze by the forpermance…i become hot,horny,after watching the video.

  29. jacko Says:

    i have the vcd of that video- anyone who would want to avail if it for free?- i am giving it away for you guys– just email me your completre mailing add at

  30. jacko Says:

    ei the first one email i recieve with the complete snail add will get it….

  31. mark Says:

    … ive watch it.. grabe nabored ako.. bakit di na lang cnla pinakita lhat.. ganun din nman ang image nla.. kakaloka…

  32. mark Says:

    nakabili ako ng video sa oddisey

  33. marvin Says:

    maki kita csx gusto mo bs hgg mabnh kmgah bgh mjtg nf mjvrf loybw lkins hhmsu lkjhb ghtbv vgtgs mjuty njhy gtsbyh njhsg mmnybfst nhsy faetg
    fm mhyfjn ggdt hhhdy cvvgdgt ,kh ///nh cge na hdytvb msjd n,

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