MGG Sunday Chika


* I’m officially transferring web host very soon! As in next week! I’m renting a server in the US just so I can finally put to rest the “CPU Exceeded Quota” errors a lot of you my dear loyal readers have been getting in this site. The root cause of these “suspended” errors is my current web host’s inability to handle the amount of traffic here in MGG. The solution? A web host 10x more expensive, but is willing to give me more server power. Bottomline: by next week, no more “suspended” and CPU exceed error messages! (cross your fingers!)

More chika after the jump!

* Up and coming celebrity blogger CC, yes Mr. Corporate Closet himself, has finally given in to having a gay mistress. Yes, a querida! This made me very sad, as I know CC from way back in business school — where he was known to be the jolly yet scholarly MBA student of our class (valedictorian namin yan!). But I know him (not in the biblical sense ha!) more as a trustworthy and loyal friend. Somehow this infidelity clashes with my own principles, but what can I do? Makulay ang buhay kapag may iba’t ibang pananaw. So I rest my case by agreeing to disagree. Not to forget, he’s still as dear a friend as before.

* Carlo Vergara is toying with the idea of releasing the sequel to Zsazsa Zaturnnah (the comics) online, in weekly installments! For free! Exciting! If he pushes through with this idea, I’m sure his blog’s popularity will soar to the heavens and translate to gazillions worth of Adsense revenue! (Palibre naman dyan, Carlo! hehehe!)

* Congrats to MGG reader and fellow blogger Ian Casocot for bagging another Palanca (his third!). He won in the short story for children in English category, for the piece “The Last Days of Magic.” You go gurrrl! You make us pink with pride!

* Thanks to The Dan and Rye Show for the honor of being part of their podcast! Many thanks, daghang salamat, Dan and Rye! Also in that podcast are Joel McVie (who attended the recording in the flesh, in Hong Kong) and Gibbs Cadiz (also via phone patch, like moi!). Continue to spread love and cheer to all, Dan and Rye! World Peace! Sunday Chika  digg:MGG Sunday Chika  spurl:MGG Sunday Chika  newsvine:MGG Sunday Chika  furl:MGG Sunday Chika  reddit:MGG Sunday Chika  fark:MGG Sunday Chika  Y!:MGG Sunday Chika


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4 Responses to “MGG Sunday Chika”

  1. Carver Says:

    Naku… Nakaka-$20 pa lang ako sa Adsense! I’m sure you’re raking it in. :)

  2. ewan Says:

    kuya migs, bakit nawala yung alwyn uytingcu na post? nagbreakdown ba server mo?

  3. ewan Says:

    hala ka, wala na namn si alwyn uytingco…

  4. ab dizon Says:

    please have more of Alwyn uytingco pics please..

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