Do you like Mark Herras?


Mark Herras — an interesting mixture of almost-hunk cutie pie, sweet boy, and bad guy images… I can’t seem to place him in one classification, which as I think more about it, seems to add to the come on. How about you, do you like Mark Herras?

More pictures up ahead.





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29 Responses to “Do you like Mark Herras?”

  1. mike Says:


  2. kagandahan Says:

    he has that jologs look and air in him. sorry

  3. josh Says:

    a young boy who’ll grow up to be a man someday, one of the best among his peers. His goatee ads to his attractiveness…hmmnn, magpatubo kaya ko nito…

  4. dc Says:

    He’s okay. His picture in the last Cosmo Bachelors issue was one of the sexiest I’ve ever seen though. He looked amazing!

  5. Joey Says:

    Frankly, he is just okay. But dont let him speak.

  6. juicy b Says:

    i love him…
    but yoo know guys, maybe it’s just me, wen i get to see george clooney on tv or film, mark herras flashes in my mind… or maybe it’s just me. hihi!

  7. chad Says:

    he’s cute and all but he should keep his shirt on. ;)

  8. francis Says:

    he is as Big-headed fool who thinks he’s all that. he looks stupid & uneducated. i don’t know why he even became a celebrity. clearly, he is an evidence of the deteriorating quality of talent we have in the country.

  9. euges Says:

    Francis be nice naman
    Mark of course is talent hindi mo lang sya type. Di ko rin sya type but the boy is okey
    Very good dancer naman. tyak best dancer tunay ka!

  10. chriscapade Says:

    may looks lang siya.. YUN NA!

  11. KittyQT Says:

    Mark still lacks that masculinity which separates the boys from the men. Walang ‘hunkness’ tapos, bagets effect pa rin ang dating. Sa pics pa lang, pa-cute ang dating, hindi natural, and talagang may kulang pa- walang sex appeal. His PR people must do something kung gusto nilang maabot ni Mark ang total stardom. Pero, pwedeng-pwede maging boy-toy, aayyyy!!! purrrrrr….

  12. kurara_chibana Says:

    during his starstruck days, i’ll admit that i was crazy over him. but now, so-so na lang.

    and joey is totally correct with his comment: “…he is just okay. But dont let him speak.” :)

  13. soi Says:

    ano ba hindi naman atyo perpekto lahat kaya unik ang bawat ias sa atun dbuh!!!
    pls. paki feature naman sina JC DE VERA at RICAHRD GUTTIERREZ pwede ba cgi na pls. pls.!!!!

  14. leo Says:

    Mark Herras has the looks and the talent, but ‘yun nga kulang sa appeal. Pero for the young ones na target market naman nung reality show where he came from, mabebenta naman siya…

    pero i think okay naman cya, i just have a thing for boys… i prefer boys than men, kaya nga love ko rin si Chester…

    I second the motion, sana Migs makapost ka ng daring pix ni JC de Vera…

  15. Kaleena Says:

    Chaka si mark herras at nakakadiri ang body nya. Lakas ng loob mag-topless! Yuck! Ewww! As if! Are you kidding me?! Are you serious?! Chaka din si richard gutierrez. Mukhang horse. Pero wag ka, baka pang horse din tarugs nya. JC De Vera type kong lunukin! Uhu! Uhu! Ubo! Ubo! Nabilaukan akew!

  16. Jason Says:

    i was just with JC De Vera at the sauna of Gold’s Galleria yesterday.. his body type is very much the same with Polo Ravales - muscular/stocky but short in height. he has nice legs legs.

  17. Niel Says:

    Mark has no appeal…nice to look at but no class. sorry

  18. jerogat Says:

    guys, i think it’s more a matter of comparison and different categories. some of us are comparing mark to hunks, to which obviously he doesn’t belong to. mark belongs more to the boy types, and any judgment on him should be within that kind of crowd… just my opinion.

    personally, he’s a hottie, a BOY hottie that is…

  19. giean Says:

    Mark has this animalistic appeal at talaga namang cute na cute sya

  20. elaine gatela Says:

    im an avid fan of mark herras.. he’s hot.. wag nyo nman xa awayin.. huhu..

  21. catty Says:

    i luv mark, cn’t blame lots of detractors…marami na cyang napatunayan in ths biz.his album sales lyk cupcake kya his deserving for all da awrds hi achieved. sorry guys luv ko tlga c mark.PEACEOUT!!!

  22. anna Says:

    pwede b,,,,, wag nio craan c mark!!!! inngit lang kyo!!!!! newey mark is so cute

  23. niki Says:

    it’s really tough potatoes when it comes to mark herras,ang taste kasi hindi nabibili -it’s either you have it or you dont… and it doesn’t add to gloss the fact that my experiences with the herras family name has always ended in pang-aagaw ng travajo(his cousin pio) and the sheer kayabangan (the mark himself)…e dios mio, he’s just a former tambay with the local badings at frio mixx in robinson’s santa rosa back when acne got the better of him and when he could attempt to scrape a ‘libre’… since i have worked with richard gutierrez, i can truly say, the guy treats even the lowliest utility man with the utmost respect and dignity a human being deserves; none of that from mark herras.

  24. isitla Says:

    so mark in person. he’s oozing with lots and lots of sex appeal. you should see him guys! grabe talaga!

  25. isitla Says:

    rather, i saw mark (typo lang)

  26. mark Says:

    ako ba ung pinag-uusapan nyo? hehhee

  27. candyboi Says:

    There was this blind item I recently read in a tabloid…there was this matinee idol who was caught licking the living daylights out of the nipples of this paminta bar owner (where this matinee idol regularly holds shows) whom he treats as “kuya-kuya”. And the matinee idol? Mark Herras!

  28. cherk Says:

    i lyk him very much!!!!he’s my ultimate crush!!!!he’s full of appeal to the people!!!maybe some are saying he’s not too appeal to the people, but maybe you dont yet know him more….so if u do not know him…dont post that kind comments…know him first b4 u write bad comment to him…

  29. katy Says:

    i really luv mark, personally super gwapo & mabait. atleast 2m2long cia sa mga needy & ndi nagp-press release like other stars. un ang 22ong tao dats wy i luv dis guy so much!

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