Gay-less Bassilica Bar and Café

The gay crowd seems to be a dying breed among Bassilica’s audience. I was there with some friends recently and at one particular moment while all the okrayan hullabaloo was happening on stage, I noticed how the place has gone the same path as Laffline, Punchline, and similar establishments: the Bassilica crowd has evolved to mostly women and their occasional menfriends. How about the predominantly gay audience of Bassilica?


Thinking about it now, one of the main reasons why I preferred going to Bassilica in the past was its predominantly gay (including pa-mhin gays, bis, discretes, etcetera, etcetaring!) audience with a splattering of really good looking ones who can make every gay’s pantyliner wet. But where are they now? I thought that maybe comedy bars like Bassilica have gone too mainstream that what was once an “alternative” for us PLUs became just everyfolk’s. Perhaps its previous Bassilica-going gay audience gradually realized this and started going elsewhere. And I’m one of those few who was late in realizing it.

Where are they now? I heard of a pretty recent gay hangout called Palawan. One of my friends discouraged me to go, saying “grabe, ang jologs ng place na ‘yun.” Well, I haven’t been there — so I hold off judgment — but it sounds like the new “alternative” hang out place for us PLUs.

Anyone here who’s been to Palawan? Do comment and let us know what can be expected from that place. Or do you have any suggestions for similar hang out places? Bassilica Bar and Café  digg:Gay-less Bassilica Bar and Café  spurl:Gay-less Bassilica Bar and Café  newsvine:Gay-less Bassilica Bar and Café  furl:Gay-less Bassilica Bar and Café  reddit:Gay-less Bassilica Bar and Café  fark:Gay-less Bassilica Bar and Café  Y!:Gay-less Bassilica Bar and Café


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4 Responses to “Gay-less Bassilica Bar and Café”

  1. manay_bakekangMD Says:

    Palawan? yung sa may araneta center? been there…..i still prefer BED….

  2. eggnog4u Says:

    yup thats the very humid bar in cubao. grabe ang init sa loob ng palawan tapos karamihan ng makakasalubong mo eh mga basang basa ng pawis. the place if full of gays trying their very best to be discreet but its very obvious they’re not. its also full of matatandang bakla na mahilig manghipo… bed’s the best

  3. Prince Monsour Abraham Says:

    ayaw ko nga ng mainit na ganyan…masisirang ganda kwoo…

  4. deligenlp Says:

    “the place if full of gays trying their very best to be discreet but its very obvious they’re not. its also full of matatandang bakla na mahilig manghipo”

    well, its kinda weird that you say this. gays go to palawan and such places to be themselves…out from the discriminating eye of the ignorant public. now if we try to discriminate our own kind, how the f*ck can we legalize same sex marriage!!!!! waahhh!!!! i need to be wed!!!!!

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