Site Advisory - new look

Notice the new look of this site? No worries, you are still at MGG!

I’m running it on beta testing for a couple of days… the reason is that I’m testing if the previous format is the culprit of the frequent “Exceeded CPU Quota” downtimes. Give me a couple of days to see if this would work. Thanks for your understanding!

UPDATE (as of Monday, April 9, 2007, 2:43 PM Manila time): I have reverted back to the old design. My findings point to my hosting server’s limitations. Time to look for a better one! Thanks for your patience people! Advisory - new look  digg:Site Advisory - new look  spurl:Site Advisory - new look  newsvine:Site Advisory - new look  furl:Site Advisory - new look  reddit:Site Advisory - new look  fark:Site Advisory - new look  Y!:Site Advisory - new look


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49 Responses to “Site Advisory - new look”

  1. andrew Says:

    Migs, sana ma-trace mo na agad yung dahilan nung ‘Exceeded CPU quota’ chenelyn para naman maging ok na ang lahat. I hope hindi yung dating format ang ‘culprit’ kasi maganda talaga yung old format mo, especially with that shining shimmering splendid MGG logo, hihihi! :)

  2. MsNinja Says:

    ang taray ng new look!

  3. josh Says:

    Of course were willing to wait for what is best in MGG & its readers.

  4. pbottom Says:

    honestly, the new look looks safe…too safe
    it lacks the punch of a gay site; parang walang tuhog sa mga pics na pinopost.
    i like the old look–this one looks like it’s owned by an OC straight guy from accounting. too many boxes.

  5. sushi77 Says:

    migs, with all due respect, i like the old look more compared to this. besides what pbottom said about the boxes, this whole color scheme of white, blue, and green just doesn’t seem right.

    the old look with the black background and the simplistic lay-out was visually stimulating AND edgy at the same time. this new look comes as a little too clean and safe.

    but of course, this is just my opinion. remember, world peace!

    btw, ang taray ng claim ng slogan: “the national gay blog of the philippines”! sana eh hindi naman masyadong ma-offend yung mga ibang gay bloggers dito. hehehe! :)

  6. LEY Says:

    hey, nice lyt! i think i’m lovin’ this one so simple so kewl! ;)

  7. what_boys_want Says:

    yeah, i have to agree with the other posters - i like the old look better. but i understand your stand on it completely - who could blame you if you get tons of hits per day and you’d exceed your monthly quota! as what your title bar says - this is the national gay blog of the philippines!

  8. Meister Says:

    Make it the old look, Migs. It doesn’t look gay enough.

    Thanks for all your efforts! :)

  9. DADinHEAT Says:

    I prefer the old MGG forma its easier to navigate

  10. noel Says:

    Mas maganda yung old look

  11. kantoTEEN Says:

    yes, mas maganda yung old look, kc baklang bakla… this one is bakla too, kaso very closet gay ang dating sana migs lagyan mo ng pink borders ang mga boxes para baklita ang motiff! world peace!

  12. Gina Cole Says:

    pero mas maganda ang lay-out ngayon migs! congratulations and keep up the good work!

  13. L.A Says:

    I like the old theme…
    This theme looks fuzzy on FireFox…Parang nadradrag yung mga laman when I scroll it down.

  14. neonego Says:

    tarush! ala bang pink?

  15. chriscapade Says:

    whatever… bahala ka na chong!

  16. harajuku Says:

    sana mabalik yung dating format.. nakasanayan na kasi eh hehehe

  17. AngeLLoveR Says:

    errr… i don’t think i have to say anything anymore. they’ve pretty much said it all.
    this is like… Tom-Cruise-holding-a-basketball-while-attending-a-parent-child-field-day.
    hope you get things sorted out soon. ^_^

  18. sam Says:

    boring poh ang new look ng website, sana gaya ng dati na user-friendly and very easy to navigate.

    Itong bago po ay very confusing. Thanks.

  19. Raymond Says:

    I agree with the others that the old look is better. Like KantoTEEN said, baklang bakla ang dating ng old look, while this one is closeted. Well, this new one is better if you’re checking MGG in your office! Pero please count my vote for the old proud-and-out look. World peace, Migs!

  20. harajuku Says:

    and nakakatanggap pa rin ako nung SUSPENDED na note, Migs! =(

  21. mickey Says:

    i think this looks clean at maliwanag. I like the new look, congratulations MGG.

  22. andrew Says:

    DADinHEAT, I like the name. I hope wala kang asawa. Maybe we can release the heat together. *virginal blushing* :P

    *rolling on floor habang pumapadyak pa sa ere at naluluha sa sobrang tawa* ;)

  23. chad Says:

    although mas gusto ko yung old look, ayos lang din itong new look except for the bg medyo masakit sa mata.

  24. sikma... Says:

    i don’t know if this helps… but before i could enter your site. na encounter ko naman yung “exceeded cpu quota”… then before i could post this comment, i encounterd the same problem again…

  25. Will Says:

    i love the new site! way cooler! keep it up guys!

  26. aquaman Says:

    ok din naman to. pero i like th old skin better!! esp yun kita mo yung pix ng ibang articles. its more exciteing. youre reading one and you crave for the other stuff at the same time. parang ayaw mong iwanan yung site. the new skin is too formal. but congrats for always aiming for change.

  27. aquaman Says:


    i second to that!!!!!!!! the best thing that ever happened to the web.

  28. effie Says:

    hay, i’m missin’ the old look.

  29. Ares in UAE Says:


    You know I dont think you have to change the look of the site.

    What you need to do is find a better web host provider. This CPU suspended message appears when the server cannot handle the request for page downloads. It happens when you get tons of hits.

    Ask your web hosting service provider (or check their website) to give you a package with higher monthly bandwidth. It may be a little bit more costly than standard packages tho.

  30. timmy Says:

    please balik mo na yun dating format. ASAP!!!!

  31. banjoo21 Says:

    your new site looks cool and easy to browse…congratulations for being the number one blog in the Phils.!!

  32. mykel Says:

    The old one is better but this one looks refreshing…medyo bare lng tignan…

  33. Rasheed Says:

    Bring back the old look Migs!!! This “new” lookm is awful and looks too clinical. Nothing sexy about it at all!

  34. AngeLLoveR Says:

    ditto on what Ares in UAE said…
    but, i see why you changed the site’s interface.
    (lesser objects to load)
    and some comments above say they still get the CPU-quota message. well, that only means one thing… right?
    your blog readers are multiplying… exponentially. ^_^
    *cheers to Migs*

  35. Gina Cole Says:

    tahimik ang buong kabadingan…nasa puerto galera or puerto galera….

  36. Silom Farang Says:

    I like the new design. It is easy to navigate. You could change the colours to be more “gay” if you want to. In particular the striped area on the sides give a corporate feel.

  37. MetroHim Says:

    Hi Migz,

    Off-topic, hope you can help me:

    If you’re reading MetroHim (Derek Ramsey on cover)

    Do you know the info details of the hairstyle salon advertised in the mag? I think the stylist is Korean and does Japanese-Korean haircut.


  38. john_aspen Says:

    Hehehe I like the new color scheme. the previosu color scheme ay parang typical na porn site (black background color). I use the latest IE and I don’t get any error messages.

    I have just read the article “Tragic Story Coming Out” and I would like to say congrats to your succesful website! By posting that, you have shared soemthing far more than the pretty pictures of hot men hehehe. I bet many have learned from that article. Thanks Migs!

  39. Little Fish Says:

    A new look.
    Sounds like….
    A new orgasm!

  40. Mimi Says:

    the old scheme is better…on a personal note….at talagang ‘national gay blog of the philippines’ ha?! well, the site’s hits prove for themselves….may ibubuga ang site! more power miga!!! go sistah!

  41. pirena Says:

    at first kala ko nagkamali ako ng website kc bago na nga siya..mas bet ko ata ung luma….hi migz…i miss anton maton and ace…hi sistah mimi…..

  42. pirena Says:

    migs i just came back from my holy week vacation…i’m xpecting your newest boracay eyeball series pero wala…meron na bang bago nun, did i missed it? kelan ba talaga matatapos un?

  43. doki Says:

    old look. case closed. zip….

  44. Ace Says:

    Wow, Migs,new look. It is light and bright. Change is good, although I miss my favorite color (teal), just a tad. But content is more important and you have that already. I think it is much easier to navigate, too.

    Hi, Pirena. I’m still around, just very busy now that spring is finally making its presence known. It is good to feel the warmth of the sun again and sweat the winter blah away by doing some real work out on the garden and some carpentry repair on the outside of the house. Gym workout is okay but working outside gives a sense of accomplishment and a good workout at the same time.

  45. pirena Says:

    ace….its nice to know your around again…looking forward for your great posts and comments…i just can imagine how fit you are..with your gym and carpentry things….well i will just imagine…ha ha ha..just kidding…..

  46. sushi77 Says:

    yey! balik na uli ang old look! :D

  47. WhoCares? Says:

    katakot yung dating look n white tapos ang lalaki ng letters. di n tuloy ako nagkagana tumingin. but now bumalik sa dati. may gana n ulit alp. hahaha..

  48. harajuku Says:

    yay this is much better

  49. mykel Says:

    Hayyy…buti naman bumalik na sa dating anyo ang site na to…kelan pa ba? almost everyday ako nag cheheck ng update here pero ngayon ko lang notice na bumalik na pala sa dating lay-out thanks Migs! more power to MGG! The National Gay Blog Site! naman!

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