Mark San Diego and Anton

Mark San Diego, professional model and formerly VJ at “MYX” is rumored to have a partner named Anton. Anton who? I don’t know — and maybe I don’t care — what I know is that Mark is one good looking hunk.








Can’t seem to find pictures of him in skimpy underwear or trunks… if you have any, let me know! San Diego and Anton  digg:Mark San Diego and Anton  spurl:Mark San Diego and Anton  newsvine:Mark San Diego and Anton  furl:Mark San Diego and Anton  reddit:Mark San Diego and Anton  fark:Mark San Diego and Anton  Y!:Mark San Diego and Anton


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28 Responses to “Mark San Diego and Anton”

  1. drake Says:

    so… he’s gay? wow. i never knew that. i’ve always wished he was gay since i saw him on myx, but he never hit me as the type who’d like to do stuff with guys! is he gay or what? tell me! i want to know! he’s so hot! hehehe

  2. Lyka Bergen Says:

    Di mo alam? Ako si Anton!!!!

  3. Mark Says:

    I believe it’s Anton Mendoza, architect/designer. I first heard about it when I was still working at a high-end department store in Manila which used Mark as a model and Anton as a design consultant, and this would always come up. Sigh… Lucky bastard. And he’s not even beautiful.

  4. Mark Says:

    And oh, if you try looking back at old issues of society magazines, Mark and Anton would always be pictured together. So that must be the awful truth. Ugh.

  5. fernz Says:

    so mark is gay????

    oh god. hindi halata and it never hit me that he’s gay! to think that my gaydar has always been accurate. wow

  6. bananas Says:

    si kaya si anton diva yan?

  7. Migs Says:

    @mark - i kind of heard that anton is an architect, so what you’re saying may just be accurate. so, it’s anton mendoza and mark san diego. awww… how nice :) i wish them the best! hehehe!

  8. Mark Says:

    Let’s all gather together and weep! Yeah Migs, I think we share the same information about the guy. Have you seen pictures of him?

  9. Mark Says:

    Don’t mind the last sentence. Stupid of me to ask. :-)

  10. EZRA Says:

    yup…anton and mark got a picture kissing each other…proudly display sa house nila…

  11. jd Says:


    ew, anton mendoza is a total troll, although very rich & very connected.

  12. dorky Says:

    Whatever their reasons are for being together - let’s just leave it at that. Wish them all the best and go find yourself your own man.

  13. coco-loco Says:

    they look good together. what a sexy pair!

  14. astroboi Says:

    mark and anton broke up a long time ago… if u know how anton looks like, the little devil in u will know y mark went for him.

    mark’s gf found out about it and broke up with him and mark flew to bangkok when the rumour came out…

  15. antonella Says:

    to each his own…i wish i cld find a guy like him myself…kakainggit…am always on the watery mouth end lol, never had an “AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER” ending to my love story.hhhhaaaaayyyy!!!!

  16. vin Says:

    Hmmm… I don’t remember exactly, but I think Mark had a photoshoot for Icon mag a while back. Though he wasn’t in skimpy underwear then.

  17. sreiouslyiknowmark Says:

    His former girlfriend was Aliya Parcs… I didn’t know he was gay. After Aliya he then had a Czechkoslovakian girlfriend. Now I’m quite surprised that he’s with this guy ‘Anton.’ You can find all his pics at He works for that model agency.

  18. Little Fish Says:

    I accidentally found manilagayguy and I’m enjoying every visits I did. Pictures of men posted are amazingly awesome! They are all yummylicious and bubblytasty.
    More power and thanks.

  19. kagandahan Says:

    ano ung nakasilip sa shorts nya? (2nd to the last pic, in red shorts)

  20. dennis Says:

    i wonder where Mark is now?

  21. mtguy Says:

    Mark is not gay nor bimale! he is straight actually. I can assure you or that!He is a pure man indeed!

  22. MarkISgay! Says:

    Yeah, he’s gay and yes the Anton Mendoza thing is true. Just check out the shrine in his house in Makati. Anyone who can take a pic of that, post it here for proof, ’cause I can’t get in there anymore. Well, Anton got Mark to do a print ad for Rustans Makati and paid him Php 500,000.00 (Anton was the interior designer) and Marks picture was a very gay ice cube in the mouth pose in the window of Rustans Glorietta along side Martin Nievera and Borgy Manotoc. Aliya was so disgusted she flew to Bkk to get away from him, but his dumb a** followed her there, so she came back to Manila. But he followed her back here na naman, so she shot a music video kissing Jericho Rosales and dated him for a while. Then Mark tried to get back at her and started dating that Chech (balding) girl Dana (who was also sleeping with two of his friends) to try and cover up the rumor. Very immature for a 30 year old triflin model.

  23. ? Says:

    fyi aliya didn’t fly to BKK to go away from Mark.They already broke up for a while before that.They broke up becos hes always high on drugs and looking for trouble aside from having an old nasty sugar daddy.Mark and Anton always go out together to Greenbelt before as a couple.Don’t understandd why Aliya dated in the first place.Di sila bagay and got nothing in common.Anywayz Mark is a very bad news and makes too many enemies.Good thing hes gone.

  24. harajuku Says:

    gosh everyone is gay! hehehehehe i like the idea though, so girls, tough luck for yah! haha!

  25. john_aspen Says:

    Baka si Anton Maton…. hehehe

  26. pepron Says:

    yay! He’s one of us!!! Cooolllll! I pray all male models would be ‘of us’…

  27. karlito Says:

    uhm don’t you have pics of anton? he looks hot. sa pic nila together parang si mark ang bottom hehehe =P

  28. JD Says:

    I thinks he’s gay even before coz MYX showed the lives of their VJs if they’re not in MYX studios.

    Mark met this guy and they like celebrate and had dinner together, ONLY THE TWO OF THEM.

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