I Want to Grow Old With Him

Here’s an interesting email I received today, and I feel those readers who are in gay relationships (and those aspiring to be in one) would find it inspiring. The reader shares how he bumped into this blog, and found past articles dealing with gay relationships — then he intimates about his 7.5-year relationship with his partner that ends with “While writing this, I realize I love him now more than ever…and I want to grow old with him.” O, san ka pa? Hahaha! Read na!

Thanks Kulot for sharing! Below is the unedited email from Kulot:

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looking for an article about borgy’s claim of sam milby being gay, i was directed to your site. i found one link interesting…and then another…then another…then i decided to just read all your posts from recent backwards…

i noticed that there’s a blog where you seemed “so” happy for this couple celebrating their second anniversary. then, there’s this post where you mentioned 5-year-old gay relationships are considered forever, and are indeed few…well, my partner and i are one of the few.

pardon the yabang a, the feeling of pride incontrollably surges everytime i get reminded na 7 and a half years na kami ng asawa ko. we’ll be going 8 in may.

we started off as college group mates back in 1998, turned into good friends, then into what we are now. i was his first partner romantically and sexually, he was my first albeit romantically only.

8 years didn’t come easy…we hurdled through lots of personal and sexuality issues, several temptations, a number of third parties and frequent doubts of our love. but always, we go back to each other’s arms.

at first, love for us was solely a feeling. but now, it’s more of an act. we both realized that love is not just a noun, it’s more of a verb; that it’s not just a state, it’s more of a conviction.

my partner still sends me flowers and writes poems for me, i still sing songs for him and give him gifts. we still go on dates. we still make love like there’s no tomorrow. mushy no? closet pamintas pa kami sa lagay na yan…heheheh!

while writing this, i realize i love him now more than ever…and i want to grow old with him.

just sharing,

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6 Responses to “I Want to Grow Old With Him”

  1. mandayamoore Says:

    siya ba ko kulot ko? mukhang mali yata math niya. five pa lang kami. ching!

  2. MAC_afr0 Says:

    congrats! kulot awww! nakakainggit hehe

  3. astroboi Says:

    sweet :)

  4. jonat Says:

    very inspiring!!!

  5. br0wn_c0w Says:

    Kapangalan ng lovey dovey ni Mandaya! Hehehe!

  6. Hotfudge Says:

    sana kmi rin ng asawa ko hanggang 4ever na ever!!! hahaha

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