Site Advisory

The web host migration has finally finished!

You will notice though that some recent posts and comments disappeared, and this is due to my switch to a different web server. My apologies for these. I will try to manually restore the recent posts. But for the comments that disappeared, please re-enter them as I could not restore them myself, I’m sorry.

With this migration though, we should not be experiencing the “CPU exceed” errors of before. Let’s cross our fingers! Salamat sa lahat! Advisory  digg:Site Advisory  spurl:Site Advisory  newsvine:Site Advisory  furl:Site Advisory  reddit:Site Advisory  fark:Site Advisory  Y!:Site Advisory


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5 Responses to “Site Advisory”

  1. anton maton Says:

    ganon?! o sige … okrayan na!!!!!

  2. hahaha Says:

    hi migs! okay lang yun… ask ko lang magkano ba kinikita mo sa manilagayguy pati wat bout life mo? ask ko lang….

  3. Nadriamez Says:

    Waaah! It feels great to see your site back up and running! :-)

    Keep it up Migs!

  4. aries Says:

    yey…cge balahuraan na! ahaha

  5. ab dizon Says:

    you got a much formal site right now…
    please bring back the “chose-topic-by-pic” at the side..
    it is much easier to navigate then.. hehe..
    just a suggestion..

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