“Aubrey Miles” electrocuted, dead

A gay impersonator of Aubrey Miles died while in a Miss Gay competition in Caloocan last Sunday. In a skimpy attire, the gay contestant walked barefoot on the set which had a metal flooring, and as soon as he took the microphone, he collapsed. He got electrocuted.

While people who have heard this mostly made fun of the news story, I’d like to be a killjoy and say, let’s offer prayers for our dearly departed, especially for this one fellow gay man. I have not been a contestant of a gay beauty pageant (and I don’t think I will ever be — I will surely be ugly as a girl) and I can just imagine what goes on in a gay contestant’s mind. Maybe right as he was walking towards the microphone (the culprit) he was thinking of not buckling on his lines, and to be the best that he/she can be in front of the audience. That would have been his last thoughts.

Join me in offering a short prayer for him tonight. I hope that he enjoyed the time he’s spent living as a gay man, and I am hopeful too that in the next life he is not judged as a spineless wimp who gave in to his homosexual tendencies, but as a person who had the courage to be authentic and true to himself, against all odds.

[News story here]

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4 Responses to ““Aubrey Miles” electrocuted, dead”

  1. Ed San Diego Says:

    Ang aking dasal sa mga kamag-anak at mga kaibigan ni Aubrey Miles. Isang kasindak-sindak na pangyayari na kung saan ang isang pag-kakamali ay kumamkam ng isang buhay. Ang aking damdamin ay lubos na nababagabag dahil hindi dapat mawalan ng buhay ang isang tao kung ang ilan ay nagkaroon ng kaunting pagkalinga sa kanilang responsibilidad. Ang mamatay dahil sa pag-kakakuryente sa isang intablado ay isang malagim na pagkakasala maging sino ka man. Yan ay ayon sa aking paningin.

  2. kurara_chibana Says:

    although he passed away tragically, at least his last few moments here were spent doing something he loved.

  3. br0wn_c0w Says:

    Shucks, very tragic indeed.

  4. mariah Says:

    any pics of miss aubrey? that’s really sad

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