Mark Agas, Isko Hunk

Didn’t know Jack N’ Jill and Viktor jeans model Mark Agas is an “Iskolar ng Bayan” — until I saw this graduation picture. UP grads usually wear the “sablay” (instead of the traditional toga) during their grad ceremony.









He’s a cutie no doubt, but looking at these 2 last pics, I think he is too ripped for my taste. Fabulous nevertheless! Agas, Isko Hunk  digg:Mark Agas, Isko Hunk  spurl:Mark Agas, Isko Hunk  newsvine:Mark Agas, Isko Hunk  furl:Mark Agas, Isko Hunk  reddit:Mark Agas, Isko Hunk  fark:Mark Agas, Isko Hunk  Y!:Mark Agas, Isko Hunk


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68 Responses to “Mark Agas, Isko Hunk”

  1. kagandahan Says:

    migs, ang cute nya! what was his course in UP?

  2. zizou Says:

    mabuhay ang iskolar ng bayan! LOL

  3. josh Says:

    skul mate!

  4. chad Says:

    mukha siyang fresh from chemo sa unang pic, a little mousy too but damn when i saw the other pics ang cute niya pala. bad haircut lang pala talaga.

  5. oblation Says:

    Aside from the hair, he had rhinoplasty. The surgeon brilliantly re-shaped his nose.

  6. Angelo Says:

    Not my type. I agree with Migs in that he is too ripped. He has a nice smile though. Pwede na! haha.

    Josh: Can you tell me his course back in UP as well as the year he greaduated?

  7. Migs Says:

    MABUHAY ang mga isko! hehehe… ano mga student numbers ninyo? Ako… hmmm.. basta CS ako, ka-college ko yata itong si Mark. I heard from Bio siya. :)

  8. rOckY Says:

    Wow - I didn’t know he turned to modeling. This seems like such a change from how he was back in school.

  9. chad Says:

    I’m from BA :D

  10. jj Says:

    cute nga..loved his body..thin but super toned.
    and yeah, he had rhinoplasty..ganda ng pagkagawa infairness

  11. paulporterfield Says:

    ew what’s with the hair. icky poo. and hellew kumusta naman ang contacts.

  12. luis Says:

    hehe, hindi ko pa siya nakita sa UP. am graduating din ako ngayon and i also have the “ultimate” sablay pic to brag. hehehe… by the way am from the largest college in UP: engineering.

    @chad: do i know you? graduating ka din ba ngayon and are you BAA?

  13. kantoTEEN Says:

    oblation, isa kang propeta! indeed, retokado c kuya mark! nevertheless, pwede na xang pang alis kati!

  14. vince Says:

    migs, you’re the best! please do a feature on johnron tanada–yummy pang summer fling!

  15. Angelo Says:

    Ako Asian Center and College of Social Sciences and Philosophy.

  16. FF Says:

    Yeah! Go feature Johnron Tanada

  17. Tobal Loyola Says:

    1) In the last 3 pics, I thought I was staring at Alfred Vargas.
    2) For me, UP students shouldn’t be called “iskolar ng bayan” because their tuition fee is freakin’ high. PUP students should be more rightly called “iskolar ng bayan” because WE, the people, are literally paying their tuition fees through our taxes. Compared with UP’s 500+ per unit fee, PUP’s is just 50+ per unit. (Please ignore the nos. I’m just trying to point something.)

    PS. I’m neither from UP nor PUP. But I look up to students of both schools. :-).

    ~ Tobal.

  18. melody Says:


    ano ang course mo?

    im from CS din :-)

    im so happy to find out na CS ka hahahhaha

  19. Tita Glo Says:

    B.S. Bio poe si Mark Agas. Nagmemedicine poe sya ngayon tulad ng kanyang tunay na fafa. May cute rin syang kafatid at matangkad. Hindi poe gawa ang ilong ni Kuya Mark. Napindot ko na poe yan.

  20. jan Says:

    yep, he’s from bio.

    and… the title “iskolar ng bayan” (i think) is not entirely reserved for students of UP although it is commonly used there. as long as the people’s taxes pay for your tuition, i believe it can be used…

  21. jan Says:

    P300/unit ang tuition at hindi P500 dati… ngayon P1000/unit para sa incoming freshmen… tsktsk…

  22. dave Says:

    His younger brother just graduated from ateneo hs last year (honor student ha). here are his pics:

  23. UPdropout Says:


    SCHOLAR also means someone who studies, someone in pursuit of knowledge. Thus, ISKOLAR NG BAYAN also means someone who studies stuff in the service of his BAYAN.

    Anyone who does that deserves the title ISKOLAR NG BAYAN.

  24. Mimi Says:

    teki yummy-soba nga xa….:-)…pero muzta nmn ang contact lense sa 3rd pic…so bakling!:-) by the way, i’m from UPLB-CAS…anyone from uplb?

  25. Mimi Says:

    i mean, ung 4th pic pala…:-)

  26. oblation Says:

    Just responding to a couple of messages. I’m a 100% certain about the rhinoplasty procedure done on Mark. I used to model back in the Philippines so it’s pretty easy to tell who had some enhancements. It’s okay ‘coz it’s needed in the nature of the industry that Mark’s currently in to.
    There’s a significant difference in his nose bridge in pic 1 compared to pics 4 & 6. There’s an obvious tension in the alar region in pic 7.
    You can tell that he’s a good model because he knows his good angles to compensate for the relatively mediocre look (with all due respect, no pun intended).

  27. rocky Says:

    i like ripped

  28. chad Says:

    @luis: yep BAA. dami ako kakilalang luis o_o.

    @UPdropout: there are words na may multiple meanings, minsan almost similar to each other, minsan totally different. like the word “head” can either mean the upper division of the animal body or the leader of a group. sa case ng “scholar”, you forgot to include the meaning: someone who holds a scholarship. the title “iskolar ng bayan” can indeed be translated into many different meanings, pero in UP students’ case, ang meaning nito eh “mga estudyanteng pinaaaral ng bayan”.
    kawawa nga ang upcoming freshmen dahil ang mahal na ng tuition nila. buti nalang hindi apektado ang current students. :P

  29. UPdropout Says:

    ^ um, no I didn’t forget that SCHOLAR meant what you said. That ‘pinapaaral ang UP students ng taong bayan’ is already popular knowledge. As I’ve said, scholar ng bayan ALSO means blah blah blah.

  30. gon Says:

    Yeah he’s cute but is it just me or does he really looks like Katrina Halili on that 3rd and 4th photo?

  31. neon Says:

    wow, produkto xa ng mga taxes na binabayaran natin. ka-isko mabuhay ka.

  32. heyhey Says:

    i think he’s in UST medicine right now.

  33. luis Says:

    @chad: BAA ka, am marami rin akong kakilalang chad o_o. ikaw ba yung chad na high school classmate ko sa manila? i wonder?!?!?

  34. chad Says:

    @luis: hindi kasi sa zobel ako nag-HS :P

  35. char Says:

    @mimi: aq taga uplb! hehe
    gwpo n mark!!

  36. addick_88 Says:

    well, i thnk nag pa retoke nga siya, coz i had one too… hindi obvious na nagparetoke ka pag harap harapan kau, pero pag sa photos na… maaninag mo talaga yung silicon na implant

  37. kurara_chibana Says:

    does it really matter if he had a nose job or not? i’m just happy that migs found another hottie from UP. may kapares na ngayon si bruce quebral sa puso ko. ching! ;)

    btw, junsi (mark’s younger bro) is really cute! check out the links in dave’s post above.

  38. addick_88 Says:

    a good test pag malaman mo na nag paretoke siya o hindi is kung may chance ka hawakan mo yung tip ng nose, dpat soft yan pag di retoke, pero pag nag pa rhino, matigas yung tip ng nose mo… kaya sa mga ka close niya… try niyo kung matigas o hindi..hehehh

  39. yup Says:

    nag pre-med yan sa up pero hindi ata pumasa ng up med yan kaya ng ust med nlang..
    gwapo yan sobra,,,lahat ng nursing student tumitili pag dumadaan yan eh….tawag nmin dyan “MED PAPA”…hehe,,
    mahilig yan sa chinita…maganda gf nyan simple lang,,,palagi ko nakikita sa med building yan eh…

  40. kurara_chibana Says:

    @yup: sure ka may gf na si mark? baka naman gay-friend?! just kidding! :)

  41. yup Says:

    yup may gf siya,,,,galit na galit nga kami dun eh,,,hehe

  42. inday_garalgal Says:

    reunion ba etech? anyone from UP Law? im batch 01..gudluck migs!

  43. heyhey Says:

    let me rephrase that YUP.

    Nag pre-med yan sa up pero hindi ata pumasa ng up med yan, pero nasa UST med na sya ngaun!


  44. foxybiatch Says:

    guys and girls..esp oblation—mark didn’t have a nose job!it’s funny how you talk as if you are too certain but,sorry to correct you,you are 100% wrong :) i know mark very well, okidokes?:)

  45. Mikit Says:

    Search niyo na lang siya sa friendster. Mas cute pics niya dun.

  46. mhadz Says:

    wait guys… enough of the nose job thingy. did you know that mark agas is one of the new housemates of KUYA? daw. im not yet sure pero sa pbb forums kasi may nagsabi na siya raw si PRODIGAL SON. hmmm. exciting. kasama niya si Quebral. whoa. ahem. pero since hindi pa nga yan sure, manalangin na lang tayo na siya nga yun.

  47. Mike Says:

    He’s rumored to also be in Pinoy Big Brother like Bruce Quebral …

  48. chad Says:

    diba sabi sa pbb teaser na the prodigal son is half persian daw? is mark agas half persian?

  49. mikit Says:

    Naku, manunuod talaga ako ng PBB pag nandun both Bruce and Mark. Oi, Let’s flood all ABS-CBN forums and convince the producers to include Bruce and Mark in the PBB!!! Sisimulan ko na now.

  50. mhadz Says:

    oo nga mike no.. half persian pala si prodigal son. oh well… sabi-sabi lang naman yun sa forum eh,.. let’s just wait and see. those who are pbb addicts… hmmmppppp

  51. summer Says:

    crush ko siya

  52. papayucocks Says:

    hoy! papa ko yan! pero mas cute kapatid niya!

  53. Micks Says:

    really!? nasa UST med siya? I’m in UST Med din.. anong year na niya? baka naman kabatch ko to.. :D

  54. someone Says:

    To micks: ng LOA sya….he had a brain surgery kc…but he’s coming back this school year….he’s originally from class 2009…

  55. argh Says:

    he looks like Katrina Halili in the third pic.
    and what is wrong with all the veins sa last 2 pics??? kakatakot. parang real-life hulk!

  56. Daizuke Says:

    Bang!!… Nakaka-umay.. Masyadong gwapo.. Not for me.. bwhahaahah!

  57. ordinaryextraordinaire. Says:

    i dont believe that he had a nose job. im not in denial or anything, but please, spare mark. ive hung out quite a couple a times with this guy already and i would know. and his brother junsi and ryan are both as good looking as he is and mind you, all three have fantastic nose. lol. fantastic wota word. anyhoo, he didnt have any rhino-wotever. its all natural. lets leave it to him, is it his fault that he has like one of the best nose in the local models we have here? i dont think it is his. you guys are puttin so great deal on this. but i bet, mark would be happy to hear about this thread. even i, for once, told him that his nose are god-given for its shape. ;)

  58. ordinaryextraordinaire. Says:

    *fantastic noses

  59. ordinaryextraordinaire. Says:

    and another thing, mark has lost a tremendous amount of weight lately. thas why his abdominal muscles suddenly showed up like crazy. i mean, it was already there since before but since he lost a lota weight, the muscles were basiclly retained and so u see him as ripped as hulk haha. and with that, his nose bridge became even more prominent thas why most of the readers thought that he had a nose job but certainly he dint have any. ;) i hope i made mark’s side clearer in this post.

    MARK AGAS didn’t undergo any operation to alter any part of his body most likely, his nose.

    but i have nothin against those models and celebrities who’ve had one. with the likes of piolo, claudine, sam, aga, sharlene and countless others. ;)

    its the new age anyway, so what’s there to lose right?

    but again lets spare my friend Mark in this controversy. Thanks and more power to MGG!

  60. Bianca Says:

    That’s not Mark’s grad photo. It’s a photo nicked from my site without permission; I got Mark as a model for a shoot for Inquirer last year, and that’s where the photo is from. Please credit.

  61. Bianca Says:

    But not to accuse you ha! :) hehe I have a feeling lang that the photo just circulated. Keep the funny posts coming.

  62. rich_leo Says:

    its kinda hard to tell from the pics if he had a rhinoplasty done kasi wala namang todong lateral pic and the pics have alot of light/shade variation. Mukhang wala namang nagbago sa bridge altho may slight variation nga sa alar area. But like I said it could be due to the lighting variations of the pics, plus the fact that he was smiling sa pic1 and had a more neutral lower face sa succeeding page. Mas napansin ko yung lower lids nya. Malaki yung bags ng lower lids sa 1st pic tapos halos wla na sa last pics. Mukhang nagpa blepharoplasty sya more than rhino for me.

    But in any case he’s cute so waddaheck. :-)

    UPCM `05 here btw. Am glad he went to UST. UPCM sucks. :-(

  63. Rissa Says:

    He is my ultimate crush! My knees go weak whenever I see him around our building! And he’s so hot when he appeared with his friend in Deal or No Deal. *kilig*

  64. UST Says:

    he’s from UST

  65. UST Says:

    taking up medicine now.

  66. kajuzz,Pateros Says:

    taga uste ba talaga 2 nakita yata namin siya naka jersey ng no. 17

  67. kajuzz,Pateros Says:

    nakakainluv likod nya parang balete tree

  68. Jonard Says:

    ang gwapo nya san b siya sa up ,,,up din ako…engineering….

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