For Skinhead, Semi-kal Lovers


Skinhead, semi-kalbo, however you want to call those guys who prefer to have their hair buzzed short and near the scalp… a good number of them ooze with masculine energy that some of my gay friends somehow cannot resist when they see one. What’s with being semi-kalbo that seems to magnify their market value?





pic055-345-10k-00026.jpg Skinhead, Semi-kal Lovers  digg:For Skinhead, Semi-kal Lovers  spurl:For Skinhead, Semi-kal Lovers  newsvine:For Skinhead, Semi-kal Lovers  furl:For Skinhead, Semi-kal Lovers  reddit:For Skinhead, Semi-kal Lovers  fark:For Skinhead, Semi-kal Lovers  Y!:For Skinhead, Semi-kal Lovers


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29 Responses to “For Skinhead, Semi-kal Lovers”

  1. arthur Says:

    Ang panget naman ng post mo ngayon, Migs. I always look forward to your site’s new posts. Kaso baket lately parang pumapangit ung finifeature mo?

  2. Joey Says:

    They exude toughness, roughness, masculinity.

  3. Matteo Says:

    Is Arthur referring to the guys in particular or to the postings in general?

    Let’s give Migs a break. Maintaining a blog site is already a task in itself. We, mostly, are mere spectators who are simply “enjoying the sights”. The least we can do, say we don’t like a posting, is provide suggstions on how to make it better.

    What’s also worth noting is that naysayers/ critics always have something to say, but what can they offer? Yes, there’s a lot of room for improvement but one cannot just babble to instigate changes.

  4. lex Says:

    well said, matteo. why shouldn’t people just make it a rule to just shut the hell up if they don’t have anything nice to say anyway.

  5. fried_ika Says:

    uy, si edison chen. pero mas ok siya nung may buhok pa siya.

    ewan ko ba. may phobia na ko sa mga semikalbo eh.

  6. arthur Says:

    matteo and lex, he’s earning a lot from this blog. he should be giving us quality posts! he is earning $500 minimum per month with this blog.

  7. euges Says:

    Nice skinheads reminds me much of very very nice heads. hahahahaha

  8. melanio marquez Says:

    ay nku parang may epal ata…sori arthur di ikaw yun ah….josko may reklamo pa sa blog na ito libre nmn ngalngal p ng ngalngal…ang hirap kaya gumawa ng ganitong ka intelligent at ka fabulous na blog…mukhang naiinggit ka ata kay migs…josko pati kinikita ng blog nya eh karuz mo pa…for sure may blog ka din kaso wa readers!one word for you darlin’ p_k@ mo!

  9. formerhausmate Says:

    whats with them? I guess their face flaunts when there’s less hair… bottomline, if you’re confident on how ur face looks, then try being semical..

  10. chriscapade Says:

    masculine.. hot! hot! hot!

  11. londoner Says:

    All the posts are nice. Some people might not like it but for others it’s okay. We should thank Migs for he had put a lot of time and effort for us all. I have been a fan of MGG. All the best and keep us posted with some more.Cheers!

  12. kurara_chibana Says:

    first off, sa mga nagco-comment about sa quality ng posts ni migs, hayan nyo na lang si sister MGG. tulad nga ng sabi nya dati, he’s really busy with his work and travels kaya we have to understand his situation. i remember tuloy migs’ blog entry regarding his 100th post and how we were all so happy for him. where did all the love go? :(

    tungkol naman sa post na toh, i must say that i LOVE semi-kal guys. i guess my attraction stems from how my eyes immediately focus on their face (since they don’t have a stylish hairdo) and all its masculine features (i.e. jawline, eyes, etc).

    btw, the edison chen pic (the 2nd to the last one) is H-O-T! love his stare! :)

  13. Migs Says:

    thanks to all my supporters! :) whatever happens, i really would just want to have world peace. for arthur, i hope you will find my succeeding posts better. mwah!

  14. Rabbit Says:

    with all the catty comments no one has seemed to notice what is important in this post …. the “deliciousness” of John Lopez!!! You go, Migs!

  15. james Says:

    Wala na tayo dun on how much Migs is earning what is important we can read his MGG for free.

  16. Kaleena Says:

    Parang nagkasakit si Edison Chen sa fiktyur na to. Mas type ko look nya sa THE GRUDGE 2. Sarap din ng kili-kili nito, basing from sexperience.

  17. KittyQT Says:

    I’m not really fond of bald people coz I like combing their hair with my fingers. And, ang talagang fave ko na kalbo is down there…aay Kaleena, ang lollipop, please!!!

  18. sire lee Says:

    well aus lang ang bald. basta gwapo
    to arthur nman just read on nlng wag ka ng mangeelam!

  19. smoothshaver Says:

    I find Asian men with the totally smooth shaved head (mhhhh….and totally shaved body) so very sexy! Do you have anymore?

  20. Xavier, tattooed hunk | manila gay guy is your manila gay guide Says:

    […] Xavier, a contestant in Bar Uno’s model search with a twist, was not particularly tall — but he was semikal, tough-looking yet with a boyish tinge, with a fantastic sculpted body (especially in those sexy briefs - wooohooo!), and most of all he was tattooed… tattooed in my mind! […]

  21. geoff Says:

    i find semi-kal guys attractive… i don’t know why. most of my recent dates/hook-ups are semi-kal guys, hehehe…

    anyway, keep up the good work migs! cheers!

  22. Nicolo Says:

    This message is for Arthur: “TODAY, DON’T THINK OF SAYING ANY UNKIND WORD, THINK OF THE PEOPLE WHO CAN’T SPEAK OR WRITE.” Hello nakikibasa na lang tayo nagrereklamo pa tayo ANO BA! ANO BA!

  23. john cris Says:

    Arthur, just be contented. I’m a semi-cal guy, and i feel so good. tnx

  24. john_aspen Says:

    Semical? My fave is featured here - Alizon! Semicals are great kasi nakakakiliti hawakan ang ulo. Sabayan pa ng evil goatie. Hehehe. Saka, semical guys remind me of school jocks, varitsy members. I tried magpa-semical pero all my officemates and friends say that I looked liek a buddhist monk. (chinito kasi).

    Mabuhay si Migs! Role model talaga. Read his reply to Arthur. Ako, advocate na rin ng “World Peace!”

  25. jay juaton Says:

    i love you allison andres

  26. Mark Says:

    Sino yung nasa last pic?! the best!!

  27. from1fagtoanother Says:

    Ok lang naman sinabi ni Arthur. Its constructive criticism. Live and live some more. hehe

    If nobody comments on the ugly, then there won’t be people striving to do better.

    Cheers to you Arthur!

  28. still_tight Says:

    Migs is earning $500 per month for this blog…so what???? Baket, nagbabayad ka ba to view this blog??? tseh ka arthur, TSEH!!!

  29. YuriKa Says:

    eow kuya migs..

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