Diether Strips for the Animals

diet.jpg How laudable, how lovable this hunky Diether Ocampo! Diether willingly stripped for an ad campaign of the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, more commonly known as PETA Asia Pacific, concerning their animal advocacy. (Click thumbnail to enlarge.) What exactly is the message that PETA wishes to convey? In the simplest of terms, ‘Zoos are bad’ – that’s the argument behind their aggressive ad campaign. For PETA, Animals require space, exercise, mental stimulation and privacy, all of which zoos are often unable to provide no matter how well crafted the simulated environment is for the animals. PETA activists demand the abolition of the cage, the ‘prison’ which they feel can never substitute the wilderness and the freedom of the wild. For more details, click here. Strips for the Animals  digg:Diether Strips for the Animals  spurl:Diether Strips for the Animals  newsvine:Diether Strips for the Animals  furl:Diether Strips for the Animals  reddit:Diether Strips for the Animals  fark:Diether Strips for the Animals  Y!:Diether Strips for the Animals


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8 Responses to “Diether Strips for the Animals”

  1. leo Says:

    if you look very closely somewhere near his hand you could see the garter of his briefs…

  2. fukesah Says:

    animal!… un lang! bow!

  3. andrew Says:

    Nakita ko sa Manila Bulletin yung pic ni Diet. Grabe, sobrang nakakalaway talaga, kahit may briefs pa s’ya na nakatago sa ilalim. Dinadaan ko na lang sa imahinasyon, haha!

  4. Jimbo Says:

    di na siya cute…buhat nung pinagawa niya ang mga ipin niya…nagmukha siyang Bonesa =)

  5. jel Says:

    nasan na ba sya

  6. paul Says:

    why not go all d way diet?u did it na b4 dba?remember at yahoo groups.grabe ang laki ng nota nya!no wonder di ka pinatawad ni rossana roces na hindi nya matikman ang kamandag mo!surely he’s much gifted comparing him wd other ABS-CBN hunks!Haaay sarap2 mo diet!kakainggit si christine!

  7. tons Says:

    ang gwapo at ang macho ni diet mga animal talaga talagang ang swerte ni kristine sa kanya cause masarap sya halikan no im jealous no bruha ka kristine aagawin ko xa sau!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Zeeke Says:

    hey, paul! where can i find this addy that you meantioned?

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